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DT 28174

Daily Telegraph No 28174

A full review by crypticsue

This puzzle was published on 23rd July 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty *- Enjoyment ***

A perfect Saturday puzzle for a lovely hot summer’s day when there were so many other things calling for my attention, not least the garden swing seat!.


1a           Leaving artillery, becoming very successful (5,5,4)
GOING GREAT GUNS – GOING (leaving) GREAT GUNS (artillery being the heavier kind of weapons)

9a           Resent having to ask for charity, urged otherwise (8)
BEGRUDGE – BEG (ask for charity) plus an anagram (otherwise) of URGED

10a         Scoring rate? (5)
TEMPO – A cryptic definition of a musical scoring ‘rate’

12a         By river, paddle and shout (4)
ROAR – OAR (paddle) goes by or after R (river)

13a         Stop working for, say, 24 hours? (4,2,1,3)
CALL IT A DAY –  this expression could also describe terming 24 hours as a day

15d         Channel follows bridge players making fix (8)
ENTRENCH – TRENCH (channel) follows E and N (bridge players)

16a         What can be made from dripping in the freezer (6)
ICICLE –  Another cryptic definition

18a         King hiding in a French shack, safe and sound (6)
UNHURT –  R (Rex, king) hiding in UN (a in French) HUT (shack)

20a         He’s livid, agitated yet mischievous (8)
DEVILISH – an anagram (agitated) of HES LIVID

23a         Commercial role being a defender (10)
ADVOCATION –   AD (commercial) VOCATION (role)

24a         Feasting consuming wine (4)
ASTI – ‘consumed by’ or lurking within feASTIng

26a         Animal from a shopping centre taken back (5)
LLAMA – A reversal (taken back) of A MALL (a shopping centre)

27a         Vehicle tracks in market from east and west, say, after crashing (8)
TRAMWAYS – A reversal (from east in an Across clue) of MART (market), followed by the abbreviation for West and an anagram (after crashing) of SAY

28a         Blue feathers being chewed (4,2,3,5)
DOWN IN THE MOUTH – I’m not sure whether setters generally are miserable at the moment, but I’ve recently encountered several examples of this clue suggesting they might be blue or miserable because they’d got feathers in their mouth


2d           Fashionable former partner’s put on sham woolly (7)
INEXACT – IN (fashionable) EX (former partner) ACT (sham)

3d           Man put fish on fork (4)
GARY –  GAR (fish) Y (letter that is forked).  Interesting the problems others had with this one, perhaps because I email a certain fellow blogger several times a week so his was the first man’s name I thought of when I had the checking letters G and  R, and as I knew the fish, I’ve met the ‘fork’ in other crosswords, so I  just wrote in the correct name.

4d           Light in arcade flickering (8)
RADIANCE – An anagram (flickering) of IN ARCADE

5d           From bygone days, energy has to go into a medal (3-3)
AGE-OLD – E (energy) goes into A GOLD (medal)

6d           Acquire schoolboy grub seized by error — eat up! (3,5,2)
GET STUCK IN – GET (acquire) and TUCK (schoolboy grub), the latter seized by SIN (error)

7d           Itinerant lunatic standing in certainly not in charge (7)
NOMADIC – MAD (lunatic) standing in between NO (certainly not) and IC (in charge)

8d           Help cynic to set off for college (11)
POLYTECHNIC – An anagram (set off) of HELP CYNIC TO

11d         Certain Irish football official joining United board (11)
IRREFUTABLE – IR (Irish) REF (football official) U (united) TABLE (board)

14d         Legendary Irish character ruined her clean-up (10)
LEPRECHAUN – An anagram (ruined) of HER CLEAN UP

17d         Church welcomes Irishman, one that’s put up memorial (8)
CENOTAPH – CH (church) ‘welcomes’ reversals (that’s put up) of PAT (Irishman) and ONE (from the clue)

19d         Bravely willing to hold a function (4-1-2)
HAVE-A-GO –  Remove the hyphens and the second part of the clue makes sense.

21d         Fashion is okay with university — heaven help us! (1,3,3)
I ASK YOU –  Fashion or make an anagram from IS OKAY with U (university) at the end.

22d         Rubbish, getting snared by evil drug (6)
STATIN – The second appearance of SIN, this time meaning evil.   The SIN snares TAT to get a type of drug that made Mr CS poorly so he stopped taking them and is now much better!

25d         Went round dizzily, open mouths raised (4)
SWAM –  A reversal (raised) of MAWS (open mouths) 


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  1. Thanks Sue, seem to remember enjoying this especially the feathers. Lucky you with a garden swing.

  2. No wonder I couldn’t get 3d. Thought the fork was a T. D’oh.
    Didn’t comment on that day so thanks to the setter and to BD and CS respectively for the hints and solutions.

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