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ST 2884

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2884

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 29th January

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Another super Sunday puzzle – my top of the podium clue has to be the splendid 15d

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1a           Workers demonstrating tool first taken from set (6)
PICKET – PICK (tool) and (s)ET (the first letter of SET being taken away)

4a           Affected by strike in which troublemaker took part (8)
IMPACTED – IMP (troublemaker) ACTED (took part)

9a           One in Paris joining others in disturbance (6)
UNREST – UN (the French, as used in Paris, word for one) and REST (others)

10a         African citizen that’s so attached to another (8)
SOMALIAN – SO (from the clue) attached to MALIAN (another African citizen)

11a         Set around bit of UK that’s friendly (9)
CONGENIAL – CONGEAL (set) put around NI (Northern Ireland, bit of UK)

13a         Bug a sort of doctor about onset of illness (5)
APHID – A PHD (a sort of doctor, this one being a Doctor of Philosophy) goes about I (the ‘onset’ of illness)

14a         Fire in study — get tired helping (13)
CONFLAGRATION – CON (study) FLAG (get tired) RATION (helping)

17a         Somehow heal it with apt cure having beneficial effect (13)
THERAPEUTICAL – An anagram (somehow) of HEAL IT with APT CURE gives us the adjectival form of therapeutic

21a         Ahead of time, be concerned it shows where text is lacking (5)
CARET –  CARE (be concerned) goes ‘ahead of’ T (the abbreviation for Time) to give us the name for a ^ which a proof reader would use to show where something is missing in a text

23a         Revise pro’s piece that provides views with reflections (9)
An anagram (revise) of PROS PIECE.  Nice wordplay in that a periscope uses mirrors (reflections) to provide the views

24a         Parrot pointless score by old English composer, we hear (8)
LOVEBIRD – LOVE (pointless score) and BIRD (a homophone, we hear, of BYRD, the old English composer

25a         Top male repeatedly cutting diamonds, for example (6)
SUMMIT – M M (male repeatedly) cutting SUIT (diamonds being an example of a suit in a pack of cards)

26a         Surround border from where fighting can be closely observed (8)
RINGSIDE – RING (surround) SIDE (border)  

27a         Brave grabbing European in a nasty way (6)
MEANLY – MANLY (brave) ‘grabbing’ E (European)


1d           With little sound, wild cat making attack suddenly (6)
POUNCE – P (the musical instruction meaning to play quietly ‘with little sound) and OUNCE (I’m sure there are more of these wild cats in cryptic crosswords than there are left in the wild)

2d           Record husband being devoured by crazed Nile croc (9)
CHRONICLE – H (husband) being devoured or put inside an anagram (crazed) of NILE CROC

3d           Like area put right on map as festival quarter (7)
EASTERN – If you are holding your map so that North is at the top!   EASTER (festival) N (quarter of the compass)

5d           Worker otherwise employed as doctor on boat (11)
MOONLIGHTER – MO (medical officer, doctor) ON (from the clue) LIGHTER (type of barge, boat)

6d           State of a bishop taken in by a monk (7)
ALABAMA – A B (a Bishop) taken in by A LAMA (a monk)

7d           Temperature above normal in part of body (5)
THIGH – T (temperature) HIGH (above normal)

8d           Fierce argument    that may be heard in church before service (4-4)
DING-DONG – the sound of church bells ringing or an informal term for a fierce argument or fight

12d         I’m going to work for a while before head of department becomes irritable (3-8)
ILL-TEMPERED – ILL (I will) TEMP (work for a while) ERE (before) D (‘head’ of Department)

15d         Odd if no males could be found in this Crown dependency! (4,2,3)
ISLE OF MAN – A brilliant clue, well I thought so anyway 

16d         Perfectionist inserting line in attachable notice (8)
STICKLER – L (line) inserted into STICKER (attachable notice)

18d         Live surrounded by opposition in French resort (7)
ANTIBES – BE (live) surrounded by ANTIS (opposition)

19d         Cut some out for dress (7)
COSTUME – An anagram (out) of CUT SOME

20d         Man given challenging role in second appearance on stage (6)
SENTRY – Because he’d challenge you by saying “who goes there?” before allowing you to pass.  S (second) ENTRY (appearance on stage)

22d         Jet   flier (5)
RAVEN Shiny black (jet) just like a raven (flier)