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We are 8 (Jan 2017)

Birthday Bash

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The blog will have been going for 8 years on 28th January and to celebrate we will be having our usual Birthday Bash, at the same venue as last year.  Come along and join us at The Bridge House, 13 Westbourne Terrace Road, London, W2 6NG on the 28th January – any time between 12 noon and 7.00 pm.

All are welcome (that means you!) and, as usual, we have picked a pub that enables you to enjoy a host of real ales.  Click on either of the pictures for further details of the venue.


Only ten minutes walk from Paddington Station

It is all very accessible, in case anyone has special needs.

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95 comments on “We are 8 (Jan 2017)

  1. Whoopee!

    I really enjoyed this bash in January this year. I can think of no reason at the moment why I can’t attend and lots of reasons to be there for at least part of the time.

    Looking forward to it very much.

  2. Saint Sharon is looking at hotels. Coventry Rugby Club are not at home so as long as you will have me I will be there.

  3. Great stuff – really looking forward to it.
    Several of us already booked into the Paddington Novotel for Fri/Sat. – only a 5mns. walk away from the venue. Why not join us?

    1. Will you be having a get-together at the Novotel on Friday night like last year – if so, we would love to join you.

  4. Unfortunately I will be unable to make it but I have a very good excuse – I will be a few years older than 8 but I am turning 70 on January 28th 2017 and will be celebrating with family in Suffolk!

    1. Thank goodness you’re coming, TS! Assuming you stick to last year’s timings I will, as then, defer my first alcoholic drink until you arrive – worked brilliantly in 2016!

      1. Splendid. I’m looking forward to seeing you (all) again, although I may have to defer my first drink to 2018

  5. Would loved to have come as it’s fairly local to me, but my Mum is 80 the following day so we are all off to Devon on the 28th to celebrate.
    Have a great day.

    1. If you plan your route wisely Little Venice is on the way to Devon from your house Hoofit

  6. Would love to have been there but in the Alps that week. Have fun – I will be thinking of you!

        1. Just me getting it wrong then. It is always me. Good job Saint Sharon didn’t book it the other day.

  7. Hope to come. Thoroughly enjoyed it this year. Sorry not been very active on site recently.

  8. Are waifs and strays who’ve wandered in from that nasty Times blog on LiveJournal welcome? See you there I hope!

    1. Will you be having a Friday Night get together at the Novotel – if so, we would love to join you.

      1. That would be brilliant – yes I think we shall, unless someone suggests an alternative venue – what time would suit you? I ‘m there from 6:30 on or so..

      1. Just me though, so I might have to join you at the Novotel. The catflap at home is usually locked quite early, and I don’t want to miss out on any of the fun!

  9. What a fortunate coincidence of dates! I’m planning the trek down from Yorkshire that weekend for the opening on Monday 30th of an exhibition about Sir Thomas Browne at the Royal College of Physicians so this will fit perfectly! I’ve never been to any Big Dave events so this will really be something to look forward to and I hope to see you there.

  10. As a newbie I would like to come and will check out the hotel mentioned for availability. Phil.

  11. Hi party-goers,

    Anyone who is going to be around on the Friday evening, please come and join us – Dutch, Paso Doble and myself – for a few drinks and some food. Meet up in the bar at the Paddington Novotel from 6.30 onwards.

    Hope to see you there!

    1. I may only be able to come briefly on the Saturday, so if the Friday night is open to stragglers I could certainly be interested in popping by after work!

      1. Unless anyone else has any strong objections, I reckon we may well base ourselves at the Novotel for the evening so that folk can ‘straggle’ in and out to fit in with other commitments.

            1. “Hello from the other side / I must have called a thousand times / To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done / But when I call you never seem to be home…” as a famous woman once sang. Look forward to meeting you too!

  12. I can’t be there as I’m organising the Squash Tournament later that afternoon. I hope you all have a great time. Thanks to BD for all his Stirling work running the site. 8 years is a great achievement.

    1. Hi Heno. Could you make it for a pint on the Friday night as per Jane’s comment above at number 20?

  13. I have my own birthday on the 27th when we are having dinner with friends. On the 29th we are going to a concert in Birmingham so the logistics of getting to London in between make it impossible for me to attend unfortunately.

    I wish all who go, and all who cannot get there, a happy 8th birthday and a big thank you to Dave, the reviewers, and all who contribute to this wonderful site.

  14. Now, I wonder if a certain Chinese Restaurant is still open and, if they are, they remember a wobbly group of cruciverbalists from last January :cool:

  15. Just posted on the blog that I was coming after all.
    Really looking forward to see you all….with goodies from sunny but cold France.

    1. Whilst the ‘goodies’ are much enjoyed, the important thing is the presence of your good self.
      See you soon.

  16. I’m really looking forward to Saturday and to seeing so many of you again.
    This time last year we were on our way from NZ to Australia so couldn’t quite make it . . .

