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ST 2898

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2898

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 7th May

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! For some reason I stopped halfway through the solve on the day and picked it up the week after. Still some very good clues but I am not sure on the difficulty level.

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1a           Authorised putting soldier in front of square (8)
Place a MAN or soldier in front of DATED for square or old-fashioned.

9a           Vote in unusually polite line — then take part in this? (4,4)
EXIT POLL – An X for a vote (the letter you place on the ballot paper) inside an anagram (unusually) of POLITE and then finally add  L(ine).

10a         Piece of music band advertise endlessly (4)
OPUS – O for a ring or band and then PUS(h) for advertise with the end letter removed (endlessly).

11a         Study of people from North misrepresented in sorry statement (12)
ANTHROPOLOGY – A misrepresented anagram of NORTH inside an APOLOGY or sorry statement.

13a         Said bad things about male in regular row (8)
MALIGNED – M for Male and then ALIGNED or ‘in regular row’.

15a         Expedition initially seeking a distant island (6)
SAFARI – The initial letter in S(eeking) followed by A from the clue, FAR for distant and I for Island.

16a         Distress, we hear, that may stop runner (4)
WHOA – A homophone (we hear) of WOE or distress and the command to sto a runaway horse (runner)  for example.

17a         Woeful accommodation in hotel needing change of heart (5)
HOVEL – Nice and easy – change the middle letter in HO(T)EL from a T to a V i.e. a change of heart.

18a         Be moved by bark from spaniel, oddly (4)
SAIL – The odd letters in S p A n I e L .  Nice misdirection with BARK or BARQUE being a sailing boat.

20a         Host, say, protected by brave person (6)
LEGION – a LION or brave person is covering or protecting E.G. for ‘say’.

21a         Certain extract from bulletin, if edited the wrong way (8)
DEFINITE – A hidden reversed word indicated by an EXTRACT from ‘bull ETIN IF ED ited’ that is the wrong way round.

23a         Perfectionist almost ruined first illustration in book (12)
FRONTISPIECE – An anagram (ruined of almost all of PERFECTIONIS(t) with the last letter removed.

26a         Vehicle returned before end of warranty for service (4)
NAVY – Reverse (or return) a VAN/vehicle before the end letter in (warrant)Y.

27a         Material about a Mediterranean area (8)
RELEVANT – RE (with reference to/about) followed by the LEVANT area of the Med.

28a         With passion, they lead astray (8)
HEATEDLY – An anagram (astray) of THEY LEAD)


2d           Drive or other kind of golf shot (8)
APPROACH – Two definitions, a driveway is an APPROACH to a country house and one plays an APPROACH shot to a green in golf (which is another type of shot to a drive!).

3d           Deal is arranged with people for main treatment? (12)
An anagram (arranged) of DEAL IS followed by NATION for people. The (Spanish) main being the sea.

4d           Cutting a new pattern for unisex garment (6)
TARTAN – A charade of TART for cutting and A from the clue and N for New.

5d           Beloved daughter hearing organ (4)
DEAR – D for Daughter and an EAR for a hearing organ.

6d           Getting rid of old pass I shredded (8)
DISPOSAL – An anagram , indicated by ‘shredded’, of OLD PASS I.

7d           How one flies extremely close to ground, mostly (4)
SOLO – All but the last letter (mostly) of SO LO(w) or extremely close to the ground.

8d           Settle account, including pound for theatre poster (8)
PLAYBILL – Place (include) L for pound inside PAY BILL or ‘settle account’.

12d         Biography with some text that’s appropriate for killer (4,8)
LIFE SENTENCE – LIFE for Biography with a SENTENCE or ‘some text’.

14d         Philistine’s opponent, great French painter (5)
DAVID – The philistine being Goliath and his opponent also being the surname of Jacques-Louis DAVID, a French Neo-classical painter.

16d         Irish writer putting in evergreen that quickly spreads (8)
WILDEFIRE – Place a FIR or evergreen inside Oscar WILDE.

17d         Husband and I beat impediment (8)
HANDICAP – H for Husband then AND I from the clue followed by CAP or beat/trump.

19d         Put in grave situation with very limited area left in gap (8)
INTERVAL – To INTER/place in a grave then V(ery), or very which is short/limited followed by A for Area and L for Left.

22d         Religious celebration at centre of belief I establish (6)
FIESTA – A hidden word in the centre of belie F I ESTA blish.

24d         Art of a kind, works primarily timeless (4)
OILS – Remover the Primary letter T for Time (is timeless) fron (t)OILS or works.

25d         Substance that’s hard found at bottom of mine (4)
PITH – H for Hard under (at the bottom in a down clue) a PIT or mine.

Thanks to the setter – I will see you all tomorrow.


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  1. The usual great stuff on a Sunday.

    As to the difficulty level I seem to remember remarking to pommette that this was Mr Greer with his very benign hat on so * or ** is probably about right.

    Thanks to Mr Greer and Gnomey.

  2. gnomethang – I would agree on the ** for difficulty. When I did my hints for this one I noted that Virgilius was not as benevolent as he had been in the couple of weeks before this puzzle.

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