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ST 2905

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2905

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 25th June

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! The usual fine stuff from Mr Greer.

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1a           Digs without good spade, say, in shed (7)
DISCARS – Remove the G from DI(g)S (without G for Good) and then add CARDS of which the spade is an example.

5a           Bad guy restrained by monarch (7)
BOUNDER – A charade of BOUND (restrained) and ER for Elizabeth Regina, our monarch.

9a           Large number or small number in poor shape I’m turning over (7)
MILLION – A reversal of NO (an abb. of Number), then ILL (in poor shape) and then I’M.

10a         Craftsman, in part, is anxious (7)
ARTISAN – A hidden word IN p ART IS AN xious.

11a         Protection for canines, for example, that’s used by boxer (9)
GUMSHIELD – A cryptic definition, the boxer being the pugilist and the canines being the teeth.

12a         Male with German name getting exemplary short sentence (5)
MOTTO – M for Male and OTTO – a German name.

13a         Foreigner outside caught ball (5)
DANCE – A DANE or foreigner from Denmark outside of C for Caught (from cricketing abbreviations in scoring.

15a         The point of this fastener isn’t discernible when it’s used (6,3)
SAFETY PIN – A cryptic definition of the type of pin fastener where the point of the pin is enclosed.

17a         China going after evil activity involving rackets in court (9)
BADMINTON – Place MINTON pottery/china after BAD or evil activity.

19a         Where nobleman may live in style, so to speak (5)
MANOR – A homophone (so to speak) of MANNER or style.

22a         Girl with band that goes round calf, perhaps (5)
LASSO – A LASS or girl and then an O for a band.

23a         Clearly admitting one with forbearance (9)
PATIENTLY – Place I for one inside (it is admitting) PATENTLY for clearly.

25a         Great actor the writer cast in more demanding musical role? (7)
OLIVIER – Place I (the writer) inside OLIVER – A role in a novel/musical who asked for more.

26a         Trim dog after dog (7)
CURTAIL – Two dogs – a CUR and then to TAIL or track.

27a         Business with small charges, or one that caters for growing needs (7)
NURSERY – Two cryptic definitions – The place where children (small charges) are looked after and a place that grows plants/caters for growing needs).

28a         Crime, it’s clear, ruined US city (7)
LARCENY – An anagram (troubled) of CLEAR followed by NY – New York/a US City.


1d           Injured, angry, upset, old (7)
DAMAGED – A reversal (upset of MAD/angry and then AGED for old.

2d           Unaccompanied maiden performing for wise ruler (7)
SOLOMON – A charade of SOLO/unaccompanied, M for Maiden and then ON for performing (e.g. ON stage).

3d           Like some primates giving a sanctimonious call for peace (5)
APISH – A from the clue, PI for sanctimonious and then SH – a call to be quiet (e.g. in a library)

4d           Resident perturbed about new service for eaters (6,3)
DINNER SET – An anagram (perturbed) of RESIDENT around the outside of N for New.

5d           Confront wild animal north of Land’s End (5)
BEARD – A BEAR/wild animal and then the end letter in (lan)D.

6d           Mutual upset about Dickensian child making final demand (9)
ULTIMATUM – An upset anagram of MUTUAL around Tiny TIM.

7d           Something viewed on computer improperly posted about king (7)
DESKTOP – An anagram (improperly) of POSTED around K for king.

8d           What answers like this do, poorly (3-4)
RUN-DOWN – As a down clue this will RUN DOWN the page, the second is the straight definition for ill.

14d         Perfectly exemplify poem — it is peculiarly English (9)
EPITOMISE – Make an anagram (peculiarly) of POEM IT IS and then add E for English.

16d         Overenthusiastic facial tan going wrong (9)
FANATICAL – A straight anagram (gone wrong) of FACIAL TAN.

17d         Benefit with everyone aboard light aircraft? (7)
BALLOON – Place ALL (everyone) inside a BOON/benefit.

18d         File of information from vagrant I put inside (7)
DOSSIER – The letter I put inside a DOSSER or vagrant.

20d         Crazy person organised teachers before legal action (7)
NUTCASE – The abb. for the National Union of Teachers followed by a legal CASE.

21d         Reward for author’s allegiance, having changed sides initially (7)
ROYALTY – Change the L for Left side into R for Right on the initial letter of LOYALTY.

23d         Break up fourth of July celebration (5)
PARTY – To PART or break up followed by the fourth letter in (jul)Y.

24d         European educational foundation concealing old mistake (5)
ERROR – E for European then the Three R’s as a foundation to education (Reading, Riting and ‘Rithmetic) with an O for Old inserted.

Thanks to the setter – I’ll see you all next week.


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  1. Thanks Gnomey for your succinct review of another Mr Greer delight. I liked badminton because it brought back happy memories of playing it after work at the YMCA courts in Centre Point at the top of Tottenham Court Road.

  2. I needed your review for 17a as i had never heard of “minton” what with being a poor council house lad from Tang Hall who thought mugs with handles were only for posh folk.
    Thanks Gnomey & to Mr Greer for his usual splendid Sunday offering.

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