  17. Unfortunately I am back in the traces …… not having reached the happy pastures of retirement and crossword heaven.

    I trust that all my fellow female cruciverbalists like real ale – or that Dave omitted to mention less beery alternatives.

    Personally I’m quite partial to a glass of real ale (sleever not tankard please) but also like wine of both the red and white varieties and also, just in case you’re getting the wrong impression, I particularly like large bottles of sparkling water – yes that’s WATER , and yes large bottles. Saves having to go back and to to the bar all the time

    Have fun

    Aunty Marge

  18. Oh and i forgot (????!!!) to mention – i shall probably become a granny (first one) either Friday or Saturday. I knew there was some other reason why the birthday celebs didn’t go into the diary.. I shall hopefully be indulging in some birthday celebs of my own!!

  19. I would be fascinated to meet the people behind the avatars, but I am of an anxious disposition and I couldn’t afford the train fare anyway. Sincerely hope you all have a lovely time.

    1. Have a look at the picture gallery LBR – you’ll see the majority of us in ‘non avatar’ mode. Just normal people, just like yourself :)

      1. Thank you, SL – I have been through the gallery and would recognise most of you, but like I said…
        Thanks anyway, have a great time. Cheers!

    2. Hi LbRoy,
      I know train fares etc. can be a ‘bummer’ but don’t ever let anxiety put you off attending. Last year, when I put in my first appearance at a birthday bash, I was supposed to be going with a friend who, at the last minute, was unable to attend. I’d already paid for train fares and hotel so took the plunge and turned up on my own. My goodness I was in trepidation, but BD immediately took me under his wing, introduced me to everyone there and I had a ‘ball’. Going by myself again this year but this time I know I have all those new friends to meet up with again.
      It’s really worth conquering those nerves.

      1. That’s wonderful :) . Thanks to Lady LbR and well done to you for taking the plunge. I have every confidence you’ll be happy you did.

  20. Gutted not to be able to make it this year due to house-sitting duties. Had a great time last year so will be in grump on Saturday: if you wanna cheer me up, feel free to tweet me @hoskinsxwords a photo of you all pretending not to enjoy yerselfs!

    Anyhoo, ’nuff ramble from me. Look forward to catching up with everyone at the next S&B, hope you all have a blast at the do and, most importantly, many happy returns to a great site and all those who make it a such great place. :)

  21. I haven’t been to any of BD’s S&Bs before but I will be there this time, is that all right?
    It will be part of a day-out in London ending with the fabulous Lisa Hannigan performing at the Roundhouse.
    Hoskins@30: what does that mean, ‘house-sitting duties’? For you? Really?
    Nice to see some people again who I met in York like Kitty and Jean-Luc.
    Looking forward to it.

    1. Wow. We saw Lisa Hannibal at the beautiful Union Chapel in Islington. You are in for a real treat. The venue is a corker too. Jealous? Maybe

    2. A man must sometimes sit a house, Sil. I admit it is uncommon practice now in the UK for a fellow such as myself, but the ancient law [cf. Burgonot vs. Dools, 1753 (by-product of the infamous Elbow Tax directive of 1754)] has been invoked and sit I must.

  22. I know I have been very quiet on here lately, pesky work is to blame. But I will be there on Saturday to prove I’m still around!

    1. And to make up for my going AWOL I will bring a cake. There – I’ve said it now so am committed. Please don’t hold me to CrypticSue’s lemon cake or JLC’s macarons high standards though.

      1. So pleased that you’ll be there, Beet – with or without cake!
        If you’ve got time after work on Friday, please join us for the training session at the Novotel on Friday evening.

      2. 8 dozens coming your way.
        My only problem is that I will need to empty the mini bar in my room to put them in. Hic.

          1. Is there something I should know about French delicacies, mini bars and cakes? No….. don’t answer that!!

            I will be available for consultation in the Paddington Novotel (or somewhere close by) from about 15:00 tomorrow. You know my number.

  23. I’m rather boringly down with the ‘flu so won’t make it this year. Boo! Congratulation to Big Dave on another milestone, and to all sloggers & betters on the site! Hope to see you all soon :-)

    1. That’s a shame. Get well soon. You’ll just have to spend the day in bed with crosswords. I recommend the Times Jumbo.

    2. I’m with H on this one. Woke up full of the joys and wouldn’t want to spread it.
      Love to all and have a great time.

  24. Hearty Congratulations to BD and fellow bloggers on maintaining a brilliant site!
    I only discovered it a few months ago, and have found the hints, tips and comments most informative and entertaining. May it continue for anther 8 years and beyond; I shan’t make the Big Bash but wish you all a very Happy Anniversary Do! :)

  25. Warmest congratulations Big Dave! Very many Happy Returns and have a wonderful 8th Birthday celebration!

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