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ST 2891

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2891

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 19th March

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Sunday puzzles are always so good that it is hard to think of anything original to say when drafting the review prologue.   I have no special favourites this time, as the whole thing was a pleasure to both solve and review.

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8a           Taking everything into account, nothing more to say? (3,4)
ALL TOLD – Including everything so there’d be nothing more to say

10a         Land in Africa, having changed regalia (7)
 ALGERIA – An anagram (changed) of REGALIA

11a         Clever and popular mastermind embracing love (9)
INGENIOUS – IN (popular) GENIUS (mastermind) embracing O (love)

12a         Delivered wood ahead of time (5)
DEALT – DEAL (wood) ‘ahead of’ T (time)

13a         Second list that’s barely adequate (5)
SCANT – S (second) CANT (list, like cant here, can be defined as a sloping or tilted position

14a         Book format the writer partly selected (7)
MATTHEW – Partly selected is a clear indication that you should be looking for a lurker, this time in forMAT THE Writer; the book, of course, being part of the New Testament

17a         Country staged it badly for supplier of home-made products (7,8)

19a         Protester runs after small child’s vehicle (7)
STRIKER – R (runs) goes after S (small) TRIKE (child’s vehicle)

21a         Crowd surrounding one in lift (5)
HOIST – HOST (crowd) surrounding I (one)

24a         Something produced in bars — heavy metal, for instance (5)
MUSIC –  A nice cryptic definition all-in-one clue

26a         Present as means to make novel acquisition, say (4,5)
BOOK TOKEN – And another

27a         Foreign car in neutral, having crashed (7)
RENAULT – An anagram (having crashed) of NEUTRAL

28a         Man committed to union securing new funding (7)
FINANCE – N (new) secured in FIANCE (man committed to union)


1d           River so long pilots use these to communicate (6)
RADIOS – R (river) ADIOS (so long)

2d           Standard tirade that’s patently offensive (8)
FLAGRANT – FLAG (standard) RANT (tirade)

3d           Healthy dog that wasn’t attached to early movies (10)
SOUNDTRACK – SOUND (healthy) TRACK (dog)

4d           Mean policy adjusted minor’s pay (9)
PARSIMONY – An anagram (adjusted) of MINORS PAY

5d           Part in tragedy, like King Lear (4)
AGED – Nice surface reading for another lurker – this time hidden in trAGEDy

6d           Inspiration found in the bar when drunk (6)
BREATH – An anagram (when drunk) of THE BAR

7d           Unfortunate sailor‘s reason for having no play? (8)
CASTAWAY – Split your solution 4,4 and the rest of the clue makes sense

9d           Minimal amount of medicine from doctor prior to surgical procedure (4)
DROP – DR (doctor) goes prior to OP (surgical procedure)

15d         Move weight, creating criterion (10)
TOUCHSTONE – TOUCH (move) STONE (weight)

16d         Scoundrel in favour of dividing money given back (9)
REPROBATE – PRO (in favour of) ‘dividing’ REBATE (money given back)

17d         Get ready for pool in fine woollen garment (8)
CASHMERE – CASH (ready money) MERE (pool)

18d         Intelligent and fine man not captured on board (8)
THINKING – THIN (fine) KING (man not captured on a chess board)

20d         Feel aggrieved about   being put in post again (6)
RESENT – RE SENT (put in the post again)

22d         Bound to insert names to be preserved (6)
TINNED – Insert N N (names) into TIED (bound)

23d         Perform with female fellow or don? Just the opposite (4)
DOFF – DO (perform) F (female) F (fellow) If you ‘don’ something you put it on, but if you DOFF it, you do the opposite

25d         China much misrepresented (4)
CHUM – China being Cockney rhyming slang for a friend – an anagram (misrepresented) of MUCH.   The sort of clue you spot and solve  while waiting for the printer to produce the piece of paper with the crossword on it and then shoot yourself in the foot by writing it in the space for 23d and wondering why you can’t solve 26a!