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ST 2862

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2862

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 21st August

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****



Morning All! This was about two-star for difficulty with a couply of great long anagrams and some brilliantly deceptive surface readings  in my opinion.

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1a           Poor player taking rook and a bishop with piece (6)
RABBIT – R for Rook (the chess piece abb.) then A B(ishop) and finally a BIT for piece.

4a           Frenchman’s very amorous advance giving offence (8)
TRESPASS – TRES, Very in French (for a Frenchman) and then PASS for an amorous advance.

10a         Check for errors in study on mathematician’s work (9)
PROOFREAD – Place READ for study after (on in an across clue)a mathematical PROOF (mathematician’s work).

11a         Affected by piercing horn, turn hard left? (5)
GORED – A charade of GO (turn in a game) and RED (hard left politically).

12a         Have will to succeed thus? (7)
INHERIT – A cryptic definition of what one gets if one has a will/bequest.

13a         Survive, having way to escape, as it happens (7)
OUTLIVE – An OUT or way to escape followed by LIVE for as it happens (in broadcasting).

14a         Measure of interest about stage part (5)
APRON –  The APR is a measure of interest (Annualised Percentage Rate). Follow that with ON for about.

15a         Supporter occupying pad he rented (8)
ADHERENT – A fan or supporter is found hidden (occupying) the last three clues.

18a         With the aim of understanding that woman, collectively (8)
TOGETHER – An easier way of saying ‘with the aim of understanding that woman’ is to say TO GET HER.

20a         There’s nothing in the new line that’s for rest of travellers (5)
HOTEL – Place O for zero/nothing inside a new anagram of THE and then add L for L(ine).

23a         Literary work from star absorbing English learners (7)
NOVELLA – Place E(nglish) and two L(earners) inside a NOVA or star.

25a         Reaching maximum area in old city (7)
PEAKING – A for Area inside PEKING – the former (old) name of Beijing

26a         Cereal added to a fruit in cup (5)
ACORN – Add CORN (cereal) to A from the clue. Nice and succinct.

27a         Isn’t twice wrong about drug, not accepting negative response (9)
INSISTENT – Make two anagrams of ISNT and place around E for E(cstacy) , a drug.

28a         Drive out in dogsled I organised (8)
DISLODGE – An anagram, indicated by organised, of DOGSLED I.

29a         Publication providing explanation by day’s end (6)
GLOSSY – GLOSS/explanation next to/by the end letter in (da)Y.

1d           Special changes upholding right to make copies (8)
REPLICAS – An anagram (changes) of SPECIAL underneath/upholding in a down clue R for Right.

2d           Harry embracing Rex as comrade (7)
BROTHER – BOTHER or harry/annoy is containing/embracing R for Rex.

3d           Popular monarch protected within barrier, it’s concluded (9)
INFERENCE – In for popular then E.R. (Elizabeth Regina our current monarch) inside a FENCE or barrier.

5d           Doctor irritated a posh hospital worker (14)
RADIOTHERAPIST – An anagram (to doctor means to change) of IRRITATED A POSH.

6d           Spot or location, so to speak (5)
SIGHT – A homophone (so to speak) of SITE/location.

7d           Put on trial, as a rule, in hearing (7)
ARRAIGN – Another homophone, this one indicated by ‘in hearing’, of A REIGN/a rule.

8d           Small venomous creature making one less carefree (6)
SADDER – S for S(mall) and then an ADDER or venomous snake.

9d           Comic learning the act that gets house warmed up (7,7)

16d         Tries interrupting actual practice for players (9)
REHEARSAL – REAL for actual with HEARS (tries) inside or interrupting.

17d         Gently supporting son, not very much (8)
SLIGHTLY – LIGHTLY for gently underneath (supporting in a down clue) S for Son.

19d         Head out of job very shortly promises to settle, it’s clear (7)
OBVIOUS – Remove the head letter (out) from (j)OB, add V(ery) and then IOUS or promises to pay/settle.

21d         Muscle providing power in moments (7)
TRICEPS – P for Power in TRICES or moments.

22d         Support of global organisation not announced (6)
UNSAID – The support for global organisation might be written as UN’S AID.

24d         Section of excellent orchestra’s seen to play slowly (5)
LENTO – A hidden word (a section of) inside excelLENT Orchestra

Thanks to the setter, I’ll see you all next week.