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ST 2876

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2876

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 27th November

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment *****


Once again my piece of paper has a minor galaxy of stars by the clues I really liked, hence the award of 5* for enjoyment.   Hard to pick just one but if pressed, I’d choose 16d

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1a           Pressed about part of UK being penalised (8)
PUNISHED – PUSHED (pressed) about NI (part of UK)

9a           King entering a social event, accomplished and charming (8)
ADORABLE – R (Rex, king) enters A DO (a social event) and ABLE (accomplished) is then added at the end

10a         Meat provided by Americans serving tea, we hear (4)
GIST –  GIS (Americans ‘serving’) and T (a homophone, we hear, of tea)

11a         Result of splitting up in toughest range men tackled (12)
ESTRANGEMENT –  Lurking in toughEST RANGE MEN Tackled

13a         District in which prince relocated court (8)
PRECINCT – An anagram (relocated) of PRINCE followed by CT, the abbreviation for court

15a         One who doesn’t believe   measure of yarn’s quality (6)
DENIER – A double definition where the words are spelled the same but pronounced differently.    Someone who doesn’t believe in something or a unit of silk, rayon or nylon yarn weight.    

16a         Sides of Trent or other English river (4)
TEES – because the ‘sides’ of TrenT are both Ts!

17a         Fully successful candidate left within a year (5)
AMPLY – MP (Member of Parliament, successful candidate) and L (left) go within A (from the clue) and Y (year)

18a         Screen broadcast extending over hour (4) SHOW – SOW (broadcast seed) extending over H (Hour)

20a         Case I deposited in part of London (6)
ACTION – I (from the clue) deposited in ACTON (part of London)

21a         Make easier, having second hint provided inside (8)
SIMPLIFY – The fourth ‘put something in something else’ clue in a row.   S (second) and IMPLY (hint), the latter having IF (provided) ‘inside’.  

23a         Navy planes in dilapidated state (12)
PENNSYLVANIA – An anagram (dilapidated) of NAVY PLANES IN 

26a         Crow or rook evidently secured? (4)
BRAG – R (Rook in chess) in the BAG (secured)

27a         Reminder of holiday making one awfully envious, right? (8)
SOUVENIR – An anagram (awfully) of ENVIOUS followed by R (right)

28a         Raised fences every individual broke through (8)
BREACHED – BRED (raised) fences EACH (every individual) 


2d           Place for studying part of Bible? Everything, really (8)
UNIVERSE – UNI (place for studying) VERSE (part of Bible)

3d           Plea for another is not sincere, possibly (12)
INTERCESSION – An anagram (possibly) of IS NOT SINCERE

4d           Wants one footballer for team in hurry (6)
HASTEN – HAS TEN players so needs one more to have a full football team

5d           Statistical information at short notice turned over (4)
DATA –  A reversal (turned over) of AT (from the clue) and AD (a short, abbreviated, notice) 

6d           Followed heartless lady with determination (8)
DOGGEDLY – DOGGED (followed) LadY (‘heartless’ lady)

7d           Old Bank of England, initially, as producer of notes (4)
OBOE – The initial letters of Old Bank Of England

8d           Pressure on hot line in airport (8)
HEATHROW – HEAT (pressure) H (hot) ROW (line)

12d         Like John, Paul, or George, but not Ringo, speaking briefly? (12) 
MONOSYLLABIC – Poor old Ringo, he’s always left out, this time because his name has more than one syllable

14d         Two portions of pasta exchanged for Spanish food (5)
TAPAS –  Swap or exchange the PAS and the TA

16d         Member silenced following point of order? (8)
TRAPPIST – A cryptic definition of a member of a Cistercian order known especially for its rule of silence, not to mention its austerity

17d         Writhing in agony, holding front of nose, becoming tiresome (8)
ANNOYING – An anagram (writhing) of IN AGONY, holding N (the ‘front’ of Nose)

19d         No longer acting, having left old coach (8)
OFFSTAGE – OFF (having left) STAGE (old coach)

22d         President and film star entangled no more (6)
MONROE – An anagram (entangled) of NO MORE.   A nice surface reading too

24d         Common sense that’s purposeless, mostly (4)
NOUS – Most of NO USe (purposeless)

25d         Part of speech some deliver brilliantly (4)
VERB – Lurking in some deliVER Brilliantly, especially a favourite setter who is a master of the well-hidden ‘lurker’