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ST 2893

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2893

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 2nd April

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ****

Morning All! I found this a not so hard puzzle to solve but some of the clues were absolute belters!

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1a           County participated in game called unimportant (10)
DOWNPLAYED – A DOWN or county and then PLAYED or participated in game.

6a           Academic briefly omitting one zero in mathematical work (4)
PROF – Remove one O or zero from PRO(o)F or mathematical work.

9a           Observe changes, by no means concise (7)
VERBOSE – An anagram (changes) of OBSERVE.

10a         In part of London around university (7)
POPULAR – A well disguised small definition. Place the POPLAR area of London around U for University.

12a         Condition people included in public announcement that’s exaggerated (13)
OVERSTATEMENT – Place a STATE/condition and MEN/people inside OVERT or public.

14a         Modernise a duet in new arrangement with piano included (6)
UPDATE – Make a new arrangement of A DUET and include P for Piano.

15a         Blunder as writer is taken in by male charm (8)
MISSPELL – IS form the clue taken in by M(ale) and SPELL for charm.

17a         Small computer peripheral, one that runs fast (8)
SPRINTER – S for Small and a PRINTER or computer peripheral.

19a         Secluded spot in which those with seats can rest? (6)
RECESS – Two definitions – the second refers to a RECESS in Parliament where sitting MPs can take a break or rest.

22a         Where some top people reside, deserting town for resort (7,6)
DOWNING STREET – An anagram (resort) of DESERTING TOWN. The top people being the PM and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

24a         Prison for violent striker? (7)
SLAMMER – The first is the straight definition, the second a one who slams or strikes violently.

25a         Football team second to enter stadium, then left (7)
ARSENAL – Place S(econd) into an ARENA or stadium and then add L for Left.

26a         Ending with no mate on board tug (4)
DRAW – No check-mate at the end of a chess game (on board) and then the straight definition.

27a         Race to have tiny addition to letter put in post (10)
SWEEPSTAKE – Add WEE (tiny) and a P.S. (addition to letter) inside a STAKE or post.


1d           Female appearing in Verdi, vainly? (4)
DIVA – A hidden word appearing inside verDI VAinly and an All-In-One or &Lit given the clue as a whole is also the definition.

2d           Military commander’s news about area followed by both sides (7)
WARLORD – Place WORD or news around A for Area and then R9ight) and L(eft) or both sides.

3d           Part of Christianity supporting check on opponents before mass (13)
PROTESTANTISM – A charade of PRO (for), TEST (check), ANTIS (those against or opponents) and final M for Mass.

4d           Reluctant states, with little energy (6)
AVERSE – States as a verb can be AVERS. Add E for Energy.

5d           The camp I represented is clearly stressed (8)
EMPHATIC – An anagram (represented) od THE CAMP I.

7d           Take over from European, absorbed by experience once more (7)
RELIEVE – Place E for European inside RELIVE or experience once more.

8d           Excellent start for education (5-5)
FIRST-CLASS – The start of an educational term or day might cryptically be called the FIRST CLASS.

11d         Harass about property deals, providing information for media (5,8)
PRESS RELEASE – A charade of PRESS/Harass/harry, RE/about/reference and a LEASE or property deal.

13d         Settled around island that’s financially supported (10)
SUBSIDISED – Place SUBSIDED or settled around the outside of IS – one abb. for Island.

16d         Without gardening tool, method to produce roadside border (8)
HEDGEROW – HOW or method outside/without an EDGER for the gardening tool.

18d         At short notice, conflict arises — info awaiting analysis (3,4)
RAW DATA – A reversal (arises) of AT form the clue, an AD(vertisement) or short notice and finally WAR for conflict.

20d         It’s part of the EU in East, and is involved with Nato (7)
ESTONIA – An anagram of E(ast), IS an NATO. My top clue today.

21d         Attack from the air in last RAF effort (6)
STRAFE – Another hidden clue FROM laST RAF Effort.

23d         Like some bruises near the knuckle (4)
BLUE – Two definitions – the colour of some bruises and also risqué or near the knuckle.

Thanks to the setter. I’ll be back next week.