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ST 2873

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2873

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 6th November

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****


The usual joy and a pleasure to solve and review – my favourite clue (and it was hard to pick just one) was the typical Virgilian 26a

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1a           Still cold, wrapped in piece of woollen cloth (6)
PLACID – C (cold) wrapped in PLAID (woollen cloth)

4a           Single out what’s central to president if young (8)
IDENTITY – Someone was saying that Virgilius  appeared recently to have given up cluing ‘lurkers’ – not in this crossword he hasn’t!   The word you need is ‘central to’ presIDENT IF Young

10a         Showing doggedness wrongly put into cause (9)
TENACIOUS – An anagram (wrongly put) of INTO CAUSE

11a         Small house by ocean for prophetic writer (5)
HOSEA – One of the Old Testament prophets is obtained by following an abbreviated (small) house – HO with SEA (ocean)

12a         Like the most sacred thing that is penned by composer (7)
HOLIEST – IE (that is) penned by the composer HOLST

13a         Bad treatment for natural wood (3,4)
RAW DEAL –  RAW (natural, untreated) DEAL (type of wood)

14a         Characteristic of courageous person, never being ruffled (5)
NERVE – An anagram (being ruffled) of NEVER

15a         Prepare to recall note I put in code (8)
MEMORISE – ME (musical note) followed by I put in MORSE code

18a         Tree is what ruined instrument (8)
HAWTHORN – An anagram (ruined) of WHAT followed by HORN (instrument)

20a         Land in South America suffering from cold, we hear (5)
CHILE – A homophone (we hear) of CHILLY (suffering from cold)

23a         A regal upset about British subject creating class struggle? (7)
ALGEBRA – An anagram (upset) of A REGAL ‘about’ B (British)

25a         Part of brass band behind with note, time after time (7)
TRUMPET – RUMP (behind) E (musical note) and T (time) all go after another T (after Time)

26a         Stick fork, say, into small fruit or vegetable, right? (5)
SPEAR – S (small) PEAR (fruit) or S (small) PEA (vegetable) R (right)

27a         Worshipping, I perform line I chant (9)
IDOLISING – I DO (I perform) L (line) I (from the clue) SING (chant)

28a         Criminal sheltered by parson is terrified (8)
ARSONIST – Another lurker – this one sheltered by pARSON IS Terrified

29a         Top player finishes off the season heavy (6)
LEADEN – LEAD (top player) and the ‘finishes’ of thE and seasoN


1d           Sanctimonious leader of cult in affair, having fling (8)
PITCHING – PI (sanctimonious) and C (the leader of cult) inserted into THING (affair)

2d           Make nothing of a boxer’s last round (7)
ANNULAR – ANNUL (make nothing of) A (from the clue) and R (the last letter of boxer

3d           It’s not fair, people being taken in by bad client (9)
INCLEMENT – MEN (people) being taken in by an anagram (bad) of CLIENT

5d           With record margin, one people showing good judgment (14)
DISCRIMINATION –  DISC (record) RIM (margin) I (one) NATION (people)

6d           Specialised skill, from what we hear? Absolutely not! (5)
NOHOW – Sounds like (from what we hear) a homophone of KNOW-HOW (specialised skill)

7d           Parts of feet getting hot or cool on flight (7)
INSTEPS – IN (hot or cool both here meaning fashionable or trendy) STEPS (flight of stairs)

8d           Like dates, with one exception, unknown in advance (6)
YEARLY – The one exception being in  a leap year 0  Y (a mathematical unknown) EARLY (in advance)

9d           Tories are mad about one in Commons following Conservative peers (14)
CONTEMPORARIES – CON (Conservative) followed by an anagram (mad) of TORIES ARE ‘about’ MP (one in the House of Commons)

16d         Run over revised clues I have separated from others (9)
RECLUSIVE – R (run) goes over an anagram (revised) of CLUES and IVE (I have) 

17d         Write label about figure in plan for military HQ (8)
PENTAGON – PEN (write) TAG (label) ON (about) gives a figure that is the shape of the US Military HQ, thus giving it its name

19d         E.g. sail erratically across river in African capital (7)
ALGIERS – An anagram (erratically) of EG SAIL goes over R (river)

21d         Insinuated rascal spoke dishonestly (7)
IMPLIED – IMP (rascal) LIED (spoke dishonestly)

22d         Loathing that’s irrelevant without a purpose (6)
NAUSEA – NA (not applicable, irrelevant) goes ‘without’ A (from the clue) and USE (purpose)

24d         Part of goal supported by noble (5)
BARON – BAR (part of goal) ON (supported by)