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ST 2855

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2855

A full review by gnomethang

This puzzle was published on 3rd July 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! Another very solid puzzle from Mr Greer this week and not too much to trouble in terms of difficulty.

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1a           Reacting immoderately, bypassing directors? (5,9)
GOING OVERBOARD – Split as (5,4,5) for GOING OVER BOARD also means bypassing the (board) of directors.

9a           Make blue costume worn by English princess, initially (7)
DEPRESS – A DRESS or costume is outside of (worn by) E for English and the initial letter in Princess.

10a         Otherwise having drink outside club in London (7)
CHELSEA – ELSE or ‘otherwise’ with a drink of CHA outside.

11a         Followers of leaders in Germany, Austria, Greece and Portugal ready there (4)
EURO – We need the second letters (the followers of the leading letters) in gErmany , aUstria, gReece and pOrtugal.

12a         Male held by policeman in disturbance is fellow citizen (10)
COMPATRIOT – M for Male inside a COP or policeman followed by AT RIOT or ‘in (a) disturbance’

14a         Goggles, we hear, for flight (6)
STAIRS – A homophone (we hear) of STARES.

15a         Person who calculates what can be salvaged from wreck one raises (8)
RECKONER – Some of the letters in (i.e. what can be salvaged in) wRECK ONE Raises.

17a         Wild animals left in vessel as overall strategy (4,4)
GAME PLAN – The wild animals are GAME, then place L for Left in a PAN or cooking vessel.

18a         Reveal what’s found out about learner? (6)
UNFOLD – An anagram (out) of FOUND around/about L for a Learner driver.

21a         Mediator‘s aid for weak-hearted person without energy (10)
PEACEMAKER – Place a PACEMAKER or aid for a weak-hearted person around (without/outside) E for Energy.

22a         Mark for attention following delay (4)
FLAG – F for Following and then a LAG or delay.

24a         Provide with food — you are heard before I tucked into some (7)
NOURISH – Place U and R (sounds like YOU and ARE) and I from the clue into some NOSH.

25a         Messy accumulation of toxic gas, say (7)
CLUTTER – CL is the chemical symbol for Chlorine (some toxic gas). Follow CL with UTTER for say.

26a         E.g. news printed in error about daughter that’s given to married couple (7,7)
WEDDING PRESENT – An anagram (in error) of E.G. NEWS PRINTED around/about D for Daughter.


1d           Without faith, half-heartedly virtuous? Not so (7)
GODLESS – Remove one of the Os from the middle of GOOD/virtuous (half-heartedly) and then add LESS for not so.

2d           I presume a miler mistakenly covering a kilometre isn’t this (8,7)
IMPERIAL MEASURE – A mistaken anagram of I PRESUME A MILER around/covering A from the clue.

3d           Cultivated rose (4)
GREW – Two cryptic definitions and a nice succinct clue.

4d           Verse is about embracing one beautiful person (6)
VISION – V(erse), IS and ON (about) containing/embracing I for one. A vision of loveliness.

5d           Summarised main points of century in paper badly edited (8)
RECAPPED – C for Century inside an anagram (badly) of PAPER and then ED for edited to follow.

6d           Coming to pass in public with a ruler (10)
OVERTAKING – A simple charade of OVERT (public) and then A KING (a ruler).

7d           Act of bravado, with spinner producing fatal shot, possibly (7,8)
RUSSIAN ROULETTE – A good cryptic definition with the spinner being the gun’s bullet  chamber.

8d           Minister taking part in coup as Tory (6)
PASTOR – A hidden word found or taking part in couP AS TORy.

13d         Was nosy about work he has told about in advance (10)
PROPHESIED – PRIED/was nosy around/about OP (Opus/a musical work) and HE’S for he has.

16d         Historic victory for outnumbered army in the long run (8)
MARATHON – Another cryptic definition, this one indicating the famous victory where allegedly a messenger ran a great distance, gave the good news and then promptly dropped down dead. ‘In the long run’ may be taken as a definition in itself.

17d         Wide open space in centre of Bangkok (6)
GAPING – A GAP/open space, IN from the clue and then the central letter in banGkok.

19d         Follow leftist type in moderate movement (7)
DOGTROT – A charade of DOG/follow and then a TROT – short for Trotskyite or leftist type.

20d         Location of insignificant storm that’s lifted in afternoon? (6)
TEACUP – The first part cryptically refers to ‘a storm in a TEACUP’, the latter refers to the taking of afternoon tea.

23d         Odd parts of clue they found endearing (4)
CUTE – Take the odd letters in ClUe and ThEy.