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ST 2906

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2906

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 2nd July

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Morning All! This comes to you from the beautiful and sunny city of Vienna/Wien in Austria. I’m flying back today after a couple of days work which I managed to finish overnight on the first day. This meant that I had an opportunity to have a wander around and sampple the sights and sausages. A place to recommend.
This was a solid puzzle that I solved very quickly but I think that I just got lucky.

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1a           Something soothing spoken in royal residence (8)
BALMORAL – A charade of BALM (something soothing) and ORAL (spoken).

9a           Like major thoroughfare in which a trailer gets wrecked (8)
ARTERIAL – A wrecked anagram of A TRAILER.

10a         Horse race with odds OK, as evens? (4)
OAKS – Use the letters in OK for the odd letters and AS for the evens!.

11a         Reprimand for wearing informal clothes (8-4)
DRESSING-DOWN – Two definitions, a carpeting and a relaxing of a more formal dress code.

13a         Full of excitement, also hugging one friend (8)
ANIMATED – Place AND around (it is hugging) I for one and MATE for friend.

15a         Criminal activity that has an impact in court (6)
RACKET – The first is the straight definition, the second a cryptic where the tennis RACKET impacts the ball on a tennis court.

16a         Asian ruler getting a shock, taken aback (4)
RAJA – A reversal (taken aback) of A JAR for A SHOCK.

17a         Favourite theory, being extremely selective? It’s not important (5)
PETTY – Start with PET for favourite and then select the letters at the extremities of T(heor)Y i.e. being extremely selective.

18a         Answer by people that indicates agreement (4)
AMEN – A for Answer (as in an abb. like Q&A session) and then MEN for people.

20a         A verse that’s in bad taste (6)
SAVOUR – Place A form the clue and V for Vere inside SOUR for bad.

21a         Is leader for crew to be found in port? Find out (8)
DISCOVER – IS from the clue followed by the leading letter in C(rew) placed inside the port of DOVER.

23a         British and Spaniards go astray — it’s necessary to take flight (8,4)
BOARDING PASS – Start with the B for British and then make an anagram (astray) of SPANIARDS GO.

26a         Solid, unlike a piece of cake (4)
HARD – The reverse of (unlike) EASY – or a piece of cake!

27a         Rescues characters abandoned in Las Vegas (8)
SALVAGES – An anagram (abandoned) of the characters in LAS VEGAS.

28a         Carefully select worker and tool (4-4)
HAND-PICK – A HAND for a worker followed by a PICK for a tool.


2d           Snake in a study, and article about it (8)
ANACONDA – Start with A CON/study/cram and then place AND with the article A around the outside.

3d           Wrongdoing I’m sure a demon reproduced (12)
MISDEMEANOUR – An anagram, indicated by ‘reproduced’ of IM SURE A DEMON.

4d           New centre has moved about, from bottom to top (6)
RECENT – Move the last two letters from CENTRE from the bottom to the top (in a down clue).

5d           Light aircraft operating service initially land in Asia (4)
LAOS – The initial letters (initially) of Light Aircraft Operating Service.

6d           Giving little away about right area for fish (8)
STINGRAY – Place STINGY (miserly or giving nothing away) around/about R for Right and A for Area.

7d           Agents working with intelligence and love to provide farewell (4)
CIAO – The CIA or Criminal Intelligence Agency in the US followed by O for Love.

8d           Aquatic organisms in great quantity beneath part of wooden keel (8)
PLANKTON – Place a TON or great quantity underneath (beneath in a Down clue) a PLANK of wood (part of a keel in a ship).

12d         Mistakenly dispatch trio — as a rule, it’s awful (12)
DICTATORSHIP – An anagram (mistakenly) of DISPATCH TRIO.

14d         Went out with old hat (5)
DATED – Two definitions – to have taken on a date and also passe/old hat.

16d         Plant one president or another grew first (8)
ROSEBUSH – Either George BUSH snr or his son George Dubya BUSH as US presidents but place ROSE for grew first.

17d         Time that may be taken for breakfast (8)
PORRIDGE – Time served in prison (i.e. time taken from you) is known as PORRIDGE as well as being a potential breakfast item.

19d         Full of tense expectation, kind of blue (8)
ELECTRIC – Descriptive of a tense atmosphere and a ‘shocking’ shade of blue.

22d         E.g. fall for American boy after drink (6)
SEASON – The American for Autumn – place a SON/boy after the SEA/drink/briny.

24d         A learner, in past, with skill (4)
ABLY – Start with the A from the clue and then place L for Learner inside BY for past/gone.

25d         Cut oxygen, say, then hydrogen (4)
GASH – Oxygen is an example (say) of a GAS. Add H for the chemical symbol of Hydrogen.

Thanks to the setter as always. I will be back tomorrow for a review of last Saturday’s Prize Puzzle.


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  1. Thanks for this Gnomethang. I came on here to check, because yet again The Telegraph is telling me I got one wrong (ably) but since my answer and yours are the same, I prefer to believe you. They are a complete shower!

    Thanks again to you and the setter, from what I remember I enjoyed it, but then I always enjoy the Sunday puzzles

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