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DT 28186 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28186 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Saturday Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow.


1a    Caught bird, chicken (6)
C(aught) followed by a type of bird gives an adjective meaning chicken or cowardly

10a    Expert boards last tube — result, finally (3,7)
An expert between (boards) a word meaning last or final and a tube

12a    11 kept in by teacher after sentence one’s put here (4)
The abbreviation of the answer to 11 across inside how a student refers to a male teacher – this sentence is one handed out by a court

17a    The old man with good vessel’s capsized — substitute required (7)
A two-letter colloquial word for the old man or father followed by G(ood), a cooking vessel and the S from ‘S, all reversed (capsized)

18a    Verbal hesitation in retreat, poetry’s back (7)
A two-letter spoken word of hesitation back to front (in retreat) followed by some poetry

22a    Lake as well as countryside (4)
L(ake) followed by a word meaning as well as or also

25a    Maxim I reproduced involving two editors using various arts (5-5)
An anagram () of MAXIM I around two separate abbreviations of ED(itor)

26a    Payment for written material coming from Ealing (6)
An anagram (coming from) of EALING


2d    Said bridle on top must be restored (10)
A verb meaning said preceded by (on top) a bridle

4d    Salerno possibly somewhere in the USA? (3,7)
The answer could describe an anagram for SALERNO – i.e. anagram indicator followed by its fodder

7d    Can man’s following study delegation? (10)
A can and a posh bloke (man) both follow a verb meaning to study

13d    Going up the wall? Take this (4,6)
A cryptic definition of something that can be used to climb a wall

16d    What smells delightful, almost grand, in rapid decline? (10)
A charade of the organ used to smell, most of an adjective meaning delightful and G(rand)

19d    London area team touring a place on the coast (7)
The two-letter area of England which includes London and a team around (touring the A from the clue

23d    Protest as one of us served up in party (4)
One of us, and it’s not you, reversed (served up) inside a party

24d    Some risk increasing personal cover (4)
Hidden (some) inside the clue

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The Quick Crossword pun: wreck+hoarding=recording

63 comments on “DT 28186 (Hints)

  1. Thanks to the setter and to Big Dave for the hints. A very enjoyable puzzle, but quite tricky in places. Took me ages to get the last few clues. Favourite was 12a. Was 3*/4* for me. On the way to Dawlish on the train.

  2. It was a good start to the day finding that the puzzle was on the back page of the paper – as a certain Royston reader will confirm – and I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. However, it would have paid me to have read Dave’s hints before starting as I chose the wrong four-letter word option for 13d and that held me up. And I don’t think that I’ll be the only one to make that mistake… My favourite clue was 14a.

  3. Trickier than the usual Saturday for me…but got there thanks to the hints.

    Many thanks to Big Dave and the setter.

    In Edinburgh for the Festival (Fringe). Beautiful day, all’s well with the world.

  4. I thought this was quite difficult – good but definitely on the tricky side.
    Thinking that it was going to be a pangram helped me get a couple of answers – then it wasn’t – at least if it is I’ve lost a letter somewhere.
    17 and 25a were my last two and, like CS, I waited to get something in the first part of 13d – been caught out by that kind of thing too many times.
    I admit to getting into all kinds of trouble trying to sort out 9a.
    Not sure that I knew 26a but it had to be what it was so I know it now – remembering it will be the problem.
    I liked 10 and 14a and 16 and 24d.
    With thanks to Mr Ron and to BD.

  5. Mostly OK but held up by 10a, don’t think of a **** as a tube, also not helped by always thinking *** for expert. Not familiar with 5d but it was all it could be. This gave me 9a, my last in.
    The puzzle, hints, Matt cartoon & weather here in S. Wales great start to the weekend.
    Thank you setter & BD.

  6. This was an enjoyable and quite challenging puzzle – apart from 3d: that is not a unit of power! I’d add an emoji but they don’t seem to be working anymore.

    4d was my favourite.

    Many thanks to Mr Ron and to BD.

    1. When I solved 3d I too was becoming annoyed at yet another abuse of scientific terminology. Then I twigged that the clue is referring to something else that shares the same abbreviation.

