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DT 28489

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28489

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****


Kia ora from Aotearoa.
               We are back home again, the huge pile of accumulated washing is now dealt with and we are settling back into the usual routines of daily life which includes the recurrent dose of crossword activities. Almost get withdrawal symptoms without the regular fix.

We did notice that the grid that Jay has used is exactly the same one as yesterday’s puzzle and even has the same answer in 22d but clued totally differently. Plenty to keep us smiling as usual.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     South American rebel group’s means of avoiding duty (10)
CONTRABAND : A member of a right-wing rebel organisation active in the 1980’s and 1990’s and then another word for a group.

6a     Useful quality dismissing the good in adverts (4)
PLUS : A synonym for adverts or promotions has the abbreviation for good removed from it.

10a     Island on which corn may be planted to make a sign? (5)
CAPRI : The word ‘corn’ can be added to the name of this island to form one of the zodiac signs.

11a     Militant type working to be accepted by friendly German (9)
WARMONGER : A word meaning friendly or amiable, then the two letter word meaning working and the three letter abbreviation for  the German language.

12a     Demanding information contained in Exodus (7)
EXIGENT : A word for exodus or way out contains an informal three letter word for information.

13a     Prune topping for this? (7)
HAIRCUT : A cryptic description for the snipping of the growth on one’s head.

14a     Refreshment outlet for surfers (8,4)
INTERNET CAFE : Another cryptic definition. Don’t be misled into imagining these surfers with sun bleached hair and boards.

18a     Just southern right-wingers will welcome the end of party lies (5,7)
FAIRY STORIES : A synonym for just or equitable, next the last letter (end) of party, then the abbreviation for southern and political right-wingers.

21a     Sleep in ghetto and live rough at first (7)
SLUMBER : Another name for a ghetto, then the two letter word meaning live or exist and the first letter of rough.

23a     Think this person should join game played outside at home (7)
IMAGINE : A first person singular pronoun, then an anagram (played) of GAME surrounds the short word meaning at home.

24a     Musical works coming from speaker with single thus reversed (9)
ORATORIOS : A person speaking, then a single number and the reversal of a two letter word meaning thus.

25a     Restaurant that has bars (5)
GRILL : The bars here are not drinking places but what a series of bars or rods can make up.

26a     Regular form of rugby with no wingers (4)
EVEN : The form of rugby that has eight players per team fewer than normal loses its first and last letters.

27a     Saving argument against being of use (10)
CONSERVING : A three letter word for an argument against, then a word meaning being of use.


1d     Secret stores church found in case, possibly (6)
CACHES : An abbreviation for church is inside an anagram (possibly) of CASE.

2d     Drop off family item used at table (6)
NAPKIN : Drop off or have a quick Zzzz, and then a word for family in general.

3d     Show surprise seeing one bare wire, say, frayed (5,2,7
RAISE AN EYEBROW : An anagram (frayed) of ONE BARE WIRE SAY.

4d     Setter’s barking following bend in London road (3,6)
BOW STREET : An anagram (barking) of SETTER follows a word for a bend or curve.

5d     Direction taken by prime minister once (5)
NORTH : This guy was prime minister ever before we were born, 1770 – 1782.

7d     Illusionist’s look for mother — a straight-thinking individual (8)
LOGICIAN : Find a word for an illusionist and replace an informal word for a mother at the beginning of it with a short word meaning look.

8d     Flipping salesmen around famous hotel for a drink (8)
SPRITZER : The name of a famous London hotel is inside the reversal (flipping) of a word for sales representatives.

9d     Gather men tipsy after party spirit — such a spoilsport (3,2,3,6)
DOG IN THE MANGER : An anagram (tipsy) of GATHER MEN follows a two letter word for a party and a colourless alcoholic drink.

15d     Flower of youth reflected? (9)
NARCISSUS : Double definition. The youth comes from Greek mythology and the flower is named for him.

16d     Not working — the listener’s certainly at sea (8)
OFFSHORE : A three letter word for not working and then a (somewhat dodgy we thought) homophone of a synonym of certainly.

