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DT 28366

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28366

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 4th March

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment **/***

A crossword for fans of Lego clues and double definitions.   It is also one for bloggers who have to draft this review; and then draft three further reviews for publication in due course.  Fortunately all last Saturday’s clues were in the ‘easy to explain’ category.



4a           Blue feathers thrown (8)

DOWNCAST – DOWN (feathers) CAST (thrown)

8a           Beat the interminable spots (6)

THRASH – THe (‘interminable’ indicating the need to remove the end letter) RASH (spots)

9a           Uncovered meat in rush (8)

REVEALED – VEAL (meat) in REED (rush)

10a         Military two-step? (3,5)

WAR DANCE – A cryptic definition

11a         Go round using permit (6)

BYPASS – BY (using) PASS (permit)

12a         Treading awkwardly, seeing inclined surface (8)

GRADIENT – An anagram (awkwardly) of TREADING

13a         Nothing in temporary accommodation where maiden’s sheltered that’s soothing (8)

OINTMENT – O (nothing) IN TENT (in temporary accommodation) where M (maiden) is ‘sheltered’

16a         Comprehensive   brushwork (8)

SWEEPING – an adjective meaning comprehensive or work done using a brush

19a         Catch ten wriggling fish (8)

ENTANGLE – An anagram (wriggling) of TEN and ANGLE (fish)

21a         Central core of bandsmen, Blockheads, forming as a group (2,4)

EN BLOC – Lurking in the central core of bandsmEN BLOCkheads

23a         Where you can’t get in a word    or aside? (8)

EDGEWAYS – Part of a well-known expression or sideways

24a         Fusspot‘s second difficult problem (8)

STICKLER – S (second) TICKLER (difficult problem)

25a         Learners in swimming-bath going backwards move along in ungainly style (6)

LOLLOPS – L L (learners) in a reversal (going backwards) of POOL (swimming bath)

26a         Essential to redraw triangle (8)

INTEGRAL- An anagram (to redraw) of TRIANGLE


1d           Where you may end up in stitches in more ways than one (7)

THEATRE – A cryptic definition – depends on whether you are watching a comedy or having an operation

2d           Contender Frank was a consumer (9)

CANDIDATE – CANDID (frank) ATE (was a consumer)

3d           Money  that’s often resisted (6)

CHANGE – Money or something resisted by people who like things to stay the same

4d           Big boss arranged credit or information on real diversifying (8-7)

DIRECTOR-GENERAL – An anagram (arranged) of CREDITOR, GEN (information) goes on another anagram (diversifying) of REAL

5d           Beckon over group that’s used in radio transmission (8)

WAVEBAND – WAVE (beckon) goes over BAND (group)

6d           Restrict muscle pain (5)

CRAMP – Another double definition that really needs no explanation from me

7d           Partner’s issue, being on flight first (7)

STEPSON – ON (from the clue) with STEPS (flight of stairs) going first

14d         Average toff has good intentions (5,4)

MEANS SWELL – MEAN (average) SWELL (toff)

15d         Global flier (8)

CIRCULAR – An adjective or a noun – take your pick in yet another double definition clue

17d         Man gains weight (7)

WINSTON – WINS (gains) TON (weight)

18d         Drama, son becoming one of the glamorous idle rich? (7)

PLAYBOY – PLAY (drama) BOY (son)

20d         Leg got broken in little bar (6)

TOGGLE – An anagram (broken) of LEG GOT

22d         No end of good fortune concerning money (5)

LUCRE – LUCk (good fortune without the end letter) RE (concerning)

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