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ST 2874

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2874

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 13th November

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****


Morning All! Quite a quick solve but the usual enjoyment

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1a           How to start recycling paper showing where minister stands (6)
PULPIT – Split as (4,2) to get PULP IT – the way to recycle paper.

4a           Test like this is detested, certainly (6)

8a           Composing, thus, old article (8)
SOOTHING – A charade of SO (thus), O for Old and a THING or article.

10a         Decline in royal company (6)
WITHER – in royal company might be said to be WITH E.R (Elizabeth Regina, the current Queen in the UK.

11a         Endless supply of food for wild animal (4)
BOAR – The supply of food is BOARD. Remove the last letter (endlessly).

12a         European adult shielding one declared innocent (10)
EXONERATED – Place E for E(uropean) and ONE from the clue around (shielding) X for Adult (rating in cinemas) and follow with RATED for declared.

13a         Severe sentence in novel is not prim about people (12)
IMPRISONMENT – An anagram (novel) of IS NOT PRIM around/about MEN for people – IMPRISON (MEN) T.

16a         Why a report is strangely admirable (12)
PRAISEWORTHY – An anagram, indicated by ‘strangely’ of WHY A REPORT IS.

20a         Legal group revealing a substance concealed by male, with distinctive flavour (10)
MAGISTRACY – A GIST or ‘a substance – the nub of the gist’ inside or hidden in M for Male and RACY for ‘with distinctive flavour’

21a         Fail to hit single person (4)
MISS – Two definitions – The first to MISS the dartboard (think the Slaughtered Lamb) and the second a single female.

22a         River breaks over opening to harbour (6)
THAMES – You need to place TAMES (breaks in like a horse) around/over the opening letter in H(arbour).

23a         Like mate in game that’s not competitive (8)
FRIENDLY – Two definitions again – easy enough when you see the split and read non-competitive into the (football) game.

24a         Primate and king embraced by sovereigns, for example (6)
MONKEY – Place K for King (chess notation) inside MONEY  – of which gold sovereigns are an example.

25a         Veteran who advises soldiers to run (6)
MENTOR – A charade of MEN (soldiers), TO from the clue, and R for Run from the cricketing abb.


1d           Choice between academic and graduate, following set procedure (3,5)
PRO FORMA – The clue, when split as (4,2,2) reads PROF OR MA, the choice between a professor or a Master of Arts.

2d           Off-putting statement that could make one alert (5)
LATER – An anagram (could make one) of ALERT.

3d           Some medicines sent that’ll bring temperature down (7)
ICINESS – A hidden word, or some of, medICINES Sent.

5d           Out of the running at this point — twice (7)
NOWHERE – A charade of NOW and HERE – two synonyms for ‘present’.

6d           Two people in film sharing a kind of fan (9)
EXTRACTOR – Start with an EXTRA and an ACTOR in a film and combine the common A to get EXTR(A)CTOR.

7d           Fuel driver smells — what are the odds? (6)
DIESEL – The odd letters of DrIvErSmElLs.

9d           Workers preparing field drag stuff on haphazardly (6,5)
GROUND STAFF – An anagram, indicated by haphazardly, of DRAG STUFF ON.

14d         Traveller with fliers for mechanics, for instance (9)
REPAIRMEN – A REP or traveller followed by AIRMEN or fliers/pilots.

15d         After game with a lot of cards, sides surrounding English ref? (8)
WHISTLER – Follow a game of WHIST with L(eft) and R(ight), sides, around E for English.

17d         Entertainer, from start, is terrific (7)
ARTISTE – Another hidden word (from) inside stART IS TErrific.

18d         Edge of path that’s unusually wide, say (7)
WAYSIDE – An unusual anagram of WIDE SAY.

19d         Understand in depth (6)
FATHOM – Two definitions: to understand and a nautical depth.

21d         Painter almost ready on time (5)
MONET – Almost all of MONE(y) or ready (almost) followed by T for Time.


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  1. Another splendid Sunday puzzle – 4a was my favourite clue for its typical Virgilius qualities. If you look carefully you’ll see that TEST is IN DEED in DEtestED

    Thanks to Virgilius and Gnomey too.

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