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DT 28198

Daily Telegraph No 28198

A full review by crypticsue

This puzzle was published on 20th August 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty **- Enjoyment ***

Another Saturday, another fairly straightforward crossword – although I have to say that hoping it was going to be a pangram did help with solving my last one, 20a, as I’d never heard of this type of cover.


3a           Met man working in foster care? (10)
FORECASTER – An anagram (working) of FOSTER CARE gives us someone working at the Meteorological (Met) Office.

8a           Dog set sail around UK! (6)
SALUKI – An anagram (set) of SAIL goes round UK (from the clue)

9a           Sister, apprehensive initially, in college in Warwickshire town (8)
NUNEATON – NUN (sister) and A, apprehensive initially, inserted into ETON college.

10a         Monitor head of welterweight boxer, perhaps after disturbing chat (8)
WATCHDOG – The ‘head’ of Welterweight, followed by DOG (boxer, perhaps), the latter going after an anagram (disturbing) of CHAT

11a         ‘Sole‘ used in pun I queried (6)
UNIQUE – Lurking (used) in pUN I QUEried

12a         One has intuition of horror filling man who’s sent into pit (4-6)
MIND-READER – DREAD (horror) filling MINER (man who’s sent to pit)

14a         Well-placed? Rather, after session (7,6)
SITTING PRETTY – PRETTY (rather) goes after SITTING (session)

20a         Cover in many pieces loony left tackling Labour’s leader (5,5)
CRAZY QUILT – CRAZY (loony) and QUIT (left) tackling L (the leader of Labour)

22a         Shakespearean king, likewise holding on (6)
ALONSO – Having ‘done’ The Tempest for O Level English, I had no problems remembering the King of Naples –  ALSO (likewise) holding ON (from the clue)

23a         To show willing, take part in dance (4,4)
PLAY BALL – PLAY (take part in) BALL (dance)

24a         One cuts weeds in street verge attended by this person, right? (8)
STRIMMER – ST (street) RIM (verge) ME (this person) R (right)

25a           Start a filling meal (6)
LAUNCH – Time for a chestnut!   A (from the clue) filling LUNCH (meal)

26a         Be quick to appear fashionable (4,6)
LOOK SNAPPY –  This instruction to be quick also refers to an informal way of saying ‘appear fashionable’, although it is many a long year since I’ve heard that particular expression.


1d           Unexpected changes in Virginia –- good sign (8)
VAGARIES – VA (the abbreviation for the State of Virginia, G (good) ARIES (sign of the Zodiac)

2d           Wine: quantity upset over trainee (8)
MUSCADET – A reversal (upset in a Down clue) of SUM (quantity) goes over (above in a Down clue)  a CADET (trainee)

3d           Tinker with    instrument (6)
FIDDLE – A fairly obvious double definition

4d           Call number — doctor needs to go round (4)
RING – So who else spent an age trying to parse this one before the penny dropped loudly to the floor.   RIG (doctor) goes round N (number)

5d           Deceptive showman‘s trick on panellist (8)
CONJUROR – CON (trick) JUROR (panellist)

6d           Fixed   interference affecting TV (6)
STATIC – Another obvious double definition

7d           Former partner raised fare to go on American flight (6)
EXODUS – EX (former partner) and a reversal (raised) of DO (fare or progress) go on US (American)

13d         Go mad, crackers, teaching (5)
DOGMA – An anagram (crackers) of GO MAD

15d         Shared home of little value (2,6)
IN COMMON – IN (home) COMMON (of little value)

16d         Green light for doctor entering in this way at Oxford, say (6,2)
THUMBS UP – MB (Bachelor of Medicine, doctor) entering THUS (in this way) and followed by UP (at university, Oxford say, presumably originally so called  because the student is at a higher level of education)

17d         Key-operated device Ivy League university rugby player’s used (4,4)
YALE LOCK – YALE (Ivy League university) LOCK (rugby player)

18d         Legless, British before game (6)
BLOTTO – B (British) goes before LOTTO (game) to give another term for inebriation that you don’t hear much these days

19d         Part of season ticket to be paid for at a later date (2,4)
ON TICK – Lurking in part of seasON TICKet

21d         End of July, too soon for annual (6)
YEARLY – Y (the end of July) plus EARLY (too soon)

23d         Stay for start of play (4)
PROP – PRO (for, in favour of) P (the start of Play)



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  1. Thanks Sue, checked the quilt in BRB because I had not met it before but pangram helped to confirm. Have lost notes so cannot remember what I actually wrote at the time.

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