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ST 2870

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2870

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 17th October

BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ****


Morning All! – A fun puzzle but reviewing I realised it felt like there were an awful lot of anagrams.

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1a           Second dismissal not going as intended (10)
BACKFIRING – A charade of to BACK or second in a fight/duel and then a FIRING or dismissal.

6a           Good antique that’s often bought as investment (4)
GOLD – G for Good and then OLD for Antique.

9a           Fish with line that has weights, attached to rod (7)
BARBELL = The BARBEL fish with L for Line following.

10a         Put down what’s concerning newspapers? (7)
REPRESS – RE: for reference/concerning and the PRESS or newspapers.

12a         Changed gear, ruined car, or part of one (13)
UNDERCARRIAGE – Make an anagram (changed) of GEAR RUINED CAR.

14a         Excel in fight, getting case dismissed? Just the opposite (6)
OUTBOX – Start with BOX (case) and OUT (dismissed) and then reverse the order (just the opposite).

15a         Placed under powerful lamp till food gets ruined (8)
FLOODLIT – A ruined anagram of TILL FOOD.

17a         Height gained by police aircraft (8)
CHOPPERS – H for height added to (is gained by) COPPERS or police (in the plural).

19a         Provided backing as company goes into complete failure (6)
FIASCO – Reverse (backing) IF or provided that and then add AS from the clue and CO for company.

22a         Crazy rant permitted in newspaper, for example (7,6)
PRINTED MATTER – Make an anagram (crazy) of RANT PERMITTED.

24a         Travel permit for one arriving originally with two others (7)
TRIPLET – A charade of TRIP for travel and LET for permit. A good definition and a very good surface reading.

25a         Bone structure that may be broken in big race (7)
RIBCAGE – An anagram (that may be broken) of BIG RACE.

26a         Person who entertains crowd (4)
HOST – Two definitions – Mein HOST who entertains at a party and a HOST or horde (crowd).

27a         Attacking position in game leading to point (10)
BRIDGEHEAD – A charade of BRIDGE (game) and a HEAD/cape/point/ness.


1d           Horse carrying bishop is little one (4)
BABY – The BAY horse including/carrying B for Bishop.

2d           Either side of cooker with raised temperature? That’s not good (7)
CORRUPT – The choice of either side letter in C(ooke)R is either C OR R. Then add UP (raised) and T for Temperature.

3d           Place for wounded men filled with pathos, I recollected (5,8)
FIELD HOSPITAL – Make an anagram (recollected) of FILLED and/with PATHOS I.

4d           Drawing instruments — dividers, perhaps (6)
RULERS – Remembering the phrase ‘Divide and Rule’ the things that divide (dividers) might be synonymous with RULERS.

5d           No male in demonstration, as a rule (8)
MORMALLY – Start with NO from the clue and then place M for Male in(side) a RALLY or demonstration.

7d           Top gear, in general (7)
OVERALL – The cryptic definition is the OVERALL as protective clothing, the second is the straight definition.

8d           Cutting up middle slice of dessert, in manner of speaking (10)
DISSECTION – The middle slice of (de)SSE(rt) is SSE. Place this inside DICTION or a manner of speaking.

11d         Organisation including all constituents in any matter (8,5)
PERIODIC TABLE – A cryptic definition of the relational map that shows all the elements of matter and their chemical families.

13d         Stolen drug found in repeated check in mixture (10)
HOTCHPOTCH – HOT for stolen then POT for weed/drug inside a repetition of CH for check (an abbreviation from chess notation.

16d         Hunting animal using rope and dart, possibly (8)
PREDATOR – An anagram (possibly) of ROPE and DART.

18d         Starting-points for big wins, leaders having dropped out (7)
ORIGINS – Remove the leading letters (having dropped out) from fOR bIG wINS.

20d         Inheritance from father certainly is holding chap up (7)
SURNAME – SURE for certainly is containing a reversal (is holding up) MAN for chap – SUR NAM E.

21d         Part of God’s acre duly consecrated (6)
SACRED – A hidden word (part of) found inside God’S ACRE Duly.

23d         Deflated but not flat? That can be done (4)
DEED – Simply remove FLAT from the word DE(flat)ED. Simple and effective.

I’ll see you all next Thursday.


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  1. Thanks Gnomey, sorry I am a bit late but it has been one of those weeks. I cannot remember ever not enjoying Sunday crossword and this was no exception, too many tasty morsels but hotchpotch well up the list.

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