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ST 2901

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2901

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 28th May

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Morning All – I found this a slightly stiffer challenge from the usual Prize Puzzles and it was none the worse for it!

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1a           Consider making first pair of denims free (10)
DELIBERATE – The first Pair of letters in DE(nim) and then LIBERATE for free.

6a           High priest? (4)
LAMA – A cryptic definition of a priest who traditionally lives at altitude in Nepal.

9a           Groundbreaking tool available to choose (4,3)
PICK OUT – A PICK or groundbreaking tool followed by OUT for available (e.g. Out now!)

10a         Like you said, sheltered by sailor in storm (7)
ASSAULT – AS for like then U (sounds like U as in said U) inside a SALT or sailor.

12a         Created impressions for digital records (13)
FINGERPRINTED – A simple cryptic definition of a recording of the digits on a hand.

14a         Hem that’s black or red when turned over (6)
BORDER – B(lack) and OR from the clue followed by a reversal (when turned over) of RED.

15a         In state of exhaustion catnap won’t relieve? (3-5)
DOG-TIRED – Another nice cryptic definition – A DOG-TIRED canine can’t take a catnap.

17a         State carriage of monarch? (8)
VICTORIA – A double definition – the Australian State and also a coach or carriage (associated with Queen Victoria).

19a         Material that’s fantastic and deep in colour cut (6)
FABRIC – FAB for fantastic and then cut the last letter from RIC(h) or deeply coloured.

22a         Products of a fertile imagination? (13)
BRAINCHILDREN – One more cryptic definition with fertility of the imagination leading us to the CHILDREN of the BRAIN.

24a         Person who charges a drug addict carrying small volume (7)
ACCUSER – A USER or drug addict carrying CC for Cubic Centimetre – a small volume of liquid.

25a         Cancel a golfer’s last round (7)
ANNULAR – ANNUL for cancel, A from the clue and then the last letter in golfeR.

26a         Point about learner being dunce (4)
DOLT – A DOT or point surrounding L for Learner.

27a         Outline of plan showing opportunities for success outside university (10)
PROSPECTUS – Place PROSPECTS ot opportunities for success around the outside of U(niversity).


1d           Work out information (4)
DOPE – If you work out you might cryptically be said to DO P(hysical) E(ducation.

2d           Name for devil provided in diabolical clue, right? (7)
LUCIFER – Place IF for ‘provided’ inside a diabolical anagram of CLUE and follow up with R for Right.

3d           Former PM so inept I revised good marks (7,6)
BROWNIE POINTS – The former Prime Minister Gordon BROWN and then an anagram (revised) of SO INEPT I.

4d           Take part in opera — The Ring? Yes, indeed! (6)
RATHER – A hidden clue that takes a part inside ope RA THE R ing.

5d           Something used to stir pot as one cooked (8)
TEASPOON A cooked anagram of POT AS ONE.

7d           Neighbouring landowner is a bishop, say (7)
ABUTTER – A B(ishop) followed by UTTER for say/speak.

8d           Unassisted learner in American car was doing something (10)
AUTODIDACT – Not a word you hear every day but the wordplay is clear – an AUTO or American car and then DID ACT for another way of saying ‘was doing something’.

11d         Unusually clean water’s in major river (5,8)
SAINT LAWRENCE – This anagram (unusually) of CLEAN WATERS IN leapt out at me pretty quickly for some reason. No idea where the river is though! ;-)

13d         Honest sailor, with love, over bad upset (5,5)
ABOVE BOARD – An AB  or Able Bodied seaman, O for Love, and then an anagram (upset) of OVER BAD.

16d         Person wavering gets it at this point, interrupting doctor (8)
DITHERER – Place IT from the clue and HERE for ‘at this point’ inside DR, one abb, for Doctor

18d         Window on left in area near altar (7)
CHANCEL – A CHANCE or window (of opportunity) on top of L for Left.

20d         Piece of hair enclosed in covering letter (7)
RINGLET – A hidden word which is inside/enclosed in cove RING LET ter.

21d         Part of Ireland lacking capital, second every time (6)
ALWAYS – Remove the capital letter from (G)ALWAY in Ireland and then add S(econd).

23d         Inspiration for love in bedrooms — nothing odd there (4)
EROS – Remove all the odd letters (nothing odd there) from bEdRoOmS.

 Thanks to Mr Greer for the puzzle – I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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  1. The usual excellence from Mr Greer – thanks to him and to Gnomethang for the review. I liked the simple elegance of 6a but my favourite is a toss-up between 22a and 3d.
    I thought that 17a was possibly meant to be a triple definition.

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