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ST 2877

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2877

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 4th December

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment *****


The perfect start to a sunny, extremely frosty, Sunday morning – all solved and the draft review typed before my friend and Elsie her cairn terrier were ready for us to go for our usual constitutional, thus leaving me plenty of time for a long list of early December ‘things to do at the weekend’ 

I know Kath won’t like it, but why can’t we have a favourite Across clue and a favourite Down clue?  – this week 1a and 1d both have very big stars by them, and I really can’t choose between them for top place


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7a           Setback that doesn’t affect mum or dad (8)
REVERSAL – Because mum and dad are both palindromes!

9a           Think logically about a child (6)
REASON – RE (about) A (from the clue) SON (child)

10a         An unpleasant job, mainly, as TV presenter (6)
ANCHOR – AN (from the clue) CHORe (unpleasant job mainly)

11a         State without legal responsibility for losing voters (8)
MINORITY –  The state of being under age or the smaller number of voters

12a         Caution about piece of furniture that’s characteristic of the kind (14)
CHARITABLENESS – CHARINESS (caution) about TABLE (piece of furniture)

15a         A plot being given blanket coverage? (4)
ABED – A (from the clue) BED (plot)

17a         Former PM spotted in the Athenaeum (5)
HEATH – the former PM can be spotted in tHE ATHanaeum

19a         Small cover moved smoothly (4)
SLID – S (small) LID (cover)

20a         It reflects what’s behind one, in a way (4-4,6)
REAR-VIEW MIRROR – cryptic definition

23a         Assembled in meeting at her edifice (8)
GATHERED – found in meetinG AT HER EDifice

25a         Gave reward that was worth waiting for? (6)
TIPPED – a reward appreciated by a waiter at table

27a         Watch out for conflict in working meeting (6)
BEWARE – WAR (conflict) goes in BEE (a gathering of persons to unite their labour for some joint amusement, exercise or competition)

28a         Haphazardly scan iris and other flowers (8)
NARCISSI – An anagram (haphazardly) of SCAN IRIS


1d           Frenchman and Englishwoman having pronounced difference (4)
JEAN – This one made me smile as I thought of our Jean-Luc who’d say the first part of his name completely differently to an English lady called Jean

2d           Secure number in theatre following its opening (6)
TETHER – ETHER (‘number’ in an operating theatre) follows T (the ‘opening’ of Theatre)

3d           Fruit that’s highly desirable, exactly as reported (4)
PLUM –  a fruit or something choice (highly desirable) sound like (as reported) PLUMB, an adverb meaning exactly or precisely

4d           Colour that’s nothing new in fashion (6)
ORANGE – O (nothing) and RAGE (fashion), the latter having N (new) inserted

5d           Justice one found in extreme point (8)
FAIRNESS – I (one) inserted into FAR (extreme) plus NESS (point)

6d           Switch rooms if it’s extremely noisy in bar? (10)
  FORTISSIMO – The bar being a musical one – an anagram (switch) of ROOMS IF ITS

8d           Minor injury making one withdraw from event (7)
SCRATCH – a minor injury or a verb meaning to withdraw from a competition

13d         Lay dormant till spring in bad earth, in bed (10)
HIBERNATED – An anagram (bad) of EARTH IN BED

14d         Stop working, so to speak, or slow down (5)
BRAKE –  BRAKE (slow down) sounds like (so to speak) a homophone of BREAK (stop working)

16d         Produce tie as he’d a date arranged (4-4)
DEAD-HEAT – An anagram (arranged) of HED A DATE

18d         Rodent getting meat, mostly rump (7)
HAMSTER – HAM (meat) and most of STERn (rump)

21d         Changes V-sign (6)
VARIES – V (from the clue) ARIES (Sign of the Zodiac)

22d         Concerning socks, for example, do some darning (6)
REPAIR – RE (concerning) PAIR (of socks, for example)

24d         Accomplished fellow — second last of clues (4)
DONE – DON (fellow) plus the second to last letter of cluEs

26d         Not challenging to take part in debate, as yet (4)
EASY – part of debatE AS Yet