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ST 2907

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2907

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 9thd July

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Thank you to Virgilius for another fine Sunday puzzle, my favourite clue was 13a

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8a Firm falsified data about worker (7)
ADAMANT – An anagram (falsified) of DATA ‘about’ MAN (worker)

10a Cost for flier to publicise food (3,4)
AIR FARE – AIR (publicise) FARE (food)

11a Punishment for people taking steps to maintain revolution (9)
TREADMILL – A cylinder turned by people treading on boards – usually as a form of punishment for prisoners

12a Assistance with weight for young boxer, say (5)
WHELP – A young puppy – HELP (assistance) goes with W (weight)

13a Composition of Holst that’s noted for its slow movement (5)
SLOTH – An anagram (composition) of HOLST

14a It may go under schooner or cargo vessel (7)
COASTER – A type of mat placed under a glass such as a schooner or a cargo vessel

17a Kind of paint people match — that’s how artists are supposed to behave (15)
TEMPERAMENTALLY – TEMPERA (kind of paint) MEN (people) TALLY (match)

19a One bird or another on coin (7)
BITTERN – TERN (another bird) goes on or after BIT (an American coin worth 12 ½ cents)

21a Fanatical bishop at heart of sudden attack (5)
RABID – B (Bishop) goes ‘at the heart of’ RAID (sudden attack)

24a Set shielding king, one who’s landed in Scotland (5)
LAIRD – LAID (set) ‘shielding’ R (Rex, King)

26a Pudding put in front of author? That’s not wise (9)
FOOLHARDY – FOOL (pudding) put in front of (Thomas) HARDY, the author

27a Leader of troops ready in Moscow for disorder (7)
TROUBLE – T (‘leader’ of Troops) goes before ROUBLE (ready money in Moscow and other parts of Russia)

28a Area in which teacher is ill-prepared (7)
HECTARE – An anagram (ill-prepared) of TEACHER


1d Maiden is trapping one insect or another (6)
MANTIS – M (maiden) and IS (from the clue) ‘trapping) ANT (one insect)

2d Where lots may be inspected, so morale is bad (8)
SALEROOM – An anagram (bad) of SO MORALE

3d Sympathetic comment from firm north of Leicester, perhaps (4,6)
HARD CHEESE – HARD (firm) CHEESE (Leicester, perhaps)

4d Crowded around antique that’s inverted to be securely fastened (9)
PADLOCKED – PACKED (crowded) around a reversal (that’s inverted) of OLD (antique)

5d Good argument for increase (4) GROW – G (good) ROW (argument). Solvers using the newspaper version had to guess at this one from the checking letters as for some reason the clue for 9d also appeared here instead of the proper clue for 5d

6d One who raises issue every year over cost of accommodation (6)
PARENT – PA (per annum, every year) goes over RENT (cost of accommodation)

7d Still upset about a role for US political group (3,5)
TEA PARTY – A reversal (upset in a Down clue) of YET goes about A PART (a role)

9d Weak article lacks conclusion (4)
THIN – THING (article) lacking its ‘conclusion’

15d Dessert wine that’s not so earthshaking (10)
AFTERSHOCK – Not as earthshaking as a full earthquake – AFTERS (dessert) HOCK (wine)

16d Find image distorted and enlarged (9)
MAGNIFIED – An anagram (distorted) of FIND IMAGE

17d Arrange data in a way that’s socially unacceptable and overdue (8)
TABULATE – TABU (socially unacceptable) LATE (overdue)

18d African left from part of Western Europe (8)
LIBERIAN – L (left) IBERIAN (from part of Western Europe)

20d Support for shooting in airstrip, oddly (6)
TRIPOD – Lurking in airsTRIP ODdly is a support for a camera (something that shoots pictures)

22d Deal with dampness in study for old poet (6)
DRYDEN – DRY  (deal with dampness) DEN (study)

23d Smart and stylish chap also becomes rich, ultimately (4)
POSH – The ‘ultimate’ letters of chaP alsO becomeS ricH

25d Something outstanding one doesn’t want to be in? (4)
DEBT – A cryptic definition of something owing