17d     Copy one Greek letter inscribed in tile (8)
SIMULATE : Another word for a tile, possibly one to write on, includes the Roman numeral one and the twelfth Greek letter.

19d     International wearing right dress for an Italian resort (6)
RIMINI : Start with the abbreviation for right, then the one for international and a type of dress that was popular in the 1960’s.

20d    Physical consequence, being let out in fast car? (3,3)
JET LAG : An anagram (out) of LET is inside the abbreviated name for a brand of fast car.

22d     Creature in love depressed by Redditch’s surroundings (5)
RHINO : The word ‘in’ from the clue and the tennis score love come after the first and last letters of Redditch.

Our favourite today is 14a, especially as we saw how neatly ‘wave’ would have fitted in as the second word before we twigged the answer.

Quickie pun    nigh    +    funf    +    hawk    =    knife and fork

61 comments on “DT 28489

  1. 3*/4.5*. Excellent stuff as ever on a Wednesday. My only question relates to 20d. Is “Physical consequence” a sufficient definition? Wouldn’t “… after a long flight … ” be better?

    I had many candidates for favourite but I am going to nominate the hilarious Quickie Pun for the accolade today.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  2. A slow start but then a dash to the finish with much fun along the way. A change to have that kind of ‘flower’ in 15d and a coincidence (?) to have a repeat from yesterday for 22d. Fav was 21a with 16d a runner-up. Thank you Jay and the 2Kiwis. Dull, cool and wet in West Sussex.

  3. I agree with RD at #1 about the Quickie pun: so awful it was brilliant.

    As for the cryptic, this was a terrific puzzle from Jay, with just the right amount of head-scratching and plenty of enjoyment along the way. 17d was my last one in so I will nominate that as my COTD, although in truth there were many candidates for that accolade. 2*/4*.

    Thanks a lot Jay, and the 2Ks.

  4. Once again, a very enjoyable Wednesday puzzle, mostly completed at a steady gallop except for 20d which took a lot of staring down before it surrendered – I don’t know why it took so long. Although, I might have to agree with RD, I was trying to make the second word ‘leg.’ ***/***

    Candidates for favourite – 6a, 13a, and 7d – three very good clues – and the winner is 13a.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2 Kiwis.

  5. Another cracker of a puzzle a **/**** for me today.
    Going to start at the end as it seems topical-last in was 20d,and like others thought the second word must be leg , could only think of peg leg which could have been the physical consequence resulting from a crash in a fast car. Suddenly my road to Damascus moment came and the fast car. Agree with RD, the word play could have been better-minor gripe.
    Liked 7d and 11a, also the word play in 14a.
    Quickie pun outrageous !
    Thanks to 2 K’S for the amusing blog pics.

  6. Oh dear. no wonder I couldn’t parse 20D. I had peg leg! Other than that, this was not too strenuous at all, and really enjoyable. 10A, 18A and 9D top my list. Thanks Jay and the two Ks. Off to do the quickie now.

  7. I found it a little trickier than 2* perhaps 2.5 but an excellent puzzle. Bit Giovanni-like in that what you needed was all in the clue, you just had to find it and no ‘leaps of faith’ clues which I detest. Couple of clues were easier to solve than fully understand – 24a and 7d but my runaway favourite today was 25a, quite obvious perhaps but it made me smile. Just about over Mondays horror (let it go! says Mrs B😒)
    For me *2.5/****
    Thx to all

  8. I had an enjoyable tussle with this one. I too was in the peg leg camp before the penny dropped. I liked several clues 1a, 14a and 18a but for me the top clue was 15d.

  9. Very quiet here today so far.
    Another great Wednesday crossword – I seem to say that every week.
    I was terribly slow to start with – only three across answers but the down clues came to the rescue.
    20d caused trouble – fast cars aren’t my speciality then thought of MG but that didn’t help at all – then thought of peg leg as others did – got there in the end.
    I also had a spot of bother with 17d – tried to make the ’tile’ something to do with a hat – must have been doing too many crosswords.
    I don’t have a problem with the homophone in 16d but I bet I know a man who will – Gazza?
    I liked 13 and 25a and lots of others. My favourite was either 18a or 7d.
    With thanks to Jay and the 2K’s.
    Might have a go at the Toughie although I don’t hold out much hope – I associate Osmosis with Fridays = difficult.

