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ST 2860

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2860

A full review by crypticsue
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This puzzle was published on Sunday 7th August
BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****



Another superb crossword – this one had everything – lurkers, a typical Virgilius clue which I marked as my favourite (15d), some splendid d’oh moments  (including my runner up, 23d) and even a “I bet Brian won’t like this”  – what more could a solver and blogger ask for on a Sunday morning?

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1a           Political agreement oddly pains a British leader in particular (14)
BIPARTISANSHIP – Agreement between two political parties.  An anagram (oddly) of PAINS A BRITISH plus the ‘leader’ of Particular.

9a           Piece of music left on boat in landing-place (7)
AIRPORT – AIR (piece of music) PORT (the left hand side of a boat)

10a         Quickly reply in letter I post early (7)
RIPOSTE – Lurking in letteR I POST Early

11a         Platform for speeches as delegation arrives in station, initially (4)
DAIS – Delegation Arrives In Station initially

12a         Star actor I replaced as leading man, perhaps (10)
ARISTOCRAT – An anagram (replaced) of STAR ACTOR I

14a         Spiritual instruction with part of Bible, say (6)
REMARK – RE (Religious Education, spiritual instruction) and MARK (one of the books of the New Testament.

15a         Give new order to test nine or ten in set, being aware (8)
SENTIENT – You can either choose an anagram (give new order) to TEST NINE or TEN IN  SET 

17a         Duke, awfully nasty, in charge of powerful family (8)
DYNASTIC – D (duke) plus an anagram (awfully) of NASTY followed by IC (in charge)

18a         Establish ruthless dictator, moving in first (6)
INSTAL – Move the IN at the end of STALIN (ruthless dictator) to the front of the word.

21a         What writer may be said to need still (10)
STATIONARY –   Because as we all know the way to remember how to spell what the writer may need is to think ‘E for Envelopes’ but here we need a homophone (may be said) of STATIONERY  to get an adjective meaning still.

22a         Tie up   jealous husband dramatically (4)
MOOR –  Double definition time – a verb meaning to tie up or Othello, the full title of the Shakespeare play being The Tragedy of Othello, Moor of Venice.  

24a         Cheese in list held by boy (7)
STILTON – TILT (list, lean over) held by SON (boy)

25a         Dog protecting its head in clash (7)
COLLIDE – COLLIE (Kath’s favourite dog) protecting D (the head of Dog)

26a         With urgency, holding prisoner — not without contradiction (14)
INCONSISTENTLY – INSISTENTLY (with urgency) holding CON (prisoner)


1d           Area inside perimeter for pupil staying in school (7)
BOARDER – A (area) goes inside BORDER (perimeter)

2d           Person at home in house, having taken a seat (15)
PARLIAMENTARIAN – cryptic definition

3d           What enraged person’s gone through that may be raised in party (4)
ROOF – double definition – to become very angry or to make a great noise or commotion

4d           Put inside in winter, normally (6)
INTERN – Another lurker – this time in wINTER Normally

5d           Apprehended a leftist, seizing others (8)
ARRESTED – A RED (a leftist) seizing REST (others)

6d           Fair as player, holding up pro (10)
SUPPORTING – SPORTING (fair as player) ‘holding’ UP (from the clue)

7d           Rebel creating revolutionary stir in countries (15)
INSURRECTIONIST – An anagram (revolutionary) of STIR IN COUNTRIES

8d           Go to that thing and get out now! (4,2)
BEAT IT –  BE AT IT (go to it, that thing)

13d         Sliced meat — expert cut it so specially (10)
PROSCIUTTO – One of those meats that’s nice to eat but hard to spell correctly.   PRO (expert) followed by an anagram (specially) of CUT IT SO.

16d         Success for better local in theatrical parts (8)
WINNINGS –   INN (local) in WINGS (parts of a theatre)

17d         Stop one kind of believer embracing second (6)
DESIST –  DEIST (one kind of believer) embracing S (second)

19d         Right limb raised is in position, to a great extent (7)
LARGELY – R (right) LEG (limb) reversed (raised) and inserted into LAY (position)

20d         Change occurs in plant (6)
CROCUS – An anagram (change) of OCCURS

23d         This is the last such signal to player crossing line (4)
CLUE – CUE (signal to player) crossing L (line)



7 comments on “ST 2860

  1. Our regular Sunday treat from Virgilius has become an unmissable event – thanks to him for this excellent example and to CS for the review.
    Just to prove that I do read the reviews that CS and Gnomey provide every week could I point out that the definition of 6d is just ‘pro’ with the rest of the clue being wordplay, i.e. SPORTING (fair as player) containing UP.

    1. Thank you for reading, commenting and pointing out the “Mr Mainwaring [I wondered when someone would notice that!]”.

    1. Having written that intro 11 days ago, I can’t remember exactly which clue I thought might induce grumpiness :???:

  2. Really enjoyed this Sunday morning workout, thanks to CS and Mr G. Loved the cold meat just because I like the sound of the work but Othello got the big tick in my book.

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