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DT 28480

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28480

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 15th July

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Morning All! I found this a good test on the day with some very nice and decieving clues.


1a           European given ancient coin, gold, for teacher (8)
EDUCATOR – E(uropean) with a DUCAT (old coin) and OR (the heraldic term for gold).

6a           Convincing decent chap to join company (6)
COGENT – A GENT joining CO for company.

9a           Former airline with a connection between North and South America? (6)
PANAMA – PAN-AM the defunct airline with A from the clue.

10a         Vinyl record demanding attention (8)
PRESSING – Two definitions – A vinyl record is pressed and known as a PRESSING and the other means urgent or demanding attention.

11a         Corporal joins with girlfriend in lively dance (8)
FLAMENCO – an NCO (colonel or Non Commissioned OFFICER) after a FLAME (old girlfriend).

12a         Be inclined to postpone (6)
SHELVE – NOT swerve!. Two definitions

13a         Unexpected victory that could make huge profit (5-7)
GIANT-KILLING – The definition is when a non-league club beats a much better team in football for example. It is a charade of GIANT (huge) and KILLING (profit).

16a         Virgin need ‘er to be working! (6-6)
ENGINE DRIVER – A good all in one when you remember that Virgin own a number of rail franchises. An anagram (to be working) of VIRGIN NEED  ‘ER.

19a         Butcher giving male view (6)
MANGLE – M for Male and an ANGLE or viewpoint.

21a         Attribute of northern ‘ealth resort (8)
ARROGATE – An unfamiliar word but remove the aspirate H form (h)ARROGATE – a northern health spa.

23a         9 perhaps which comes after cultural activities rejected (5,3)
STRAW HAT – A PANAMA (at 9a) provides an example of the definition.  Reverse (reject) the ARTS or cultural activities and then add WHAT (which).

24a         Spike beer used by one politician (6)
IMPALE – ALE or beer after I for one and an MP or politician.

25a         Place of learning deconstructed my clue (6)
LYCEUM – A deconstructed anagram of MY CLUE.

26a         Place for fan desiring wrestling (8)
RINGSIDE – A better clue than at first glance. Make an anagram (wrestling) of DESIRING.


2d           Such as can be achieved seeing sailor cutting benefit (6)
DOABLE – This is an AB (Able Bodied seaman) inside DOLE for benefit/handout. It is NOT, I repeat NOT, an AB in a BOON for BABOON otherwise there is no definition!!.

3d           Leaves motorway for a spell (5)
CHARM – The leaves are tea leaves or CHAR. Add M for Motorway.

4d           Cost of travelling in coach a long way east (5,4)
TRAIN FARE – A charade of TRAIN (coach), FAR (a long way) and E for East.

5d           Tuneless music style left harmony (7)
RAPPORT – RAP (a tuneless variety of music and then PORT for laft.

6d           Activity on board revolutionary ship (5)
CHESS – CHE Guevara, the revolutionary, and then SS for Ship.

7d           Lively person welcoming period as preacher (9)
A GOER or lively person containing/welcoming a SPELL or period.

8d           Something of no significance in Spain, one ventures (3-5)
NON-EVENT – A good hidden word IN Spai N ONE VENT ures.

13d         What house coal will do for the usual price (5,4)
GOING RATE – House coal should GO IN GRATE.

14d         Fashionable edition turning up (9)
INVERSION – IN for fashionable and VERSION for edition.

15d         Small child on railway grunts (8)
INFANTRY – An INFANT for a small child and RY as one abb. fro railway. Nice definition.

17d         Note player making a pile (7)
REACTOR – RE is the second note in the tonic sol-fa scale. Add an ACTOR for a player.

18d         Time being encased in concrete, impassive (6)
STOLID – Place T for Time inside SOLID/concrete.

20d         Surrey town for instance oppresses poor actor (5)
EGHAM – EG for ‘for example’ and then a HAM or poor actor.

22d         Is open-mouthed, needing oxygen, say, to take exercise (5)
GAPES – Place P.E. , Physical Exercise, into GAS (of which oxygen is an example).

Thanks to the setter – I enjoyed this one!.


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  1. I enjoyed this one very much too – and had I been blogging it, I’d have given it a rare Saturday 4* enjoyment too

    I particularly liked the all in one 16a as I liked the way you could have female engine drivers

  2. Thanks Gnomey, I absolutely loved this. There were so many make me smile clues and I felt bereft when I found I had finished.

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