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ST 2890

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2890

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 12th March

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! The usual smooth stuff from our Sunday Setter. I don’t recall the time being that slow so I must have made a cup of tea half way through. It was really just a case of ‘sit back an admire the clueing’.

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1a           Highly regarded part of speech on our education (8)
HONOURED – A hidden word is part of speecH ON OUR EDucation.

9a           Deter unity, ousting leaders for unlimited period (8)
ETERNITY – Remove/oust the leading letters from (d)ETER (u)NITY.

10a         Quartet playing that’s regularly shown on TV (4)
NEWS – The regular bridge playin partners of N(orth), E(ast), S(outh) and W(est).

11a         Creator of furniture, one seen in May, for instance (7-5)
CABINET-MAKER – The cryptic definition refers to Theresa May, our current Prime Minister, who also creates the CABINET in government.

13a         Rearranged recital to include new instrument (8)
CLARINET – An anagram (rearranged) of RECITAL including N for New.

15a         Popular judge imprisoning a holder of post needing to be dealt with (2-4)
IN-TRAY – In for popular and then TRY/judge/hear including/imprisoning A from the clue.

16a         Singer dying for role in Tchaikovsky masterpiece (4)
SWAN – A cryptic reference to the ‘DYING SWAN’ in the ballet Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.

17a         Kind of drink with which one might get stoned (5)
SLING – Two definitions –  the Singapore SLING and a SLING(shot).

18a         I will be found thus in Pride and Prejudice, not Sense and Sensibility (4)
ONCE – A visual clue referring to the frequency of the letter I in Pride and Prejudice (ONCE) as opposed to Sense (0) and Sensibility (3).

20a         Source for prophetic book who survived with pride (6)
DANIEL – A cryptic definition of the book of DANIEL from the bible which refers tohim surviving a visit to the Lion’s Den (i.e. surviving with a pride of lions.

21a         Decisively winning point in court, usually? Excellent! (8)
SHMASHING – The first definition refers to the SMASH in tennis which is usually a winner. The second is the straight definition.

23a         Trousers seen after session — they’re hard to miss (7,5)
SITTING DUCKS – A SITTING or session (in a restaurant or parliament) followed by DUCKS or trousers (named from the coarse cotton fabric).

26a         Flower-girl from nearby country, lacking finish (4)
IRIS – The name of a flower and a girl and also IRIS(h) – from a nearby country but lacking the finishing letter.

27a         Being over margins, needing to be reformatted (8)
ORGANISMS – O for Over (and abb. From cricket scoring notation) followed by an anagram (needing to be reformatted) of MARGINS.

28a         Drunken parties around area creating problem for host (8)
PARASITE – A drunken anagram of PARTIES around/surrounding A for Area.


2d           Recovered from illness, we hear, passed at higher level (8)
OVERFLEW – OVER for recovered and FLEW, a homophone (we hear) of FLU/illness.

3d           Wrong subtractions standing in the way of enlightenment (12)
OBSCURANTIST – An anagram (indicated by wrong) of SUBTRACTIONS.

4d           Tease bandleader about band (6)
RIBBON – A charade of RIB/tease, the leader letter in B(and) and finally ON for about/concerning.

5d           Faculty head including article in study (4)
DEAN – Place the indefinite article A inside a DEN or study.

6d           Political group withdrew from house, partly (4,4)
LEFT WING – If one withdrew from part of a large house one might be said to have LEFT a WING.

7d           Old material for writer it might make sense to hog? (4)
OINK – O for Old and INK for a writer’s material. Like the definition!

8d           Poetic device exemplified in Keats and Yeats (3-5)
EYE-RHYME – A word for two words that look the same but are pronounced differently (e.g. Yeats and Keats). An All-in-One clue.

12d         Dunce securing prize thus for branch of science (12)
ASTROPHYSICS – An ASS or dunce including/securing TROPHY (prize) and SIC (thus in Latin).

14d         Tracks possible call as money’s raised before match? (5)
TAILS – The second definition is one result of the toss of a coin (i.e. raised money) before a (football) match.

16d         Team’s method for event, not the main one (8)
SIDESHOW – Cryptically this might be the SIDE’S (team’s) and HOW (method).

17d         Magnificent second place finish I had (8)
SPLENDID – A charade of S(econd), PL(ace), END for finish and I’D for I had.

19d         Turbulent ocean — it’s damaged small boat’s propeller (8)
CANOEIST – An anagram, indicated by turbulent, of OCEAN ITS.

22d         More roguish fighter that takes a bow (6)
ARCHER – The second definition is a bowman, the first is simply more ARCH/roguish

24d         Type of gentleman’s apparel, initially (4)
TOGA – The initial letters of Type Of Gentleman’s Apparel makes this an all-in-one or &Lit.

25d         Notice rising politician, moderate (4)
DAMP – The reverse (rising) of an AD(vertisement) or notice followed by an MP for politician.

Thanks to Mr Greer for the puzzle. I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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