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Hive Minds – 2nd series

The new series of Hive Minds starts today at 8:30 pm on BBC Four

Make sure you tune in to support the Cruciverbalists team.

You should recognise some, or all, of them.

Left to right: David Hogg (loonapick in Rookie Corner), Jane Teather (Jetdoc / Mrs John “Elgar” Henderson) and Dave Tilley (Tilsit).

If you missed it you can still see it on the iPlayer (UK only) until 7th October:


10 comments on “Hive Minds – 2nd series

  1. I enjoyed that – not easy – great effort at narrowing the score – would have won if it weren’t for those technicalities.

    Congrats Tilsit, Jetdoc and loonapick

    did they say you get another chance?

    1. I’m sure that was what was said, Dutch, but no explanation given. Does every team get a second chance? Perhaps Tilsit can enlighten us.

    2. They do have another go – and the picture at the top of this post proves it, as they weren’t wearing those clothes last night ;)

      Update: the sausage-fingered one reckons they’ll be back on in about five or six weeks.

    3. Yes, we did indeed get a second chance (a bit like a repechage), but I’d have my fingernails hauled out by the BBC if I told you how we did in the repechage.

  2. Just watched it on the red button – excellent show and all the Cruciverbalists carried it off with aplomb. Very impressive and good luck in Round 2.

  3. Just to say I recorded this and have now had the pleasure of watching it. Well done, Cruciverbalists. You were really excellent, and, as Dutch has pointed out, if it weren’t for those technicalilties, you would have won. Best of luck for Round 2.

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