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DT 28282

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28282

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 26th November

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment **


Morning All! I found this quite straightforward and a bit samey when explaining the answers.

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7a           Published letters in remote military camp (7)
OUTPOST – A charade of OUT (published/exposed) and POST or letters.

9a           Surface area of a prison about to be included (7)
ACREAGE – Start with A CAGE (a prison) and include RE for about/reference.

10a         Earlier religious house, incomplete (5)
PRIOR – Almost all of (incomplete) a PRIOR(y) or religious house.

11a         Male in lengthy run in opera (9)
LOHENGRIN – Not an opera that was known to me but the wordplay is clear. Place HE for Male in LONG/lengthy then add R for Run (from the cricket abb.) and finally add IN from the clue.

12a         Doctor phoning later about boy — don’t take offence (7,8)
NOTHING PERSONAL – Make an anagram (doctor) of PHONING LATER and place about SON for boy.

13a         Songbird in series on box (7)
SPARROW – a ROW or series after (on in an across clue) SPAR for box/fight.

16a         Organ only faulty near the start (5,2)
EARLY ON – An EAR (sense organ of the body) and then an anagram (faulty) of ONLY.

19a         Survive difficulties in Mother Earth’s wet ground (7,3,5)
WEATHER THE STORM – An anagram (ground) of MOTHER EARTH WET’S.

23a         Make a mistake confronting it in Conservative area (9)
TERRITORY – to ERR/make a mistake and IT from the clue inside TORY/conservative.

24a         End of the opening contest (5)
EVENT – The end letter in (th)E and then VENT for opening.

25a         Restrained at home by vet (2,5)
IN CHECK – In for at home and then CHECK/vet.

26a         Expert, holding tight, pulled back trigger (7)
ACTUATE – An ACE or expert into which has been placed (it is holding) and reversed (pulled back) TAUT for tight.


1d           Shorts currently in demand with power workers (3,5)
HOT PANTS – A charade of HOT/in demand with P for Power and ANTS for workers.

2d           Messenger bringing in tons for royal attendant (8)
COURTIER – A COURIER or messenger with T for Tons brought inside.

3d           Prison camp, male only, holding the French (6)
STALAG – STAG or male only (as opposed to hen) with LA, the in French being held.

4d           Founder of order, one’s withdrawn Swiss currency (6)
FRANCIS Remove the I from FRANCIS, the founder of the brotherhood/order.

5d           Bond suspicious about angry tirade (8)
WARRANTY – WARY or suspicious about/around a RANT or angry tirade.

6d           Appearing in spring in ‘Cavern’ all-nighters (6)
VERNAL – A hidden word IN ‘CaVERN ‘ ALl-nighters.

8d           Unexpected development for Dickens character (5)
TWIST – Two definitions – An unexpected TWIST in a plot and young Oliver.

9d           A lease secured by the sportsperson (7)
ATHLETE – A from the clue then a LET or lease inside THE (secured by).

14d         Involving unwelcome consequences, I ate carp unwisely (2,1,5)
AT A PRICE – An unwise anagram of I ATE CARP.

15d         Magician in conflict over door fastening (7)
WARLOCK – A WAR or conflict above (over in a down clue) a LOCK or door fastening.

17d         Poet rude to sister (8)
ROSSETTI – An anagram (rude) of TO SISTER and my last one in.

18d         Talk idly, accepting award? It’s not important (2,6)
NO MATTER – To NATTER or talk idly accepting O.M. or the Order of Merit.

19d         Progressive comedian knocked (4,2)
WITH IT – A WIT/comedian and HIT or knocked when split as (4,2).

20d         Farm animal provided that in here somehow (6)
HEIFER – IF or provided that inside an anagram (somehow) of HERE.

21d         Period of greatest success, incredibly heady years (6)
HEYDAY – An anagram of HEADY (incredibly) followed by Y for Years.

22d         Musical drama depicted by mostly well-known artist (5)
OPERA – Most of the word OPE(n) or well-known followed by RA , a Royal Academician or artist.


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  1. Gnomey/BD, I just noticed that the title of the review is wrong, showing DT 2875 instead of DT 28282.

  2. Its a funny thing but as a newcomer, recently retired and time on my hands, to cryptic crosswords I struggle more with ones you rate as easier than the harder ones.

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