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ST 2865

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2865

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 11th September

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****


I enjoyed myself greatly while solving this crossword, with a whole galaxy of stars by clues I liked, although I’ve settled on one favourite just to keep the favourite-policeperson happy.   I was toying with awarding five stars for enjoyment but found that I had to type the word ‘anagram’ quite a lot, not to mention noting the number of times something had to be inserted into something else, including a couple of anagrams in there too, so I’ve decided to stick with 4*.

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1a           Withdrawing from European area held by cartel (10)
RETRACTING – E (European) TRACT (area) held by RING (cartel)

6a           Section of staff is helping one or more in school (4)
FISH – Lurking in a section of stafF IS Helping

9a           Clap in irons a salt interrupting the person speaking (7)
MANACLE – A (from the clue) NACL (the chemical formula for sodium chloride or common salt) interrupting  ME (the person speaking)

10a         Crazy is running for president (7)
MADISON – MAD (crazy) IS (from the clue) ON (running).   A timely piece of surface reading if ever there was one.

12a         Futility that’s experienced by total losers (13)
POINTLESSNESS – Because total losers wouldn’t have scored any points at all.

14a         Caption for illustration in story of Robin Hood, for example (6) LEGEND – Explanatory words under an illustration or a traditional story such as that told about Robin Hood.

15a         Listener’s set out of order in part of neighbouring country (8)
LEINSTER – This province in the east of Ireland (part of neighbouring country) is obtained from an anagram (set out of order) of LISTENER

17a         Brother in unspecified religious order, initially, providing cover for head (8)
SOMBRERO – BR (brother) goes in SOME (unspecified) R O (Religious Order initially)

19a         Scrambled draw at home — he analysed selection, naturally (6)
DARWIN – An anagram (scrambled) of DRAW followed by IN (at home)

22a         Opportunists in sunshine outside lido rebuilt for tourists (13)
HOLIDAYMAKERS – My Clue of the Day –  HAYMAKERS (people who take the opportunity to make hay while the sun shines) go outside an anagram (rebuilt) of LIDO.

24a         Revise a clue about new king or queen needing clarification (7)
UNCLEAR –  An anagram (as indicated by ‘revise’) of A CLUE goes about N (new) and R (either Rex, king, or Regina, queen)

25a         List extract from minutes I meticulously sent round (7)
ITEMISE –  This lurker has been reversed and can be extracted from minutES I Meticulously

26a         Ready to publish leaders of exceptional distinction in Telegraph (4)
EDIT – The ‘leaders’ of Exceptional Distinction In Telegraph

27a         Artist held back by females created kind of art that’s hard to believe (3-7)
FAR-FETCHED – An expression that reminds me of my Granny who used it a lot when watching quite a few  television programmes.   Insert a reversed (held back) RA (artist) between two Fs (abbreviation for female) and follow with ETCHED (created kind of art)


1d           What’s behind strange power cut? (4)
RUMP – RUM (strange) followed by the abbreviation (cut) for Power

2d           Pet gent spoilt — guy’s attached to it (4,3)
TENT PEG – An anagram (spoilt) of PET GENT, the cryptic definition forming the second part of the clue referring to a guy rope

3d           Misplaced caution over captain’s position in game (7,6)
AUCTION BRIDGE –  An anagram (misplaced) of CAUTION goes over BRIDGE (the captain’s position on a ship)

4d           Score with little time left before close of play (6)
TWENTY – T (the ‘little’ abbreviation for Time) and WENT (left) go before the ‘close’ of play

5d           Like most pages in books, feeling less edited (8)
NUMBERED – NUMBER (feeling less, more numb) and ED (edited)

7d           Check bug around start of program (7)
INSPECT – INSECT (bug) goes around P (the start of Program)

8d           Acrobatic performance — watch parts (10)
HANDSPRINGS – Split these acrobatic performances 4, 6 to get the parts of a watch

11d         Withdrawing bad design, with representative protecting me (13)
DISENGAGEMENT – An anagram (bad) of DESIGN followed by AGENT (representative) protecting ME (from the clue)

13d         Unwise place to stow thrones, according to a certain Reverend (10)
GLASSHOUSE – The Reverend Spooner should have said THROW STONES and as everyone knows people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

16d         Ill-defined situation, with major cut covering disastrous year (4,4)
GREY AREA –  Almost all (cut) of Great (major) covers an anagram (disastrous) of YEAR

18d         Book as part of normal achievement (7)
MALACHI – The last book of the Old Testament is hidden in part of norMAL ACHIevement

20d         Want to shut up snake that’s venomous (7)
WASPISH – WISH (want) shuts up ASP (snake)

21d         Man on board provided following list of duties (6)
TARIFF – TAR (man on board ship) IF (provided) F (following)

23d         Right conclusion produces split (4)
REND – R (right) END (conclusion)



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  1. I thought that I had missed this one but reading your review brought it back and the realisation that had enjoyed it. Far too many likes to risk a favourite, thanks as always to you and Mr G.

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