    1. I don’t have a problem with the 16d homophone, Kath, although there’s one in the Toughie I don’t like.
      Do have a go at the Toughie – it’s Osmosis in Wednesday rather than Friday mode.

  10. Nice crossword **/*** with plenty of amusing clues 😃 Difficult to choose a favourite 🤔I suppose 12a and 13a are thereabouts. Thanks to the 2x Ks and to Jay 🤗

  11. Bunged Bikini in for 19d thinking it was “right dress for Italian resort”. Thanks for the proper answer.

  12. Another brilliant puzzle from Jay, including the pun. Agree with the 20d comments.
    Too many good clues to pick a favourite. Many thanks to Jay and to 2ks **/***

    1. Welcome to the blog

      An easily done mistake which I bet had something to do with the word ‘one’s’ being in the anagram fodder

      I’m sure the 2Ks will sort it out once they wake up.

    2. Welcome from me too. Did you raise your own eyebrow when you spotted the error?

    3. Thanks for pointing it out. We have now said “BOTHER” and made the correction.

  13. A lovely puzzle that had me working at times. A *** /*** for me with many thanks to the setter and The two Ks. Am I missing something with this ‘quickie pun’? Somebody put me out of my misery please?

    1. The quick pun is shown under ‘click here’ boxes under the hints for today’s puzzle, although having typed that, you probably mean where do you find it? The DT has a quick crossword every day and the first two (or more) words form a pun

    2. Thanks Sue. I’m now with the second part of your answer having looked at the quickie which I never normally do; and the pun is as wonderfully bad as you’ve all said. I’ve learn’t something about there being a daily pun.

      At risk of seeming really thick though, what has it got to do with the cryptic and how can it be COTD? As I completed the cryptic before looking at the blog I didn’t actually read the 2K’s blog but I’ve just been through it and checked all the click here boxes and am none the wiser. it’s a fantastic blog and I visit every day, especially to see what everyone else thinks.

      1. Hi Bb – it has nowt to do with the cryptic, just a bit of fun on the side. It can be COTD because there are no rules, as MP would say.

        1. Thank you LR. I wasn’t being picky or pedantic, just a bit confused and trying to learn, and I went through all the FAQs and rules in the blog home page before asking!

          1. The Rules
            1. There are no rules.
            2. If in doubt, see rule one.

            However do not break the rules or Big Dave and Cryptic Sue might have something to say.

          2. Don’t worry – no-one will think that you’re being picky or pedantic. If/when you don’t ‘get’ something you can always ask – everyone on this brilliant site is friendly, helpful and, best of all, will never make anyone else feel dim.
            PS Well done to you for going through all the FAQs and rules before asking. :good:

      2. There is also another link between the Daily Cryptic and the Quick Crossword as the same setter does both of them.

  14. Straightforward and very enjoyable comfortably finished last night before lights out – 20d was the last one in.

    Golf was called off this morning with the expectation of rain, we’ve had virtually no rain and the sun’s trying to come out – grrrr!

    I wonder if there’s an old British film on the gogglebox?

  15. A typically enjoyable Jay puzzle, one “q” short of a pangram. It certainly is a bizarre coincidence that in successive days we not only have the same grid but an identical solution to the very same clue, high odds on that happening methinks.

    My favourites were 11a and 9d. Although nobody else has mentioned it, I did wonder if our setter was slightly askew with his geography in 1a? I thought that particular “rebel” operated in Nicaragua, which when I last looked was in Central America, not South America.

    Many thanks to Mr Mutch and to Colin and Carol.

    1. Re 1a, it put me off for some time as I was sure it couldn’t be contra for that reason. When I got the checking letters, I went ahead and bunged it in!

