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ST 2900

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2899

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 21st May

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

Splendid clues of which my particular favourite has to be 6d and a crossword that’s a joy to solve and review – it must be Sunday!

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1a Language learner I included in description of top class (6)
POLISH – L (learner) and I (from the clue) included in POSH (description of top class)

4a Cross Tories oddly admitting claims (8)
TRAVERSE – the odd letters of ToRiEs ‘admitting’ AVERS (claims)

9a Asian food son found in Polynesian islands (6)
SAMOSA – S (son) found in SAMOA (Polynesian islands)

10a Acting with me could be so attractive (8)
MAGNETIC – An anagram (could be so) of ACTING and ME

11a Covering for those who have arrived and are arriving (3,6)
RED CARPET – Stars (those who have arrived) would walk down a red carpet when arriving at a film premiere

13a Rum, initially, in one small drink or another (5)
SHORT – R (rum initially) in SHOT (one small drink)

14a Breach agreement about returning paintings (13)
CONTRAVENTION – CONVENTION (agreement) goes ‘about’ a reversal (returning) of ART (paintings)

17a At home game, holding up — showing skill beyond defence? (13)
INSUPPORTABLE – IN (home) SPORT (game) ‘holding’ UP (from the clue) ABLE (showing skill)

21a Male assistant put back channels of communication (5)
MEDIA – M (male) and a reversal (put back) of AIDE (assistant)

23a House member outside party encountered recorder of steps taken (9)
PEDOMETER – PEER (member of the House of Lords) goes outside DO (party) and MET (encountered)

24a From Toronto, get here at the same time (8)
TOGETHER – Lurking in ToronTO GET HERe

25a Keen to secure a mile in fast time (6)
LAMENT – LENT (a time of fasting) secures A (from the clue) M (mile)

26a Private was in the army again? (8)
RESERVED – If the solution had a hyphen, it would mean was in the army again

27a Remaining child very likely to succeed (4-2)
ODDS-ON – ODD (remaining) SON (child)


1d The old man’s attempt to make some dough (6)
PASTRY – PAS (father’s, the old man’s) TRY (attempt)

2d Silly male term of endearment for people on the way out (4,5)
LAME DUCKS – An anagram (silly) of MALE and DUCKS (a term of endearment)

3d Support from university after second shameful mark (7)
SUSTAIN – U (university) goes after S (second) and is then followed by STAIN (shameful mark)

5d Averted changes around start of work in theatre — began operating again (11)
REACTIVATED – An anagram (changes) of AVERTED goes around ACT I (start of work in theatre)

6d Meat cooked in ovens – does provide some of it (7)
VENISON – An anagram (cooked) of IN OVENS – does (female deer) do indeed provide some of it!!

7d Take part in administration nine to five, say (5)
RATIO – Found in part of administration

8d Thrilling performer’s going off about clubs (8)
EXCITING – EXITING (performer’s “going off”) about C (clubs)

12d I proceed farcically, swallowing pie in costume drama, perhaps (6,5)
PERIOD PIECE – An anagram (farcically) of I PROCEED ‘swallowing’ PIE

15d Isn’t seen moving around without resistance — due to this? (9)
INERTNESS – An anagram (moving around) of ISNT SEEN goes outside ‘without’ R (resistance)

16d Great shot (4,4)
FILM STAR – A cryptic definition of a ‘great’ person who has been ‘shot’ for cinematic purposes

18d Finish off soup and second dish (7)
PLATTER – The ‘finish’ of souP and LATTER (second)

19d Continuously attack doctor in committee (7)
BOMBARD – MB (doctor) in BOARD (committee)

20d French language in British college (6)
BRETON – BR (British) ETON (college)

22d Impressionist past his prime sent up head of state (5)
DEGAS – A reversal (sent up in a Down clue) of AGED (past his prime) followed by the ‘head’ of State