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ST 2871

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2871

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 23rd October

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****


Morning All! – I found this a very straightforward solve but the review highlighted a number of clues that were very concise and also in other cases fairly wicked/playful. I think Tilsit mentioned those on the day. Top stuff!

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1a           Record vehicle at home, one constructed of wood (3,5)
LOG CABIN – A charade of LOG (record) , CAB (taxi/vehicle) and IN (at home).

9a           Work out duty guarding monarch (8)
EXERCISE – EXCISE or duty/tax contains (is guarding) ER for Elizabeth Regina, our current monarch.

10a         Finishing up the tour, you land in South America (4)
PERU – Take the last letters (finishing up) of uP thE touR yoU.

11a         Mingled to blend in, at a thing that’s outstanding for all of us (8,4)
NATIONAL DEBT – An anagram (indicated by mingled) of TO BLEND IN AT A.

13a         Agreement to contain fight in settlement (8)
DEFRAYAL – A DEAL or agreement contains a FRAY or fight.

15a         Son’s in one kind of accommodation or another (6)
HOSTEL – Place S for Son in a HOTEL (one kind of accommodation for travellers).

16a         Stimulate or pressure staff (4)
PROD – P for Pressure and a ROD or staff.

17a         Full of enthusiasm, agree to differ (5)
EAGER – Nice and simple – an anagram (to differ) of AGREE.

18a         Boy reversing his conclusion — that’s curious (4)
NOSY – A bit cute – reverse SON (a synonym of boy) and then add the end letter of (bo)Y. Some might suggest that this is a bit indirect – you could also get YOBS!

20a         Instrument made of wood set in stone (6)
SPINET – I loved this clue. Place the PINE wood inside the abbreviation (abb.) of ST(one).

21a         Greatly agitated about hospital’s inertia (8)
LETHARGY – An anagram of GREATLY (agitated) around or about H for Hopital.

23a         Is accepted into partnership with excellent badinage (12)
WISECRACKING – Remember the bridge partnership of W and E (West and East). Place IS from the clue inside (accepted into) those two letters and then add CRACKING for excellent.

26a         Miss lesson in school when head’s away (4)
LASS – Remove the first letter (when head’s away) from (C)LASS or lesson in school.

27a         Transport systems run without fail around one (8)
RAILWAYS – R for Run (form the cricket abb.) and then ALWAYS (without fail) around I for One.

28a         Reject move — what’s next? (4,4)
TURN DOWN – I like this a lot. Start with TURN or move/go in a game and then add DOWN – Have a look at what follows this clue (the last of the ACROSS clues!).


2d           Dominate circle with part of speech, getting attention (8)
OVERBEAR – O for a circle then a VERB (part of speech) and finally getting EAR for attention.

3d           Odd concern — a duty that’s performed in sets (7,5)

4d           Badly behaved without reason around ring-leader (6)
BRATTY – place BATTY (without reason/nuts) around the leading letter in R(ing).

5d           One’s perturbed about king that’s a tyrannical ruler (4)
NERO – Make an anagram (perturbed) of ONE and place around R for Rex (king in Latin).

6d           Figure of speech, oddly, to hamper or harm poet (8)
METAPHOR – A double anagram (indicated by ‘oddly’) of either TO HAMPER or HARM POET.

7d           Bad upset, as it happens (4)
LIVE – A good treatment of an obvious chestnut. Reverse (upset) EVIL or bad.

8d           People agree that’s how to do brain operations (8)
MENTALLY – A charade of MEN (people) and TALLY (agree).

12d         Completed taking in broken nets, with fish extricated (12)
DISENTANGLED – Place both a broken anagram of NETS and ANGLE (fish) inside DID or completed (as in “I did the work”.

14d         Allowed supporter to go over a line (5)
LEGAL – The supporting LEG going above (over in a Down clue) A from the clue and L for Line.

16d         Step over weapon that’s required by sentry (8)
PASSWORD – Place a PAS or step (in dance from the French) over /above in a down clue a SWORD or weapon.

17d         Never stopping to collect vote outside (8)
EXTERNAL – ETERNAL or ‘never ending’ including (to collect) an X for the symbol made when voting.

19d         Was a tourist making sense with proverb? (8)
SIGHTSAW – A clumsy word but legal and also an easy charade of SIGHT (sense) and SAW (a proverb or adage).

22d         Awful oil ingested by rat turning up in sewer (6)
TAILOR – Sewer here being the other meaning and nothing to do with where rats live!. An awful anagram of OIL inside a reversal (turning up) of RAT from the clue – TA (ILO) R.

24d         Set of clothes in case (4)
SUIT – Two definitions – A man’s SUIT and also a SUIT case.

25d         Damage bed in nursery inserting spades (4)
COST – A nice definition ( “What’s the Damage?”) is a COT or bed in a nursery with S for Spades (from bridge notation) inserted inside.

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  1. It staggers me how Virgilius comes up with such brilliant clues and smooth surfaces week after week. Thanks to him for this entertaining collection and to Gnomey for the deciphering thereof. My runaway favourite was 28a.
    I thought that the second suit in 24d was probably meant to be a lawsuit.

    1. As ever, Gazza, you have got me again!. I had that in my head when solving but forgot when blogging and blithely typed on.
      Agreed on the rest of the comment as well!

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