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ST 2858

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2858

A full review by gnomethang
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This puzzle was published on Sunday 24th July
BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****


Morning All! This was just about a two star difficulty but enjoyable as always.

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1a           Boxes with drug in limited supply (6)
SPARSE – SPARS for boxes (in a training ring) and then E for Ecstasy/drug.

4a           Inclined to stress part of capital I control (6)
ITALIC – The stressed slanty character is found in capITAL I Control.

8a           Survey completed, that is put in car (8)
OVERVIEW – OVER for completed and then place I.E. (Id Est or ;that is ‘ in Latin) inside a VW or Volkswagen car.

10a         Trapping you orally in section of exam? Poor fellow (6)
PAUPER – Place U (sounds (orally) like ‘you’ ) inside a PAPER or section of an exam.

11a         Was in no-win situation, so pulled out (4)
DREW – Two definitions – the first a tie in sports and the second e.g. pulled out a weapon.

12a         Angry about new name being disrespectfully treated (10)
MANHANDLED – MAD (angry) around N for Name and HANDLE for another name (or Moniker) – MA (N) (HANDLE) D.

13a         Male equivalent of shocking pink? (8,4)
ELECTRIC BLUE – A cryptic definition of the blue/pink equivalent for a boy/girl – both adjectives dealing with electrickery.

16a         Even I, perhaps, could become so fearful (12)
APPREHENSIVE – An anagram (could become) of EVEN I PERHAPS. What a good spot.

20a         Not of practical use? Old man learnt differently (10)
ORNAMENTAL – Start with O for Old and then make an anagram (differently) of MAN LEARNT.

21a         Amount of wood that’s cut after delivery (4)
CORD – An unknown measure of wood for me (4’ x 4’ x 8’) and also the Umbilical.

22a         Recent changes giving us heart (6)
CENTRE – Change or make an anagram of RECENT.

23a         Something religious left outside tavern in US, for instance (8)
REPUBLIC – Note the definition. The USA is a Republic. Place a RELIC (it is left outside of) a PUB or tavern.

24a         Refuse to include husband in party (6)
THRASH – Place H for Husband inside TRASH/rubbish/litter.

25a         Worker in church holding cross in attack (6)
SEXTON – An X for a cross inside SET ON for attack.


1d           In drastic way, cut off cathedral city (8)
SEVERELY – A charade of SEVER (cut off) and ELY (a cathedral city).

2d           A dispute about right way to show direction (5)
ARROW – A ROW (a dispute) around or about R for Right.

3d           Be angry about pound as one wanting rid of corporation? (7)
SLIMMER – To SIMMER (or be angry) around L for Bound (Librum in old money)

5d           Piece of canvas pretty serious artist initially used in work (7)
TOPSAIL – The initial letters of P(retty) S(erious) A(rtist) inside TOIL or work.

6d           Person who washes, so to speak, linen garment (9)
LAUNDRESS – A homophone (so to speak)  of LAWN (A fine linen or cambric) and DRESS or garment.

7d           Revealing intelligence Conservative Party turned up (6)
CLEVER – C for Conservative and then a reversal (turned up) of REVEL or party. Note that it is OK to falsely capitalise Party but you cannot un-capitalise.

9d           Warm clothing in Washington area in bad weather (11)
WINDCHEATER – Place DC (District of Columbia, the Washington area) inside a bad anagram of WEATHER.

14d         Card one dramatically played (9)
CHARACTER – Two definitions – A CARD is a playful/eccentric character (presumably from the Joker) and also a person in a theatrical/dramatic production.

15d         Dislike one particular edition of book (8)
AVERSION – The first is the definition, the cryptic is A (from the clue) and VERSION (particular edition of a book).

17d         Lady in crowd surrounding East European (7)
PEERESS – A PRESS or crowd surrounding E for East and E for European

18d         Outshine learner in convoluted pieces (7)
ECLIPSE – L for Learner inside a convoluted anagram of PIECES.

19d         Stop and take a breather after a run (6)
ARREST – Place REST for breather after A and R(un).

21d         Copper section, in length between foot and yard (5)
CUBIT – A charade of CU, the chemical symbol for copper, and then a BIT or section.

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  1. Super review Gnomey but reading it makes me realise that for some unknown reason I did not actually do the crossword. Silly me.

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