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DT 28300

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28300

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 17th December

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****


Morning All! I found this an enjoyable solve in about the 2 star difficulty time range


1a           Petition therefore within the law (7)
SOLICIT – So for therefore and LICIT for legal/within the law.

5a           Lots in detective team coming back with force (7)
DYNAMIC – Place MANY/lots in the CID/detective team and then reverse the lot (coming back).

9a           Lorry to continue shaking (5)
WAGON – The gryptic part is to WAG ON or continue shaking.

10a         A British composer, one staying on the 9 (9)
ABSTAINER – A from the clue and B for British followed by the composer STAINER – definition including the answer to 9a ‘one who remains on the wagon’ or does not drink.

11a         European caught notorious criminal — one with high self-opinion (3-7)
EGO-TRIPPER – E for European then GOT (caught) followed by the RIPPER, a notorious criminal.

12a         Mere elk roaming around area (4)
LAKE – An anagram (roaming) of ELK around A for Area.

14a         Old scientist treated English troop (12)
PHRENOLOGIST – An anagram of ENGLISH TROOPS (indicated by treated).

18a         Really honest bubbly people seeking mates (6,6)
LONELY HEARTS – An anagram (bubbly) of REALLY HONEST and a good spot.

21a         Team triumphed (4)
CREW – Two definitions – a CREW on a boat and to CROW is to win/brag.

22a         Record not so strong I put in denial of responsibility (10)
DISCLAIMER – Start with a record DISC and then place I inside LAMER or not so strong.

25a         Instruction providing unfavourable information about the City I have to follow (9)
DIRECTIVE – Place DIRT or unfavourable information (dish the dirt) around EC for the City postal  area of London and follow with I’VE or ‘I have’.

26a         A party gets navy on deck (5)
ADORN – A DO or party followed by RN – the Royal Navy.

27a         People watching rowing boat crossing river (7)
GALLERY – Place a GALLEY or boat with oars around/crossing R for River.

28a         I’m surprised, keeping poems by Tennyson originally in reserve (7)
MODESTY – MY for I’m surprised (or Gosh!) including ODES/poems and the original letter of T(ennyson).


1d           He delivers cutting remark about wife with hesitation (6)
SAWYER – Place SAY or remark around/about W for Wife and then add ER for a hesitation.

2d           American soldier visiting upset Christmas host (6)
LEGION – A GI or US Soldier entering/visiting a reversal (upset) of NOEL for Christmas.

3d           Fletcher — an ungainly footballer (6-4)
CENTRE-HALF – An ungainly anagram of FLETCHER AN.

4d           Lady’s partner married in horse-drawn vehicle (5)
TRAMP – From the doggy film. M for Married inside a TRAP or carriage drawn by a horse.

5d           Some French fiend and a tragic heroine (9)
DESDEMONA – A charade of DES (some in French) followed by a DEMON/fiend and finally A from the clue.

6d           Well-groomed cattle (4)
NEAT – Two definitions – tidy and a group of cattle (not so well known but good for crosswords!).

7d           Chap having audacity to strike grand official (8)
MANDARIN – A MAN/chap and then DARIN(g) or audacity with the G for Grand struck out.

8d           Naval vessel runs old fighter into shelter built for fliers (8)
CORVETTE – Place R for Runs and a VET(eran) or old soldier into a (dove)COTE.

13d         Group of Nicaraguan rebel fighters? It’s run illegally (10)
CONTRABAND – A group of Nicaraguan fighters might cryptically be called a BAND of CONTRA-rebels

15d         Race in the bustling business centre (9)
ETHNICITY – An anagram (bustling) of IN THE followed by the CITY or business area (e.g. of London).

16d         Dumps Labrador perhaps (5,3)
BLACK DOG – A depressed mood and also a colour of some Labrador dogs.

17d         In time, great flows from the south becoming essential (8)
INTEGRAL – In from the clue and then T for Time followed by a reversal (flowing from the south in a down clue) of LARGE/great.

19d         Work with relief manager after this person turned up (6)
EMBOSS – A BOSS or manager after the reversal of ME (this person has turned up).

20d         Drink of type unknown (6)
BRANDY – A type unknown is a BRAND with Y – an unknown variable in mathematics.

23d         Elite athlete once running round East (5)
CREAM – The former athlete is Steve CRAM. Place him around E for East.

24d         Top marks picked up by expert (4)
ACME – M for Mark inside or picked up by an ACE/expert.

Thanks to the setter (I suspect Cephas) and have a great Christmas all. I am leaving on a jet plane at lunch time.


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  1. It seems to me that the Saturday puzzles have improved quite a bit this year. I enjoyed this one (favourite 18a) – thanks to Mr Ron and to Gnomethang (enjoy your Christmas in the Canaries!).

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