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ST 2875

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2875

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 20th November

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****


Morning All! The usual smoothness and enjoyment from Mr Greer.

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1a           Scottish architect‘s protection against cats and dogs? (10)
MACKINTOSH – The first is the straight definition is the architect from Scotland, the latter being against the hard rain.

6a           Cape in fashion, one of the things grudgingly worn on shoulders (4)
CHIP –  C for Cape and HIP for ‘In Fashion’. Baby!

9a           Call for peace, say, that controls exposure when shooting occurs (7)
SHUTTER – SH (or be quiet ) is a call for peace and then follow with UTTER or say (conversely!!)

10a         Scale of disaster? Better off over time (7)
RICHTER – RICHER or ‘better off’ when considering money around (or over in an ACROSS clue) T for Time.

12a         Political skill, an asset this MP badly needed (13)
STATESMANSHIP – An anagram (badly needed) of AN ASSET THIS MP.

14a         A peasant sent back by hospital once more (6)
AFRESH – A from the clue and then a reversal (sent back) of SERF (servant) and finally add H(ospital).

15a         See terms reorganised as one (8)
SEMESTER – A great All-In-One clue where the answer is referred to by the whole clue as is the wordplay. An anagram of SEE TERMS (reorganised).

17a         Some beers for men on board (8)
DRAUGHTS – Two definitions. The first is the plural for pints of draught beer and the second is the pieces (men) on a Draught board.

19a         Poles following articles in foreign capital (6)
ATHENS – Place the N(orth) and S(outh) poles after A and THE (two articles in English).

22a         Changed plane in haste, a kind of Jumbo (5,8)
ASIAN ELEPHANT – An anagram (changed) of PLANE IN HASTE A (and a great spot!). I love the Jumbo/Jet/Elephant idea that takes me back to myriad childhood jokes.

24a         Spear I had dropped in river (7)
TRIDENT – I’D (or I HAD ) placed/dropped inside the river TRENT.

25a         English piano I preserve for discriminating consumer (7)
EPICURE – A charade of E(nglish) P(iano) I from the  clue and CURE( preserve/smoke).

26a         North European port held by frigates (4)
RIGA – The port is hidden in (or held by) fRIGAtes.

27a         Body of troops that’s good, stationed in one part of the world (10)
CONTINGENT – G for Good inside a CONTINENT or ‘part of the world’.


1d           Engage in game show — and oftentimes has (4)
MESH – A hidden word twice (indicated by IN) inside both gaME SHow and oftentiMES Has.

2d           Crew’s, so to speak, on right warship (7)
CRUISER – CRUISE, A homophone (so to speak) of ‘crew’s’ followed by R for Right.

3d           Lack of accommodation? Possibly renting, in case (13)
INTRANSIGENCE – An anagram (possibly) of RENTING IN CASE.

4d           Attempts to include old people in party (6)
TORIES – O for Old inside TRIES or attempts.

5d           Head of state, bent into shape, pursued austerity (8)
SCRIMPED – S for the head letter of State and then CRIMPED or ‘bent into shape’.

7d           Expert‘s popular photograph (7)
HOTSHOT – A charade of HOT (popular) and SHOT (photo).

8d           Rapper has a strangely different form of expression (10)
PARAPHRASE – Make an anagram (strangely) of RAPPER HAS A.

11d         Close attention characteristic of solution (13)
CONCENTRATION – Two definitions. The first is close attention (to a problem) and the second is a characteristic of a solute dissolved in a solution i.e. how much.

13d         Director of players refashioned team’s brand (10)
BANDMASTER – A straightforward anagram (refashioned) of TEAMS BRAND.

16d         Landed up in argument, producing knife (8)
STILETTO – Reverse (up) LIT for landed in a plane perhaps inside a SET TO or argument.

18d         In a fight scene, is getting up (7)
Place IS from the clue inside A RING e.g. a scene of a boxing match/fight.

20d         Inspire some children thus excited (7)
ENTHUSE – Another hidden word, SOME of childrEN THUS Excited.

21d         Optimistic in the lead, then defeated (6)
UPBEAT – A charade of UP (in the lead/winning) and BEAT (defeated).

23d         Stayed, right? Wrong on both counts (4)
LEFT – An antonym of both stayed and right, i.e. wrong on both counts.

Thanks to Virgilius for the entertainment, I will be back tomorrow.


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  1. Because of my recent trip to Cordoba, Portugal and Sevilla I only got around to this splendid puzzle today. Well worth the wait. It’s a bit of a bonus too as usually by the time the review gets published I’ve forgotten the puzzle – not so this week :good:.

    I think 15a is favourite but it’s really unfair to single out just one clue from all this good stuff.

    Many thanks to Virgilius and gnomey

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