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DT 28258

Daily Telegraph No 28258

A full review by gnomethang

This puzzle was published on 29th October 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty **   Enjoyment ***

Morning All! I found this a quick solve with a few sticky and entertaining clues. In the end it came together quite quickly in about 2 star time fror me.


1a           Strange saga: flour used in sweet cake (5,4)
SUGAR LOAF – A strange anagram of SAGA FLOUR. I only knew the mountain!

6a           Hiccup in church following buffet (5)
HITCH – CH for the abbreviation (abb.) of CH(urch) following a HIT or buffet of wind (as opposd to the foody nibbles).

9a           Granted, at sea one may hit rock bottom (7)
DRAGNET – Make an anagram (at sea) of GRANTED and know your fishing rights.

10a         Old-fashioned supporter somewhere in the field (6,3)
SQUARE LEG – Easy for the cricketers – SQUARE /old-fashioned and LEG for a supporter of the torso.

11a         Child of three allowed to go over first (7)
TRIPLET – LET for allowed and to TRIP or go over placed in front (first).

12a         Make a comeback? (2-5)
RE-ENTER – A fairly easy cryptic definition.

13a         Own accommodation in the barracks? (7,8)
PRIVATE QUARTERS – A cryptic definition playing on Personal = Private.

18a         A special Sunday: convert led through in a perfect state (3-4)
MID-LENT – As a lapsed Catholic I was not aware of the term. Place an anagram (convert) of LED into MINT for ‘in perfect condition’ – MI (DLE) NT.

20a         One caught splitting gold, perhaps, being clinical (7)
MEDICAL – I (one) and C (Caught from the cricketing abb.) inside ir splitting a MEDAL (of which gold is perhaps an example).

22a         Entrances rebuilt, becoming lively again (9)
RENASCENT – A rebuilt anagram of ENTRANCES but not the usual usage.

23a         Supreme, Diana at home with Italian composer (7)
ROSSINI – The member of the Supremes that was Diana ROSS and then IN (at home) and I for Italian.

24a         Part of Mountie interview used as TV spin-off? (3-2)
TIE-IN – A hidden clue (part of) (moun)TIE IN(terview).

25a         Cathy’s new bloke is a sailor (9)
YACHTSMAN – An anagram (indicated by new) of CATHYS followed by MAN for bloke.


1d           Avoid team with pace (8)
SIDESTEP – SIDE/team with STEP/pace. Nice and easy.

2d           Writing in a small room, perhaps, I will support German count on attack (8)
GRAFFITI – Tilsit had trouble with the definition on the day but I had more trouble with the name of Count Ferdinand Adolf August Heinrich GRAF von Zeppelin!. Start with GRAF and place I from the clue (supporting/will support) GRAF and a FIT or attack (of the vapours, perhaps!).
He also invented Heavy Metal, you know…..

3d           Payment taken from current allowance (6)
RENTAL – Another hidden word (taken from) curRENT Allowance.

4d           Beginning excluded, joining clique (6)
OUTSET – OUT for excluded and SET for clique.

5d           Four performing four dances in elaborate dress (4-4)
FROU-FROU – Two anagrams of FOUR – the first one indicated by ‘performing’ and the second by ‘dances’. Very nice clue.

6d           I agree to be present repeatedly on the radio (4,4)
HEAR-HEAR – A homophone (on the radio) of ‘here’(to be present)  twice.

7d           Check permit for memorial (6)
TABLET – TAB for check/bill and LET for permit.

8d           This strike would pose an empty threat (6)
HUNGER – A cryptic definition of the protest strike that would leave you with an empty stomach through denying yourself food.

14d         A form phobia (8)
AVERSION – A from the clue and VERSION for form/type.

15d         Earnest request to take food through gate (8)
ENTREATY – Place EAT (take food) inside/through ENTRY or gate – ENTR (EAT) Y.

16d         Avoiding reality of mass epic developing (8)
ESCAPISM – An anagram (developing) of MASS EPIC.

17d         You need this fluid (8)
SOLUTION – The second definition is the straight one. The first cryptic definition is what we as solvers need i.e. the solution to the clue. Nice!.

18d         Rodent, cat and farm animal, climbing (6)
MARMOT – A reversal (climbing in a Down clue) of a TOM cat and a RAM (farm animal).

19d         Indicate no time that river flows over (6)
DENOTE – NO form the clue and T(ime) with the Ricer DEE enfolding (it flows over).

20d         Police force and church welcoming one measuring style (6)
METRIC – THE MET(ropolitan) Police familiarly with the RC (Roman Catholic church) including/welcoming I for one.

21d         County staff turned up on telly (6)
DORSET – A reversal (turned up) of ROD/staff/pole on top of a television SET.

I’ll  see you all next Friday.

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