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DT 28186

Daily Telegraph No 28186

A full review by gnomethang

This puzzle was published on 6th August 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty **- Enjoyment ***

Morning All! – A two star difficulty puzzle that was quite enjoyable. Back with the Downs later on this morning!


1a           Caught bird, chicken (6)
CRAVEN – C for Caught and then a RAVEN for a bird.

9a           Decorated doctor ambled round area (10)
EMBLAZONED – Make an anagram (doctor is the instruction) of AMBLED and place around a ZONE or area.

10a         Expert boards last tube — result, finally (3,7)
END PRODUCT – Place a PRO or expert into (it boards) END (last) and DUCT (tube).

11a         Spell ‘Discharge’ backwards (4)
TIME – Reverse (backwards) EMIT or discharge.

12a         11 kept in by teacher after sentence one’s put here (4)
STIR – An abbreviation of TIME at 11a – T is placed inside SIR or teacher.

14a         Officer in place — occupier (10)
LIEUTENANT – A charade of LIEU (place) and TENANT (occupier).

17a         The old man with good vessel’s capsized — substitute required (7)
STOPGAP – A reversal (capsized) of PA (dad/the old man), G for Good then POT’S (vessel’s).

18a         Verbal hesitation in retreat, poetry’s back (7)
REVERSE – reverse (in retreat) ER for a verbal hesitation then add a VERSE of poetry.

20a         Len coasted aimlessly in youth (10)
ADOLESCENT – An anagram (aimlessly) of LENCOASTED.

21a         Orderly found in dirty ditch after falling over (4)
TIDY – A hidden reversed answer (it is found IN…after falling over) inside dirtY DITch.

22a         Lake as well as countryside (4)
LAND – L for Lake then AND for also.

23a         Diana’s letter is contemptuous (10)
DISMISSIVE – Split as DI’S MISSIVE (diana’s letter).

25a         Maxim I reproduced involving two editors using various arts (5-5)
MIXED-MEDIA – A reproduced anagram of MAXIM I which includes two instances of ED for editor.

26a         Payment for written material coming from Ealing (6)
LINAGE – An anagram (coming from) of EALING.


2d           Said bridle on top must be restored (10)
REINSTATED – STATED for said with REIN for bridle on top (in a down clue).

3d           Siren volume is linked with power unit (4)
VAMP – V for Volume and then an AMP, strictly a current unit not a power unit.

4d           Salerno possibly somewhere in the USA? (3,7)
NEW ORLEANS – SALERNO might be cryptically referred to as an anagram (NEW) of ORLEANS.

5d           Disowned sailor Jack, awfully rude (7)
ABJURED – Start with an AB (Able Bodied Seaman) then add J for Jack (from bridge/card game notation) and then an anaghram (awfully) of RUDE.

6d           Loud variety turn in reality (4)
FACT – F, Forte or loud, and then a variety ACT.

7d           Can man’s following study delegation? (10)
CONTINGENT – A TIN can and a GENT (man) after or following CON for study/read.

8d           Being least active, I had to take the continental way (6)
IDLEST – I’D, a contraction of I had, and then L’EST or the East direction or way in France.

13d         Going up the wall? Take this (4,6)
ROPE LADDER – A cryptic definition of one way of scaling a wall.

15d         Performing Lear, hit act gets histrionic (10)
THEATRICAL – An anagram, indicated by performing, of LEAR HIT ACT.

16d         What smells delightful, almost grand, in rapid decline? (10)
NOSEDIVING – A NOSE is the thing that smells, then add almost all of the word DIVIN(e) for delightful, and finally add G for Grand.

19d         London area team touring a place on the coast (7)
SEASIDE – The SE (South East postcode of London) and a SIDE or team go around (are touring) A from the clue.

20d         Advanced celebrity houses left burning (6)
AFLAME – Take A for Advanced (e.g. A Levels) and then FAME/celebrity includes or houses L for Left.

23d         Protest as one of us served up in party (4)
DEMO – One of us could be ME (or you!). Reverse/serve it up inside a DO or party.

24d         Some risk increasing personal cover (4)
SKIN – A hidden word to finish: SOME of riSK INcreasing.

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  1. Just done this belatedly. 8 down is I’d then Le for the in French then St abbreviation for Street or way. Not l’Est as in your explanation.

    Also, how can “con” in 7 down mean read or study? Never heard that word before.

    Love your blog though. My mum aged 91 still does the Saturday cryptic crossword and was very happy to discover your website to help her with the clues!

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