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ST 2889

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2889

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 5th March

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! Thanks to crypticsue for keeping the seat warm whilst I had a lovely break at my sister’s in Malaysia (with a short excursion to Cambodia). This was an enjoyable puzzle that just stayed in the two star difficulty range.

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1a           It’s enforced as naughty child does wrong (7)
IMPOSED – The usual suspect of IMP for a naughty child and then an anagram (wrong) of DOES

5a           Lack of faith he’s shown in source of notes (7)
ATHEISM – Place HE IS (for he’s) inside an ATM or source of monetary notes.

9a           Weight attached to expert coder’s work (7)
PROGRAM – A GRAM of weight after/attached to a PRO or expert.

10a         After initial course, study little (7)
SOUPCON – A charade of SOUP (initial course in a dinner) and then to CON or study/cram.

11a         Second twist of fate, even after installing new precautionary measure (6,3)
SAFETYNET – S for Second then an anagram of FATE  followed by N9ew) inside YET/even.

12a         In essence, miller’s conclusion it’s what he needs (5)
GRIST – The concluding end of (mille)R inside the GIST or essence. Grist being corn for grinding.

13a         Money in many countries held by entrepreneur, ostensibly (5)
EUROS – The European union currency is hidden in/held by the last two words in the clue.

15a         Players stupidly sent a singularly useless instrument? (9)
CASTANETS – CAST for a group of players followed by an anagram (stupidly) of SENT A. The instrument is useless on its own (singularly) as you need two to bang together.

17a         Suitable unit alternating with CID, given explanatory title (9)
CAPTIONED – APT/suitable and ONE (unit) alternate with the letters in CID i.e C (APT) I (ONE) D.

19a         Hard-hearted prejudice reflected in how Indian addressed European (5)
SAHIB – H for Hard is placed in the middle (at the heart of) a reversal/reflection of BIAS for prejudice.

22a         Bishop, for instance, protecting one left in site of Italian cathedral (5)
MILAN – A Bishop is an example of a chess piece or MAN which goes around (is protecting) I for one and l for left.

23a         E.g. old cop I redeployed as tracker, say (6,3)
POLICE DOG – An anagram, indicated by redeployed, of EG OLD COP I.

25a         Way to counter being cut off if trial must be rearranged (7)
AIRLIFT – An anagram (rearranged) of IF TRIAL.

26a         Craft of forceful diplomacy (7)
GUNBOAT – The type of ship used when asserting your national desires militarily – q.v. GUNBOAT diplomacy.

27a         Part of pig or horse (7)
TROTTER – The cryptic definition is a horse that trots.

28a         Author mostly told story with no end of flair (7)
TOLSTOY – Almost all of TOL(d) and then STO(r)Y without the R (end letter in flair)


1d           My admission of being dated produces standoff (7)
IMPASSE – A bit chestnutty. To declare yourself dated you might say I’M PASSÉ.

2d           Tender pair, shortly before proposal (7)
PROFFER – Simply PR, the abb. (shortly) of pair followed by an OFFER or proposal. Tender being a verb her not an adjective.

3d           Proceed arrogantly, supporting member (5)
STRUT – Two definitions – to proceed arrogantly for effect and also a metal support leg/member.

4d           Friar from Caribbean island (9)
DOMINICAN – A member of the order of St Dominic and also an inhabitant of the DOMINICAN republic.

5d           Passes tests, with odd exceptions, producing advantage (5)
ASSET – remove the odd letters (with odd exceptions) in the words pAsSeS tEsTs.

6d           Awfully rough girl’s timer with tiny moving parts (9)
HOURGLASS – An anagram of ROUGH followed by a LASS or girl.

7d           Popular Conservative policy that’s not on the level (7)
INCLINE – IN/popular, C for Conservative and then a LINE or policy.

8d           I’m turning up original tunes for record (7)
MINUTES – A reversal (turning up) of IM and then an anagram of TUNES gives a record of a meeting.

14d         Student of biology, for example, arranged insects with it (9)
SCIENTIST – An anagram of INSECTS and (with) IT.

16d         Bit of incidental information is turned over with pleasure (9)
SIDELIGHT – The 5th definition in Chambers is ‘an incidental illustration’ and although this was unknown to me it is quite easy to reach from a reversal (turned over) of IS and then DELIGHT for pleasure.

17d         Little agreement (7)
COMPACT – Two definitions – small/little and then an accord or agreement.

18d         Intimate letters from Rome redistributed in city further south (7)
PALERMO – A PAL is a friend or intimate. Follow that with an anagram (redistributed) of ROME.

20d         Endlessly awful time in retreat (7)
HIDEOUT – Remove the end of HIDEOU(s) for awful and then add T for Time.

21d         Important judge hiding old intolerant attitudes (7)
BIGOTRY – BIG for important and then TRY/judge including/hiding O for Old.

23d         Safe one robbed for Paul’s benefit? (5)
PETER – The old name for a safe is included in the phrase ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’.

24d         Preserve a lake as waterway (5)
CANAL – To CAN/preserve followed by A from the clue and L for Lake (an abb. On Ordnance Survey maps).