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ST 2909

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2909

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 23rd July

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Morning All! I found this a very quick solve which curtailed my enjoyment a little bit.

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1a           In particular, pieces rewritten by friend (10)
ESPECIALLY – An anagram (rewritten) of PIECES followed by an ALLY or friend.

6a           Source of unbelievable story in bar taken the wrong way (4)
LIAR – A reversal (taken the wrong way) of a RAIL or bar.

9a           Like serious people, learn best when beginners are absent (7)
EARNEST – Remove the first letters or beginners from (l)EARN (b)EST.

10a         Shielded old-fashioned fellow, visibly embarrassed (7)
COVERED – An old fashioned word for a fellow is a COVE. Add RED for being visibly embarrassed.

12a         Vigorous activity in court to crush illegal schemes (6,7)
SQUASH RACKETS – A charade of to SQUASH or crush and RACKETS for illegal schemes/scams.

14a         Solvent, with nothing put into a place to live (6)
AFLOAT – Place O for nothing inside A FLAT (one place to live).

15a         Finishing second — excellent (8)
STOPPING – S for Second and TOPPING – a dated word meaning excellent.

17a         Places for hospital visitors, also including doctors, initially (8)
BEDSIDES – Place the initial letter od D(octors) into BESIDES or also.

19a         Facility for religious group that’s on head’s side (6)
TEMPLE – Two definitions – the first a place for worship and the second the pits either side of the eye sockets.

22a         Beautiful opening shot showing religious event (6,7)
DIVINE SERVICE – DIVINE for beautiful then the SERVICE or first/opening shot in a game of tennis.

24a         Narrow-minded, almost be rude to a king (7)
INSULAR – Almost all of the word INSUL(t) or be rude to followed by A and R(ex) for king.

25a         It’s smart including editor from part of Europe (7)
SWEDISH – SWISH or smart to include the ED(itor).

26a         Cause of current disturbance in troubled dynasty (4)
EDDY – A hidden word IN trouble ED DY nasty.

27a         Variety shows stars met on, curiously (10)
ASSORTMENT – A curious anagram of STARS MET ON.


1d           Briefly, I had heard and seen (4)
EYED – A homophone (heard) of I’D or ‘I had’ in brief.

2d           Study that could give one endless pleasure (7)
PERUSAL – Remove the last letter (endless) of PLEASUR(e) and then an anagram COULD make the answer.

3d           Instructing boys and girls, commander wrongly cautioned a learner (13)
COEDUCATIONAL – CO for Commander, then an anagram (wrongly of CAUTIONED followed by A L(earner).

4d           Constable in England or sergeant, we hear, in the US (6)
ARTIST – Two cryptic definitions, Constable being an English ARTIST and Sergeant an American.

5d           Severely scold after delicate fabric is cut roughly (8)
LACERATE – Place RATE or scold after LACE – a fine fabric.

7d           Tragic king’s shown up in islands from part of Middle East (7)
ISREALI – The tragic King LEAR is reversed/shown up inside I and I for two Islands.

8d           Planned differently, having abandoned position about England’s borders (10)
REDESIGNED – RESIGNED or abandoned position around the outside of the border letters in E(nglan)D.

11d         Pence for example invested, price changing (4-9)
VICE-PRESIDENT – The current VP in the US Government is an anagram (changing) of INVESTED PRICE.

13d         Hurtful old kind of message that creates barrier (6,4)
BARBED WIRE = A hurtful telegram might be considered a BARBED WIRE.

16d         Full of anxiety turning up for final courses (8)
DESSERTS – An old chestnut. The reversal (turning up) of STRESSED or full of anxiety.

18d         Volume is covered by legal document, as planned (7)
DEVISED – V for Volume and IS from the clue are inside or covered by a DEED or legal document.

20d         Said you must be in danger with drug, lacking maturity (7)
PUERILE – Place U (a said homophone of you) inside PERIL/danger and then add E(nergy).

21d         Art on wall forces demolished (6)
FRESCO – A demolished anagram of FORCES.

23d         Short note from young woman (4)
CHIT – This time an old fashioned word for a young woman (A CHIT of a girl) is also a short note or docket.

 Thanks to the setter – I’ll see you all next Thursday.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I can’t remember if I struggled with this or not, though!

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