      1. Welcome to the blog Louis

        Please read the instructions, in bold red type, about commenting on prize puzzles before leaving your next comment

  7. i agree with others that this was a bit trickier than recent Saturdays, but enjoyable so it’s ***/**** from me.

    Many thanks to Mr Ron and BD.

  8. This started out quite well but I found some clues quite tricky. Like so many before me, I had to wait for a checking letter for the first part of 13d. Not absolutely sure about some of the definitions, but that’s probably just me! Thanks BD 🙂

  9. Enjoyable but all over too quickly – maybe I was just ‘in tune’ with this puzzle . I have had to spend a tenner at a certain supermarket to get another newspaper! Have a good weekend all.

  10. Lovely, lovely Saturday morning treat, thanks to BD and compiler. Too many ticks to dare to nominate one favourite but I love the sound of 9a and 7d. Think my brain is coming back as I am really enjoying solving crosswords at present.
    Have a good weekend.

  11. 2/4. Thoroughly enjoyable and not as difficult as I thought on first read through. I made the same error with 13d as some did until the penny dropped. I also thought we were in for a pangram but not so by one letter. Thanks to the setter for a rewarding challenge and BD for the hints. We had a film crew here most of yesterday who unfortunately didn’t need our property for their work as its money for old rope. Very interesting to watch though.

  12. I’m back, having spent the last week in hospital, having fallen and buggered (sorry) up my back. Now have a pacemaker, so now I’m officially old.

    T’was a difficult puzzle, really out of practise and had to use gizmo a couple of times. Loved 14a, but fave is 4d.
    Thanks to setter and to BD for the hints.

    1. So pleased you are (relatively ) OK & on the mend. Broke my back in a fall a number of years ago now so you have my sympathy (& good wishes).

      You might find my new avatar cheers you a little. He has got used to his morning cuddle from being a small pup. Still does it most days a handful now weighs in at 35Kg – all muscle (certainly no brain).

      1. He is GORGEOUS! But “certainly no brain”? Wash your mouth out, I won’t have you say that about the handsome Biggles!

      2. We had a lovely yellow lab, Toby, years ago who was also all muscle and no brain. Forever a puppy, even when 8+. Such a character and still missed.

        1. Puppy describes him to a T. Getting the head on lap stare now .-Walkies time!

    2. We wondered where you were, sad to read this wish you better. I agree that growing old is not much fun although I suspect that you are older than me.

    3. Really pleased that you’re back – your absence was noticed. Under the circumstances we’ll let you off for the missing pink slip! Get properly better quickly.

      1. I’m doing fine from the pacemaker point of view, but the back not so much. I really blacked out and fell flat on my back, but the fancy new hip is fine. No bones broken, but have hardly had any sleep since and I can’t get comfortable. Kath RN, diagnosis sick sinus syndrome!

        1. Poor you! At least your arty-farty new hip is fine – thank goodness for that.
          Yes – sick sinus syndrome basically screws up your inbuilt thingy that keeps your heart in the right rhythm. When that goes tits-up you need something to do it for you hence the pacemaker. This was, presumably, the reason for the fall.
          I do hope that you manage to get comfortable and get some sleep soon – just nothing worse.
          Suddenly realised – can’t remember when – middle of last week maybe – that you’d been absent for some time so I confess to coming over all border collie and feeling the need to try to round up a few missing ‘sheep’.
          Get well quickly and all good wishes from me.

    4. Oh dear, thought you might be away on holiday. Must be the season as our youngest daughter slipped and fell on wet tile, breaking her foot this week. Hope you feel better and up and running soon.

  13. I must be a simple soul. I never spot a pangram and did not consider any alternative answers for 13d. Like others, I found some of this quite tricky, but it helped fill in some of the longueurs in the test match. Thank you BD and setter.

    1. I never spot a pangram either and then, even when I think I have and am busy patting myself on the back, it isn’t.

  14. One of those that mostly jumped out when you had a few letters. However had trouble with first part of 13d, messing up 17a. Thx BD.
    Liked 4d and 9a. Thx to setter.
    Nice day here for a change, with summer nearly over….

