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ST 2885

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2885

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 5th February

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Morning All!. A very good puzzle with some very inventive clues and great surface readings (as always!)

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1a           Info about mature people embracing a middle course (6,4)
GOLDEN MEAN – GEN for info surrounding OLD (mature) and then MEN for people around (embracing) A from the clue.

6a           Performs parts of Hamlet and Othello, say (4)
ACTS – Nice and simple. The cryptic definition relies on the fact that Othello and Hamlet are titles of plays (which contain ACTS). Looking again the whole thing could be an all-in-one clue.

9a           Workers’ ill-gotten gains? (4,3)
SICK PAY – A cryptic definition of what one receives when ill at work – hence ill-gotten.

10a         Convoluted clues are, mostly, not for the faithful (7)
SECULAR – An anagram (convoluted) of almost all of CLUES AR(e).

12a         Disarming type succeeding with article in university catalogue (13)
UNILATERALISTS – Place LATER (succeeding) and the article A inside UNI(versity) and LIST for catalogue.

14a         Travesty as salary is split by staff (6)
PARODY – PAY or salary is split by a ROD/staff. Neat clue.

15a         After start of holidays, time-sharing numbers increase (8)
HEIGHTEN – Take the start letter of H(oliday) and then share the T for Time in the numbers EIGHT and TEN i.e. H EIGH T EN. I do like ‘time-sharing’ here.

17a         Shot finishes off fair rally in court (8)
CHANCERY – CHANCE for shot/go and the finishing letters of (fai)R and (rall)Y.

19a         Some soldiers briefly seen in service in boggy terrain (6)
MORASS – Place OR (Other Ranks/soldiers) inside a MASS or service in church.

22a         Conservative arranged intro, perhaps, for business association (2-11)
CO-PARTNERSHIP – C for Conservative and then an anagram (arranged) of INTRO PERHAPS.

24a         A character endlessly going around America, creating excitement (7)
AROUSAL – A ROL(e) or character endlessly going around the outside of the USA/America.

25a         Vegetable, so to speak, carelessly cooked? (7)
CHARRED – A homophone (so to speak) of the CHARD vegetable.

26a         Plane, for instance, targeted in odd places (4)
TREE – Found in the odd placed letters of TaRgEtEd.

27a         Relating to part of body that’s used in certain test in a lab (10)
INTESTINAL – A great hidden clue (that’s used in) certaIN TEST IN A Lab


1d           Attempt call for peace, producing surprised reaction (4)
GOSH – GO for attempt and SH for a call for peace/quiet.

2d           One who doesn’t have, we hear, glossy coat (7)
LACQUER – A homophone (we hear) of a LACKER, one who doesn’t have.

3d           Dire prospects disrupted group solidarity (6,2,5)
ESPRIT DE CORPS – An anagram (disrupted) of DIRE PROSPECTS.

4d           Call requesting help in part of shortest month (6)
MAYDAY – Part of the shortest (word) for month might be a MAY DAY.

5d           Some Americans were drafted, and responded (8)
ANSWERED – Hidden in (some of) AmericANS WERE Drafted.

7d           Small room on street accommodating one musician (7)
CELLIST – A CELL/small room on top of a ST (Street) including/accommodating I for one.

8d           Check money put into second trip on board (10)
SCRUTINISE – TIN for money inside S(econd) and a CRUISE or trip on board a ship.

11d         Revision of attitude that’s produced by major operation (6,2,5)
CHANGE OF HEART – A heart transplant/CHANGE OF HEART being a major surgical procedure.

13d         Rocket, for example, RAF accepts must be redesigned (10)
SPACECRAFT – An anagram (must be redesigned) of RAF ACCEPTS.

16d         Fellow endlessly annoying American statesman (8)
FRANKLIN – F for Fellow and RANKLIN(g) or annoying endlessly.

18d         Okay for verse to be included in copy (7)
APPROVE – PRO (for) and V(erse) inside APE or copy.

20d         Doctor in Paris providing remedy for pain (7)
APIRIN – An anagram (doctor being the instruction) of IN PARIS.

21d         Supposedly authoritative source making nothing clear, curiously (6)
ORACLE – O for nothing followed by a curious anagram of CLEAR.

23d         Current party line as object of veneration (4)
IDOL – A charade of I (SI Unit of electrical current) then DO (party) and L for Line.


Thanks to the setter. I am sunning myself at my sister’s in Kuala Lumpur for the next couple of weeks so Crypticsue will be filling the aching void in your souls.



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