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ST 2892

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2892

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 26th March

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ****

Another Sunday puzzle where I’m hard pressed to pick one particular favourite, but decided in the end to plump for 18d.

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1a           Had a get-together in spacecraft   cut short (6)
DOCKED –  Joined together two spacecraft in space; cut short

4a           Number of staff available, holding captured enemy in half-hearted way (8)
MANPOWER – POW (captured enemy) in MANnER (half-hearted way)

9a           Excessive pride one’s taken in any TV broadcast (6)
VANITY – I (one) taken into an anagram (broadcast) of ANY TV

10a         Things of passing interest in European article about odd MP here (8)
EPHEMERA – Put an anagram (odd) of MP HERE inside E (European) A (article)

11a         In some respect, a clever display (9)
SPECTACLE – Lurking in some reSPECT A CLEver

13a         Traveller’s guide eventually abridged (5)
ATLAS – AT LASt (eventually) ‘abridged’

14a         Dig up seed scattered around end of plot that’s detached (13)
DISINTERESTED – DIS INTER (dig up) and an anagram (scattered) of SEED go around the ‘end’ of plot

17a         Student‘s strangely guarded nature (13)
UNDERGRADUATE – An anagram (strangely) of GUARDED NATURE

21a         False statement about British pound giving offence (5)
LIBEL – LIE (false statement) goes ‘about’ B (British) and an L (£, pound) goes at the end

23a         Turn aside, having frantically tried to break up fire (9)
SIDETRACK – An anagram (frantically) of TRIED to ‘break up’ SACK (fire)

24a         Like hot spots of current interest, containing resistance (8)
TROPICAL – TOPICAL (of current interest) ‘containing’ R (Resistance)

25a         In East Germany, finally abandoned fairness (6)
EQUALITY – QUIT (abandoned) goes between E (East) and Y (Germany ‘finally’)

26a         It’s not bound to provide a little information (8)
PAMPHLET – A cryptic definition of a small book stitched but not bound

27a         First edition taken to cleaners (6)
BESTED – BEST (first) ED (edition)


1a           Money equally divided by six wanting to avoid conflict (6)
DOVISH -Because doves are the symbol of peace.  DOSH (money) divided in the middle (equally) by VI, the Roman numeral for six

2d           Study taken care of and maintained (9)
CONTENDED – CON (study) TENDED (taken care of)

3d           Property of landowners, say, in Mid-west (7)
ESTATES – STATE (say) goes inside ES – the ‘mid’ of wESt

5d           Got arrested (11)
APPREHENDED – Understood (got) or arrested

6d           Nobility always poetically expressed in part of book (7)
PEERAGE – EER (always expressed poetically) in PAGE (part of book)

7d           Turn with cry of excitement going over line (5)
WHEEL – WHEE (cry of excitement) L (line)

8d           Perhaps Odysseus conceals this ecstatic expression of feeling (8)
RHAPSODY – Concealed in peRHAPS ODYsseus

12d         Stupidly put secret agent in most prominent position (6,5)
SECRET AGENT – An anagram (stupidly put) of SECRET AGENT

15d         Blow absorbed by person with faith in analyst (9)
THERAPIST – RAP (blow) absorbed by THEIST (person with faith)

16d         Period for Americans when this would be obvious advice to eater (4,4)
FULL STOP – I did like the ‘obvious advice to eater’

18d         Elizabethan courtier who brought King Edward’s predecessor (7)
RALEIGH – Sir Walter R who brought the first potatoes back to England, King Edwards being a variety grown here since 1902

19d         Opposed to what, for the French, is old-fashioned (7)
ANTIQUE – ANTI (opposed to) QUE (the French word for what)

20d         Authorised including Arthurian knight in dictionary (6)
OKAYED –  KAY (King Arthur’s foster brother) inserted into the OED (Oxford English Dictionary).  Sir Kay isn’t in the BRB so I don’t suppose he’s actually in the OED either!

22d         Flourish as learner in time of prosperity (5)
BLOOM – L (learner) in BOOM (time of prosperity)