  15. Varied comments so far. I have enjoyed doing this this afternoon sitting in the sun listening to something called The Hub broadcasting live from St Mawes Quay on Carnival Day. Managed without too much difficulty and no help but slow in NE corner. Last four in were 9a, 5d, 11a, and 8d. Looking at them now I cannot see why. Did not struggle with 13d. The answer fitted my idea o someone climbing up a wall more than the alternative. I was certainly not on the right wavelength for last Saturday’s. I too thought it was a pangram which helped me with a couple. Favourites probably 25a, 9a, 13d and 16d. Thanks setter et al.

  16. Favourite was 4d as I don’t usually spot these inverted clues. Didn’t like 10a and 3d but reading the comments and hints above now understand. That just leaves 13d to dislike as I can’t see anything cryptic about it (and I got the first word wrong initially). Going to submit it now. I could easily have put the wrong thing in for 12a but held back luckily.
    Thanks all.

  17. Delightfully challenging and devoid of old chestnuts. Thank you Mysteron and BD. NW corner last to fall. Fav 14a. Not sure about 12a. ***/****.

      1. It’s just that I cringe at children at some schools having to use that form of address or the even worse female equivalent when they have all got names.

  18. As enjoyable as usual for a Saturday, or perhaps a bit more. I can’t really remember as I was half asleep at the time.

    Thanks to the setter and BD.

  19. Last two in were 17a ( my favorite clue) and 12a as I finally got the first bit of 13d- on the third attempt !!! Men have returned from the golf course looking very red and making noises about food. I am enjoying the sun in the garden but will go inside and point them in the direction of the fridge. Perhaps they will put the bbq on and cook supper. Thank you BD and setter.

  20. Saturday crosswords are certainly no longer quite the walk(s) in the park that they used to be!
    This was a good challenge and took a bit of thinking. 12a when the penny dropped was my favourite. 2/3* overall.
    Thanks to the weekend mysteron, and to BD for the hints.

  21. Strangely this seemed relatively straightforward today, and easier than some this week. Would have finished more quickly if I hadn’t fallen into the same trap on 13d as a few others, and wasn’t familiar with 5d. Quite enjoyable for a Saturday.

  22. Very enjoyable, as Saturday’s usually are, but not too hard for us – 1.5*/3*.

    Favourite was 4d. Thought 13d was an awful clue, though.

    Thanks to BD for the hints (unused) and the setter and best wishes to Merusa.

  23. Compared to last week’s trial by fire this felt decidedly straightforward, with only a little hesitation at the end on 9ac. Or maybe I’m just more awake this week.

  24. I too had the wrong first word, which left 12 and 17a undoable. It took a while to realise my error, but when I did, it was all over. Not very difficult otherwise but no stand-out favourite. 2*/3*

  25. It must be wavelength or something, as I thought it one of the gentler puzzles.
    Thanks to all concerned.

  26. 2d – Mrs Hoofit’s horsey daughter says that the first part of the answer is NOT the same as the ‘bit’ of the wordplay. Not in BRB either…

    1. I agree with Mrs Hoofit’s horsey daughter. I am surprised that this one got past the editor.

  27. I’m no longer a horseman, but concur wholeheartedly with the above, Otherwise, I found this relatively gentle (say 2*/3*). 4d is probably my favourite, but 17a and 9a were contenders. Thanks to the setter and of course Big Dave.

  28. Quite tricky, needed a couple of BD’s hints today, never really on the wavelength today. Fav, 1a…
    Lovely day today in London.
    Thanks to BD and to the setter

  29. Found this very doable but made the 13d error which left me looking for hints for 12a and 17a. But quite pleased to have completed in one late evening session. Liked 1a, 23a and 24d.
    Thanks to BD and the setter.

  30. I did this on Sunday morning before working outside. I think pretty much everything has been said, and I agree this had its tricky clues to slow us up. 3 down was my last one in; I, too, initially had the wrong sort of 13 down, and 14 across was my favourite.

    2.5*/3* overall, with thanks to the Saturday Mysteron and of course BD.

  31. Remind me never to comment that Saturday’s crossword is relatively easy. I spent a long time locking heads with the compiler. I finished without external help but it was a hard fought victory.

  32. I’m in the camp of those who found it quite gentle.
    Pleasurable but no real favourites.
    Thanks to the Saturday setter and to BD for the blog.

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