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ST 2902

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2902

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 4th June

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Morning All – I found this an excellent puzzle – nice and tricky with some wonderfully diverting surface readings

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1a           Fleet holding one ringleader for crime at sea (6)
PIRACY – PACY or fleet/fast containing/holding I for one and R – The leading letter in Ring (or ringleader).

4a           One seeking satisfaction with second helping (8)
DUELLIST – A cryptic definition of A challenger who has a second to help him.

10a         Short of brass, alternatively use up iron (9)
PENURIOUS – An anagram (alternatively) of USE UP IRON.

11a         Constant speed in rickety aircraft (5)
CRATE – C for Constant and then a RATE for speed.

12a         Heeding changes, sounded like members of team? (7)
NEIGHED – Make a change/anagram of HEEDING – The member is of a team of horses.

13a         Counted — bound to include everyone (7)
TALLIED – Place ALL (everyone) inside TIED/bound.

14a         Exchange rate, partly, as subject for management course? (5)
ANGER – A hidden word inside Exch ANGE Rate.

15a         Catch fish, including first of salmon, as early bird (8)
NESTLING – Net/catch and LING/fish to include the firat letter in S(almon).

18a         Climber quietly tucked into second small meal (5,3)
SWEET PEA – Place P for Piano (quietly) inside S(econd), WEE for small and TEA for meal.

20a         How American in the ranks operates gadget (5)
GISMO – The gadget might be described cryptically as the MO (Modus Operandum) of the GI (an American soldier in the ranks). This would yield GI’S MO.

23a         Piano introducing new theme initially in piece of music (7)
QUINTET – QUIET for Piano including/introducing N for New and the initial letter of T(heme).

25a         Critically examine oddly deficient parties with a will (7)
TESTATE – To TEST or critically examine followed by the even letters (being oddly deficient) of pArTiEs.

26a         Leader of Athens in final phase (5)
ALPHA – The leading letter of the Greek Alphabet is hidden in fin AL PHAse.

27a         Set aside each religious book penned by cardinal (9)
EARMARKED – EA for Each and then MARK (a Gospel in the bible or religious book) inside/penned by RED for cardinal.

28a         Derby supporter in US — and that’s strange (8)
HATSTAND – An anagram (strange) of AND THAT’S.

29a         Singer vocalised second lowest note for us (6)
TENNER – A homophone (vocalised) of TENOR and a banknote not a musical note!.


1d           Conceited person’s report covered by flier (8)
POPINJAY – A charade of a POP or report/bang, IN for ‘covered by’ and finally a JAY bird/flier.

2d           Right conclusion producing tears (7)
RENDING – Simply R for Right and an ENDING or conclusion.

3d           No thoroughbred in unusually short race (4-5)
CART-HORSE – An unusual anagram of SHORT RACE.

5d           Plant holding up broken units as not good enough (14)
UNSATISFACTORY – A FACTORY or plant underneath (holding up/supporting in a Down clue) an anagram (broken) of UNITS AS.

6d           Like numbers perhaps for members, not general bar (5)
LOCAL – An anaesthetic or number that goes in the leg or arm (member) is not a General Anaesthetic. The last definition is the LOCAL pub.

7d           Language coming from capital I analysed (7)
ITALIAN – A hidden word inside (coming from) cap ITAL I ANalysed.

8d           Make an effort, securing objective with it (6)
TRENDY – To TRY or make an effort including/securing an END or objective.

9d           Restrain doctor attending flier — that may be required by air traffic control (7,7)
HOLDING PATTERN – A charade of HOLD IN (restrain), A GP or doctor, AT (attending) and a TERN bird/flier.

16d         Do what MPs do, as support is overdue (9)
LEGISLATE – A charade of LEG/support, IS from the clue and LATE for overdue.

17d         Killer charged in Spain (8)
TOREADOR – A cryptic definition of the bullfighter/killer who can be charged by said bull. In theory the Matador is the killer though!.

19d         Racing dog beat favourite (7)
WHIPPET – WHIP for beat and PET for favourite.

21d         Flag need in some quarters (7)
SLACKEN – A LACK or need inside three compass quarters S(outh), E(ast) and N(orth.

22d         Help make fit for sport (6)
SQUASH – Two definitions, to SQUASH into a suitcase, say and the racket game.

24d         Tribute directed towards John, Paul, or George, say (5)
TOAST – John, Paull and George are all examples of a Saint (abb. ST) so something directed towards one of them may be directed TO A ST, cryptically.

Thanks to the setter.


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  1. I got the answers for 12a & 23a without understanding how. Now I feel a complete prat! Thank you Gnomey.

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