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ST 2887

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2887

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 19th February

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment *****

So much to enjoy in yet another splendid Sunday puzzle.   I bet even Kath had a whole galaxy of stars by ‘clues she liked’; I certainly did, although I’ve managed to whittle down the list to nominate 20a as my favourite Across clue and 26d as my top favourite Down clue.

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7a           Last word in food and source of water (8)
FAREWELL – FARE (food) WELL (source of water)

9a           Part of passport allowing entrance (6)
PORTAL – Lurking in part of passPORT ALlowing

10a         Collide with small child’s transport (6)
STRIKE – S (small) TRIKE (child’s transport)

11a         Almost cancel insignificant examination (8)
SCRUTINY – Almost all of SCRUb (cancel) plus TINY (insignificant)

12a         Rationality was unusually seen in training facility (7,7)
RAILWAY STATION – An anagram (unusually) of RATIONALITY WAS 

15a         Go mad when turned back (4)
STAB  – A reversal (back in an Across clue) of BATS (mad)

17a         Try followed by team’s first red card (5)
HEART – HEAR (try) T (team’s first)

19a         Objective in prison, after change of heart (4)
GOAL – change the ‘heart’ of GAOL (prison)

20a         A great shot inside box by US player (7,7)
ABRAHAM LINCOLN – who was of course sitting in an American theatre box when he was shot by an actor

23a         Laws in parts of America restricting organisation of workers (8)
STATUTES – STATES (parts of America) ‘restricting’ TU (trade union, organisation of workers)

25a         Provoke statement of where local stands (6)
INCITE – A homophone (statement) of INN SITE (where local stands)

27a         Exact retribution for destruction of Geneva (6)
AVENGE – an anagram (destruction) of GENEVA

28a         Fellow became different, started to function unreliably (8)
FALTERED – F (fellow) ALTERED (became different)


1d           For example, fly in section including front of aircraft (4)
BAIT – a fly can be used by an angler as a bait – A (the front of aircraft) included in BIT (section)

2d           Refusal to allow part of UK to break agreement (6)
DENIAL – NI (Northern Ireland, part of UK) ‘breaks’ DEAL (agreement)

3d           Applauds, with odd exceptions, what’s beneficial (4)
PLUS – Odd exceptions tells us to take the even letters of aPpLaUdS

4d           A carriage’s overturned in old city (6)
SPARTA – A reversal (overturned in a Down clue) of A TRAPS (a carriage’s)

5d           Visibly in pain, I object after heartless conflict (8)
WRITHING – I (from the clue) THING (object) go after WaR (‘heartless’ conflict)

6d           Old projectile making member of clergy yell audibly (10)
CANNON BALL – Another homophone, indicated by audibly, of CANON (member of clergy) BAWL (yell)

8d           Initially elm, then other trees, rot (7)
EYEWASH – E (initially Elm) then YEW and ASH (other trees)

13d         Putting time into art somehow, energetic and able to draw (10)
ATTRACTIVE – T (time) inserted into an anagram (somehow) of ART and followed by ACTIVE (energetic)

14d         Workers and others, moving south, become less cold (5)
SWARM – The movement of workers and other bees – S (south) WARM (become less cold)

16d         Reprimanding and whipping ringleader put inside (8)
BERATING – R (the leader of Ring) put inside BEATING (whipping)

18d         Of minimal importance, as opposed to one in suit (7)
TRIVIAL – V (versus, opposed to) I (one) in TRIAL (suit)

21d         Loathing headgear, like that of cardinal (6)
HATRED –  Because a cardinal wears a RED HAT

22d         Prestige as result of long standing in court (6)
CACHET – ACHE (long) standing in CT (court)

24d         It can support two or more in periods of austerity (4)
SOFA – A lovely well-hidden lurker – a piece of furniture that can support two or more is hidden in periodS OF Austerity

26d         Set of digits starts off 2,1,8,7 (4)
TOES – The ‘starts’ of Two One Eight Seven.  Brilliant! 




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  1. Looking at your review I realise that I did this and enjoyed it. OH keeps tidying paper away so relying on my failing memory I seem to think that my favourites are the same as yours particularly 26d which I loved. Thanks Sue.

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