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The Site should now be available. Please let me know, via a comment on this post, if you encounter any problems.


The upgrade to WordPress 4.6 failed and the site is currently unavailable.

I hope to be able to add more soon

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    1. Perhaps I was a bit quick with that comment.
      All the tabs across the top do take me to the appropriate page.

  1. All seems fine to me.

    While we’re in troubleshooting mode, I’ll mention here that I can’t get to the mobile version of this site.

    Oh, and people are also right that the underline tag doesn’t work for those not signed in.

            1. All bloggers have a sign in, but not all use it. Anyone can have one by sending me a request – the main benefit is that while signed in your alias and email address don’t have to be entered. From time to time you will need to repeat the sign in process – the logic behind it is a mystery to me.

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