  16. Some pretty awful clues today – ‘prune topping’ and restaurant as grill in particular.

    Got enough though to be satisfied before resorting to Big Dave

    1. Welcome to the blog

      Someone else has already pointed that out and, as I said to them earlier this afternoon, the 2Ks will sort that out when they wake up

  17. Remembering that it was a Jay puzzle, I started with the downs, and I’m oh-so-glad I did!
    I made a mistake with the second word of 14a, putting “bars” instead of cafe. This meant I didn’t solve 8d, I probably would have missed it anyway. I could only think of Strand or Raffles, Singapore Sling, or whatever, way off the mark.
    I rather liked 18a, but 3d and 9d hit the mark for me as well.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis, welcome back!

  18. Going against the flow today as I started getting a little picky about some of the surface reads – took the shine off to some extent.
    Continuing in the same ‘go it alone’ vein, I then gave top of the pile position to 20d.
    Ah well – at least I’m being honest!

    Thanks to Jay and to the 2Ks – bet you’re relieved to see the back of the holiday washing!

  19. I found the SE corner tricky, I had never heard of the Italian resort, and was unable to work it out from the wordplay. I can’t see with the R should be the first letter.
    I also had per leg for 20d as I missed the anagram.
    Rhino getting a good run out at the moment.
    Thanks all

    1. Hi Hoofit – I(nternational) (wearing=surrounded by) R(ight) + (dress) MINI. :cool:

  20. That’s the third day in a row that the back pager has been extra good. Long may it continue!
    An excellent puzzle from Jay which made me think a it more than usual. 1a was my favourite although it might well be an old chestnut. 2/4* overall.
    Thanks to Jay, and welcome home the 2K’s.

  21. Coming to you from my hospital bed, just popped in to say that I enjoyed this one but found it harder than usual. This may be because I’m dosed up to the eyeballs with morphine-based products, or maybe I’m just getting feeble minded. Thanks to the Ks and J. 3*/3*

    1. I’m pretty sure that you’ll never be feeble minded, TS, but there will be other side effects from the morphine based products. Oh dear!
      Get well soon. :smile: from me.

  22. The usual enjoyable solve from Jay. Nothing to upset anything that may dwell in stables or fields.

    Thanks to the 2Kiwis and Jay 1.5*/4*

  23. Morning all. Looks like the proof reader was asleep again. Luckily it did not affect the hint, just the answer under the CLICK HERE. In the proof reading we had actually changed the pic attribution to be the same as the wrong hidden answer. Oh dear!
    It looks like we have brought South Island colds home with us so snuffles all round in this corner of the world although they are not too bad yet.

  24. An enjoyable, fairly straightforward mid-week treat. First in 12ac, so not the most promising of starts, last in 27ac. I can’t remember the last time I saw a 14ac, they used to be all the rage.

  25. I was very slow getting started, but after a peek at a couple of the 2 KiWis excellent hints I got the drift. Of course my feeble brain was stuck on the beach type of surfer dudes in 14a, but that is one of my favourites today, always love a particularly clever and misleading cryptic clue. Other contender was 16d. Not sure why I was dim at the beginning as there is nothing really tricky or specialized. Very enjoyable today.

  26. Usual pleasure from Jay.
    The drink in 8d brought some fond memories of some customers at the Garrick. If you believe that mixing your wine with water will drown the alcohol, think again.
    Loved 20d.
    Thanks to Jay and our 2ks for the review.
    Everything is burning around here but no physical damage to deplore thankfully.
    Apart from some ruined holidays as so many campsites had to close. 12000 people have been evacuated in the nearby towns.

    1. I have cousins in Vence, is that anywhere near the fires? I haven’t really been in touch with them since my aunt died, but I’d just be interested to know they’re safe.

  27. Thanks to Jay and to the 2 Kiwis for the review and hints. Another fantastic puzzle from Jay. I just noticed that the grid for this puzzle is the same as yesterday’s, and the same answer is in exactly the same place for both days, 22d. Great puzzle, was 2*/4* for me.

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