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ST 2881

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2881

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 8th January

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All!. Another enjoyable Sunday Solve with an awful lot of anagrams (I felt whilst reviewing).

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1a           Having faulty maps in island, use this to navigate (7)
COMPASS – A faulty anagram of MAPS goes in(to) the island of COS.

5a           Result of slow work in second part of plane, perhaps (7)
BACKLOG – To second is to BACK someone. Add a LOG, or a possible part of the plane tree.

9a           Making separate section for pop art in gallery (7)
A hidden section of poP ART IN Gallery.

10a         Strokes, say, one’s arm when agitated (7)
OARSMEN – An anagram, indicated by agitated, of ONES ARM.

11a         Socialist’s first to be embraced by lofty opponent? It’s hard to believe (4,5)
TALL STORY – Place the first letter of S(ocialist) inside a TALL TORY (a lofty opponent of a socialist.

12a         Shot in court producing terrible mass hysteria, initially (5)
SMASH – A tennis court. Make an anagram (terrible) of MASS and add the initial letter of H(ysteria).

13a         One letting clutch out unusually early (5)
LAYER – Another anagram, this time of EARLY and indicated by unusually.

15a         My claim of flawlessness making you tense (9)
IMPERFECT – My claim of being flawless might be “I’M PERFECT”.

17a         Blow hot and cold, harmful in desert? (9)
VACILLATE – ILL or harmful inside VACATE or desert/leave.

19a         Going round clubs, accompanied by charming female (5)
WITCH – WITH, or accompanied by, is going around C for Clubs.

22a         Actual leader of monarchy in kingdom (5)
REALM – REAL or actual and then the leading letter in M(onarchy).

23a         Note in appendix that’s a problem for user (9)
ADDICTION – The musical note of C inside an ADITION or appendix (to a book say).

25a         Member of group having pub drink, we hear (7)
INSIDER – A homophone on INN (pub) and CIDER (drink).

26a         Author‘s new volume, including a book revised (7)
NABOKOV – Place a revised anagram of A BOOK ins ide N for New and V for Volume.

27a         Went to work on learner in changed course (7)
TACKLED – Place L for Learner inside TACKED or changed course (in a sailing boat).

28a         German city‘s Irish quarter (7)
MUNSTER – Two definitions and quite straightforward.


1d           What Germany and Greece have in common, such as euros (7)
CAPITAL – Both Germany and Greece have the same CAPITAL letter and they also share the same CAPITAL (money) as in euros.

2d           Recover under doctor, in good way (7)
MORALLY – To RALLY or recover under (in a down clue) MO or Medical Officer/doctor.

3d           What’s found in anagram is spelling out of order (5)
AMISS – Not an anagram clue but a hidden word – the answer is found in(side) anagraM IS Spelling.

4d           Son mostly paying no attention to a foreign girl (9)
SIGNORINA – S for son followed by most of IGNORIN(g), or paying no attention to, followed by A from the clue.

5d           Spoils child, putting in love and time (5)
BOOTY – A BOY child into which both O for Love and T for Time have been placed. The spoils of war is the sly definition.

6d           Team of workers in Irish city means to clear bottleneck (9)
CORKSCREW – A team of workers belonging to a specific Irish city might be described as CORK’S CREW.

7d           Fib about alcoholic drink being non-alcoholic one (7)
LIMEADE – A LIE or fib going around/about the alcoholic drink of MEAD.

8d           Result of firing on thugs running amok (7)
GUNSHOT – An anagram (running amok) of ON THUGS.

14d         Exemplary person’s list covering European fashion (4,5)
ROLE MODEL – A ROLL or list outside/covering E for European and MODE for fashion.

16d         Crazily you spend millions in London, for instance (9)
PSEUDONYM – An anagram (crazily) of YOU SPEND and then M for Millions. Jack LONDON was the pseudonym of John Griffith Chaney hence the ‘for instance’ in the clue to indicate a definition by example.

17d         Court upholding composer’s judgment (7)
VERDICT – The abb. CT for Ccourt underneath (upholding in a down clue) the composer VERDI.

18d         Young woman one encountered in volume, such as Jane Eyre (7)
CLASSIC – A LASS or young woman and I for one inside a CC or Cubic Centimetre, a small volume of liquid. Another definition by example indicated by ‘such as’.

20d         Brake hard, going into something motorist tries to avoid (7)
THICKET – I just about remembered a ‘brake’ as a THICKET but the wordplay is clear – H for Hard inside a parking TICKET that is to be avoided by a motorist.

21d         A batch of deliveries after hours for royal house (7)
HANOVER – AN OVER (6 deliveries in cricket) following H for Hours.

23d         Bitter cold, very dry outside (5)
ACRID – C for Cold with ARID/very dry on the outside.

24d         Ursa Minor appearing above an islander (5)
CUBAN – Ursa Minor is a great way of definition a bear CUB. Place him above AN from the clue.