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Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28378

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 18th March

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! This was pretty standard fare for a Saturday Prize Puzzle. No complaints here.

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1a           Almost all of Georgian city is imposing (6)
AUGUST – The home of the Masters Golf (in 2 weeks’ time) is AUGUSTA in Georgia. Remove the last letter (almost all of it).

4a           Italian with list reflected by silver stirrer (8)
AGITATOR – Take AG for argentum, silver, and then IT for Italian and finally revise (reflect) a ROTA or list.

10a         Most shrewd about large mountain (9)
CLEVEREST – C for Circa/about and L for Large followed by Mount EVEREST.

11a         Moor that is in place seen heading west (3,2)
TIE UP – I.E. for Id Est (that is) inside a reversal (seen heading west) of PUT for place.

12a         Nobleman pinning one on settler (7)
PIONEER – A PEER or nobleman holding or pinning I for one and ON from the clue.

13a         Puzzle of indefinite number on bonus (7)
NONPLUS – N for an indefinite number, ON form the clue (again!) and then PLUS for a bonus.

14a         Written messages attack doing volte-face (5)
NOTES – Reverse (make a volte-face) of SET ON or attack.

15a         South American writers first to evoke what Hitchcock wanted? (8)
SUSPENSE – S(outh) and US (American) followed by PENS/writers and then the first letter in E(voke).

18a         Just released, with nitrogen in mixture (5-3)
BRAND NEW – AND/with and N(itrogen) inside a BREW or mixture.

20a         Care of the French when adding last of oily fish (5)
COLEY – C/O is the abb. For Care Of. Add LE (the in French) and the last letter of (oil)Y.

23a         Mediterranean meal dished out on plate (7)
POLENTA – An anagram, indicated by dished out, of ON PLATE.

25a         Fight involving a duke, one that bores (7)
BRADAWL – A BRAWL or fight including/involving A from the clue and D, the abb. For Duke.

26a         Short row about winning flower (5)
LUPIN – A shortening of LIN(e) or row around/about UP for winning.

27a         What’s missing from pay packet may be nonsensical to Mexican (6,3)
INCOME TAX – A nonsensical anagram of TO MEXICAN.

28a         Some lover a wedding intimidated (8)
OVERAWED – A hidden word (indicated by some of) found inside lOVER A WEDding.

29a         Poems about small area in old grain port (6)
ODESSA – Place ODES around/about S(mall) and add the A for Area.


1d           Gangster, unaccompanied, carrying detonator (2,6)
AL CAPONE – ALONE/unaccompanied including/carrying a CAP or detonator.

2d           Stops burning leaves (4,3)
GOES OUT – Two definitions; to become extinguished and to leave the house.

3d           ‘Boy’s Own’ dropping Western writer from Scotland (9)
STEVENSON – STEVEN’S for boy’s and O(w)N dropping the W for Western (the abbreviation presumably from GWR – Great Western Railway).

5d           Take retaliatory action to recover lost property? (3,4,3,4)
GET ONES OWN BACK – The cryptic definition is the second, lost property being ONE’S OWN.

6d           Something that flits up and down, a new moon (5)
TITAN – A TIT is one type of bird that flits. Add A from the clue and N for New.

7d           Order is about right support for climbers (7)
TRELLIS – TELL/order and IS from the clue placed about R for Right.

8d           Meal’s about finished (6)
REPAST – RE (Reference/about) and PAST for over.

9d           Typical travelling salesman (14)
REPRESENTATIVE – Two definitions that I think we have all seen before.

16d         Called as former partner demanded (9)
EXCLAIMED – A charade of an EX (former partner) and CLAIMED or cited.

17d         Awful delays restricting team? Reading affected by this (8)
DYSLEXIA – An anagram (awful) of DELAYS outside of (restricting) XI for eleven or the number of players on an Association Football team.

19d         Pearls cast before swine ultimately causes setback (7)
RELAPSE – An anagram (cast) of PEARLS before the ultimate letter in (swin)E.

21d         Sheds original bit of light on teas prepared (4-3)
LEAN-TOS – The original letter/bit of L(ight) on top of (in an down clue) an anagram (prepared) of ON TEAS.

22d         Handsome young man may get Oscar after a ballot (6)
APOLLO – O for Oscar (in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet) after A POLL or a ballot.

24d         Jack in girl, trained assassin (5)
NINJA – Place J for Jack (in cards) inside NINA, a girl’s name.

See you all next Friday.

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  1. 3d STEVESON seems too short, but STEVENSON would fit, making 14a a possible NOTES (this would also fit in with 1d – AL CAPONE). Would you agree with that?

    1. Welcome to the blog D Niman

      Wouldn’t it have been a lot simpler just to point out that there were a couple of typos? I’ve corrected them now.

  2. Still some typos Celverest and Brend new but still all your work much appreciated. Thank you

    1. Thanks for the thanks. I was in a bit of a rush and the explanations format makes it tricky to do a normal spell check in MS Word.

      1. Now sorted – it is nice to know that at least two people read our weekend reviews so carefully

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