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Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28384

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 25th March

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! Lots of dropping the last letter clues today!

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1a           Detective novel as modern oeuvre (9,5)
ENDEAVOUR MORSE – Almost prescient with the sad news about Colin Dexter. An anagram (novel) of AS MODERN OEUVRE.

10a         Trait — unusual trait shown by Scottish isle (9)
ATTRIBUTE – An anagram (unusual) of TRAIT followed by the Isle of BUTE.

11a         A fruit dessert brought back with ice (5)
ALOOF – A from the clue and then a reversal of a FOOL or fruit desert.

12a         Man gets in case of rare Beaujolais perhaps (3,4)
RED WINE – Place EDWIN (a man’s name) inside the case of R(ar)E.

13a         Football team, colourless, switching pair at the back (6)
ALBION – Switch the last pair of letters in ALBINO/colourless.

15a         A fuel for cookers (4)
AGAS – A from the clue and GAS for fuel.

17a         Pests cried out abuse (10)
DISRESPECT – An anagram, indicated by out, of PESTS CRIED.

18a         Bachelor engaged in playing golf endlessly, working intermittently (2,3,5)
ON THE BLINK – Place B for Bachelor inside almost all of ON THE LINK(s) , or playing golf endlessly.

20a         Emperor Haile Selassie’s follower mostly rejected (4)
TSAR – The reversal of a RAST(a) (Haile Selassie’s follower) with the end letter missing (mostly).

22a         and 23: Former sprinter tailed after body found in Cambridge college (6,7)
CORPUS CHRISTI – Remove the tail letter from the sprinter Linford CHRISTI(e) and add it to CORPUS or body.

23a         See 22
As above.

26a         Asian language, remote, is from the East (5)
FARSI – FAR for remote and the reversal (from the East) of IS.

27a         Article backing trend I set in test (9)
EDITORIAL – Reverse (backing) a TIDE or trend and then place I inside an ORAL test.

28a         Treat pensioner for moving picture (14)


2d           Famous denial to Father Crilly (5)
NOTED – Cryptically one might say NO (a denial) to Father TED Crilly. G’wan, ya will!

3d           Character introducing number of additives allowed by law in extract (6)
ELICIT – Take a E(-number) introducing food additives and then add LICIT for ‘allowed by law’.

4d           Variety show provides remarkable value tempting one to come in (10)
VAUDEVILLE – A remarkable anagram of VALUE including the DEVIL or tempting one.

5d           Taxi service one needs right after underground fails to start (4)
UBER – Place R for Right  after the (t)UBE or an underground that fails to start.

6d           Spots this person playing the part of Dawson (7)
MEASLES – The cryptic definition of this person plaing the part of Dawson might be ME AS LES.

7d           Joey’s acquiring digs showing spacious quality (9)
ROOMINESS – (kanga)ROO’S for Joey’s including/acquiring MINES or digs.

8d           Brat tangling with lenient ref — his behaviour is embarrassing (6,8)
ENFANT TERRIBLE – An anagram (tangling) of BRAT with LENIENT REF.

9d           What usherette must do because of love without response (5,1,5,3)
CARRY A TORCH FOR – The job of a cinema usherette and the action of an unrequited love.

14d         Copy exotic art prints around college (10)
TRANSCRIPT – An exotic anagram of ART PRINTS around C for College.

16d         Farmer’s second yield from croft — reap freely (5-4)
AFTER-CROP – I was not familiar with the term but it is an easy anagram (freely) of CROFT REAP.

19d         Learned English getting offensive about it (7)
ERUDITE – E for English and then RUDE/offensive around/about IT from the clue.

21d         Test bid for business round railway (3-3)
TRY-OUT – To TOUT for business around RY, one abb. of railway.

24d         Surreptitious activity reported in Irish county town (5)
SLIGO – A homophone (reported) of SLY GO or surreptitious activity.

25d         Wilder element that’s inherited (4)
GENE – The cryptic definition refers to GENE Wilder the comedian and actor.