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ST 2896

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2896

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 23rd April

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***/****

A fine Sunday puzzle which didn’t take long to solve or draft the review which was helpful as I was simultaneously following my nephew’s progress in the London Marathon.

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1a Part of lab of fine researcher (6)
BOFFIN – Lurking in part of laB OF FINe

4a Detective with large or small amount of food (6)
MORSEL – MORSE (fictional detective) L (large)

8a It’s hard, still, with all locks removed (8)
HAIRLESS – H (hard) AIRLESS (still)

10a Pondered without reaching conclusion, however (6)
THOUGH – THOUGHT (pondered) without ‘reaching its conclusion’

11a Curly and very short, in fashion (4)
WAVY – V (very ‘short’) in WAY (fashion)

12a Garment technocrat redesigned (10)
TRENCHCOAT – An anagram (redesigned) of TECHNOCRAT

13a Livid because of bruising, dismal, also sad (5-3-4)
BLACK-AND-BLUE – BLACK (dismal) AND (also) BLUE (sad)

16a Some fieldwork producing monarchist spiel? (12)
PITCHFORKING or PITCH FOR KING (monarchist spiel)

20a Funny actor is not producer of amusing pictures (10)
CARTOONIST – An anagram (funny) of ACTOR IS NOT

21a Diminutive daughter in dock, for example (4)
WEED – WEE (diminutive) D (daughter)

22a Player who takes bow at home after first half of foul play (6)
VIOLIN – IN (at home) after the first half of VIOLence (foul play)

23a Attempt to include a garment that’s absurd imitation (8)
TRAVESTY – TRY (attempt) to include A VEST (a garment)

24a In dismay, he mentions disorder (6) MAYHEM – lurking in disMAY HE Mentions
TRAVESTY – TRY (attempt) to include A VEST (a garment)

25a Run after swimmer or ice-hockey player, say (6)
SKATER – R (run) goes after SKATE (fish, swimmer)


1d Carry sort of bale, within limits of what one can take (8)
BEARABLE – BEAR (carry) and an anagram (sort) of BALE

2d Engagement ring’s taken inside in raid (5)
FORAY – A raid, venture or attempt. O (ring) taken inside FRAY (engagement, scene of lively action)

3d Reluctance to move in time is holding it up (7)
INERTIA – IN ERA (in time) is ‘holding’ a reversal (up) of IT

5d Relating to sight seen in abandoned coalpit (7)
OPTICAL – An anagram (abandoned) of COALPIT

6d Notice threat to king in random inspection (4,5)
SPOT CHECK – SPOT (notice in the sense of seeing) CHECK (threat to king in a game of chess)

7d Record officer shortly turned over, resulting in deadlock (3,3)
LOG JAM – LOG (record) and a reversal (turned over in a Down clue) of MAJor (officer ‘shortly’)

9d Profligate type raced around new seaside plant (11)
SPENDTHRIFT – SPED (raced) round N (new) plus THRIFT (seaside plant)

14d Round off, I agree, in excellent style (9)
CAPITALLY – CAP (round off) I (from the clue) TALLY (agree)

15d Creative person finding outlet in wrought iron (8)
INVENTOR – VENT (outlet) in an anagram (wrought) of IRON

17d Decisively beat in recount, with constituents reorganised (7)
TROUNCE – a lovely anagram indicator – RECOUNT ‘with constituents reorganised’

18d Be entitled to command as soldier, having got away from king (7)

19d Chinese philosophy that’s extremely changed Maoist? (6)
TAOISM – change the ‘extremes’ of MAOIST

21d What is cut by combine, ultimately? (5)
WHEAT – WHAT (from the clue) ‘cut by’ E (the ultimate letter of combinE)


3 comments on “ST 2896

  1. Thank you Sue, enjoyed this offering but having lost my notes to the recycling bin I cannot be too sure why. Hope your nephew fared well in marathon.

    1. He was 3629th out of 40,000 – mind you he’s done nearly 50 marathons now including the Marathon du Sables. He comes from the energetic side of the family ;)

  2. I thought this was great fun while it lasted. I would agree with */****
    Thanks CS

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