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ST 2886

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2886

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 12th February

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

A rare thing – a Sunday puzzle with no *s by candidates for favouritism – I must have enjoyed it all equally

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1a Child including effect of sunshine as part of nature study (6)
BOTANY – BOY (child) including TAN (effect of sunshine)

4a Audibly disapproves of private accommodation? (8)
BARRACKS – shouts of disapproval or accommodation for privates in the army

10a Trounce, however absurdly, by fifty minutes (9)
OVERWHELM – An anagram (absurdly) of HOWEVER goes by or next to L (Roman numeral for 50) and M (minutes)

11a Married available husband, say (5)
MOUTH – M (married) OUT (available) H (husband)

12a E.g. local broadcast assembled work of artist (7)
COLLAGE – An anagram (broadcast) of EG LOCAL

13a Silly people coming from North a lot (7)
NOODLES – N (north) OODLES (a lot)

14a Spill out of bed, ready to go (5)
UPSET – UP (out of bed) SET (ready to go)

15a Unqualified to use lab otherwise (8)
ABSOLUTE – An anagram (otherwise) of TO USE LAB

18a Son moved in gas meter — that’s better (8)
GAMESTER – Someone who bets – Move the S for Son in GAS METER along the word a bit

20a Shout about ringleader in fight (5)
BRAWL – BAWL goes about R (the leader of ring)

23a Liberal following European vote, for instance (7)
EXAMPLE – AMPLE (liberal)follows E (European) and X (the mark you make when voting)

25a Tenacious fighter has row about blunder (7)
TERRIER – TIER (row) goes about ERR (blunder)

26a Left Red Sea port with cargo aboard (5)
LADEN – L (left) ADEN (Red Sea port)

27a Small low object seen in evening out (9)
SMOOTHING – S (small) MOO (low) THING (object)

28a Still proceed in a more direct way (8)
WINDLESS – split this word meaning still 4, 4 and the rest of the clue is explained

29a With short notice, check about new arrival (6)
ADVENT – AD (short abbreviated advertisement, notice) followed by VET (check) which goes ‘about’ N (new)


1d Literary group’s bad luck covered by mistake (4,4)
BOOK CLUB – An anagram (bad) of LUCK covered by or inserted into BOOB (mistake)

2d Indicate one’s holding end of ladder as support for climber (7)
TRELLIS – TELL I’S (indicate ones) holding the ‘end’ of laddeR

3d City renovated home for Englishman? (9)
NEWCASTLE – NEW (renovated) CASTLE (because an Englishman’s home is his ….)

5d Good person in commercial vehicle helping management (14)
ADMINISTRATION – ST (good person) goes in AD (commercial) MINI (vehicle) and RATION (helping)

6d Ill-fated Italian seeing his capital brought to nought (5)
ROMEO – ROME (his capital) O (nought)

7d Lovers with little time for piece of poetry (7)
COUPLET – COUPLE (lovers) T (time)

8d Major split as church is beset by extremes of sectarianism (6)
SCHISM – CH (church) and IS (from the clue) ‘beset by’ or inserted between the ‘extremes’ of SectarianisM

9d Female supporters having been awful over fine players (14)
BENEFACTRESSES – An anagram (awful) of BEEN goes over F (fine) ACTRESSES (players)

16d Released learner I rebuked (9)
LIBERATED – L (learner) I (from the clue) BERATED (rebuked)

17d Adequately, or very well! (3,5)
ALL RIGHT – Adequate and OK are two of the many definitions of this solution

19d Lack of inhibition in a group of musicians performing (7)
ABANDON – A (from the clue) BAND (group of musicians) ON (performing)

21d A thing such as envy, in its origin, is stupid (7)
ASININE – A SIN (a thing such as envy) IN (from the clue) E (the origin of envy)

22d Hue and cry that’s painful! (6)
YELLOW – YELL (cry) OW (that’s painful)

24d Location of instruments from crashed plane (5)
PANEL – An anagram (crashed) of PLANE



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  1. Thank you Sue, started well by getting 1a then toddled happily through the rest of it. Paper gone to paper bank so cannot recall whether or not I made any comments.

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