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As it happens


8 comments on “As it happens

  1. Excellent idea to do these photos – Cheers and have a drink for me you lucky, lucky people! :)

    P.S – Looking forward to the slightly-worse-for-wear shots at around 6PM!

  2. Like the ‘after-a-crossword-party’ shot – gutted I missed the fun, Happy Birthday BDCB and see you all at the next one. :)

  3. Hello Pro – good to meet you on Saturday – it certainly was not ‘going through the motions’..!

    I have asked Tilsit for guidance, but would like to ask you also:

    I now have 6 candidates for a clue to the rather awkward word in my envelope.
    Which do I choose; the most fiendish, the funniest or the smoothest surface? I am reluctant to resort to anagrams, obviously.

    See you in 363 days!

    1. I would avoid the most fiendish – clues that try too hard to be fiendish are often the worst. I would send Tilsit the two or three with the smoothest surfaces (they often best disguise the definition and wordplay) and the funniest and let Tilsit decide which is the best fit for the crossword overall.

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