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DT 28372

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28372

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 11th March

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Very straightforward – I quite liked 2d when the penny dropped as to how it worked but I appear to be alone, although I do wonder whether people were biased against the footballer in question or the wordplay of the clue? 



1a           Cheat told conundrums changing ends around (7)
DIDDLER – Change the ends of RIDDLED (told conundrums)

5a           Wreckage in half of Family Fortunes (7)
FLOTSAM – LOTS (fortunes) goes in FAM (half of FAMily)

9a           Craftily creates numerous defensive tactics (7-8)

10a         Sovereign that will keep one going straight (5)
RULER –  A fairly obvious old friend of the cryptic crossword solver

11a         Goss worked with novel romantic numbers (4,5)
LOVE SONGS – An anagram (worked) of GOSS and NOVEL

12a         Historic vessel takes PM to river (9)
MAYFLOWER – MAY (our current Prime Minister) and FLOWER (river)

14a         Stepped on it going round kitchen, finally getting fork out (5)
SPEND – SPED (stepped on it) going round the final letter of kitchen

15a         Some famous Yorkshiremen lacking charisma (5)
MOUSY – Lurking in some of faMOUS Yorkshiremen

16a         Drills cuts out round emergency room (9)
EXERCISES – EXCISES (cuts out) goes round ER (Emergency Room)

18a         Artist’s distinctive design described by strange term (9)
REMBRANDT – BRAND (distinctive design) inside (described by) an anagram (strange) of TERM

21a         Avoid First Lady touring area with diamonds (5)
EVADE – EVE (the very first lady) ‘touring’ A (area) and D (diamonds)

22a         County formerly seeking teachers’ charter (15)
HUNTINGDONSHIRE – HUNTING (seeking) DONS (teachers) HIRE (charter)

23a         Trips over in performing a study (4,3)
DAYS OUT – An anagram (performing) of A STUDY plus an O (over)

24a         Talk about southern herb (7)
PARSLEY – PARLEY (talk) goes about S (Southern)


1d           Art style with strange decency (7)
DECORUM – DECO (art style) RUM (strange)

2d           Footballer gets millions for nothing having letter, we hear, to go on old quiz show (6, 4, 5)
DOUBLE YOUR MONEY –  One of the O (nothing) in ROONEY (footballer) is changed for an M (millions) and goes on or after DOUBLE YOU (how you’d say the letter W out loud, we hear)

3d           Improvement towards the end in heading for one side (9)
LATERALLY – Split the solution 4, 5 and it would mean an improvement (rally) towards the end (late)

4d           River, Russian one, in the country (5)
RURAL – R (river) URAL (Russian river)

5d           Poetic style produces great excitement round about Home Counties (4,5)
FREE VERSE – FEVER (great excitement) goes round RE (about) and the result is finished off with SE (South East, where the Home Counties are found)

6d           Place for refreshment that’s ordinary in its present state (5)
OASIS – O (ordinary) AS IS (in its present state)

7d           Dog chewed up grannies’ slipper (8,7)

8d           Half-hearted wife journalist treated badly (7)
MISUSED – Remove the middle letter  (half hearted) of MISsUS (wife) and follow with ED (editor, journalist)

13d         Cavalier, to support little free time after work (9)
WEEKNIGHT – KNIGHT (cavalier) supports (in a Down clue) WEE (little)

14d         Heir hit gold (9)
SUCCESSOR – SUCCESS (hit) OR (the heraldic term for gold)

15d         Demonstrated with craft in sea (7)
MARCHED – ARCH (with craft) in MED (Mediterranean Sea)

17d         Flats etc providing pleasant views (7)
SCENERY – Flats being a theatrical term for scenery

19d         Greek character carrying in dosh (5)
RHINO – RHO (Greek character) ‘carrying’ IN (from the clue) – RHINO being a slang term for money in the 17th century probably connected to the fact that rhino horn was valuable and worth a lot of money.   This slang term for dosh or money is one that people always ‘don’t know’ as is the case with another one ‘wonga’.

20d         Group of soldiers has bad time in revolution(5)
  TROOP – POOR (bad) T (time) reversed (in revolution)

Not relevant to the crossword at all, but it shows how the weather is warming up as I’ve just been bitten by a ladybird that objected to my trying to use the computer keyboard while it was walking across the keys!




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  1. In 2d it was a bit of both. Surely “footballer” is unfair as it could be any of many thousands?. Additionally there is no indication that it is the first of two Os that needs to be replaced. A clue that is not good enough for a Rookie puzzle, let alone a Telegraph prize puzzle.

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