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DT 28156

Daily Telegraph No 28156

A full review by crypticsue

This puzzle was published on 2nd July 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/*** – Enjoyment ***


Just me or are Saturday puzzles increasing (if only very slightly) the difficulty level and thus the enjoyment factor too??

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1a           Rugby team needing a drink missing second score for Murray perhaps (6-7)
THIRTY-FIFTEEN –   FIFTEEN (the number of players in a rugby team goes after THIRSTY (needing a drink) without the S (missing second)

9a           Rascal finishing in store (9)
IMPENDING –  IMP (rascal) ENDING (finishing)

10a         Dance beat with energy (5)
TANGO – TAN (beat) GO (energy)

11a         Article about my revolutionary herb (5)
THYME –   THE (definite article) goes ‘about’ a reversal (revolutionary) of MY.

12a         What you might have in a pub that’s just opened (4)
AJAR  –   A JAR, of course, being an informal term for an alcoholic drink, especially beer.

13a         Come together for service (4)
MASS –   A verb or a church service

15a         Clear sailor to get answer (7)
ABSOLVE –  AB (Able-Bodied Seaman, sailor) SOLVE (get answer)

17a         Saw dog restrained by lead (7)
PROVERB –   It might turn up on a regular basis, but I do like this clue and its variations.   ROVER (dog) restrained by PB, the chemical symbol for lead.

18a         Type of creature that is wearing glasses (7)
SPECIES –   IE (id est, that is) ‘wearing’ SPECS (glasses)

20a         Thief takes bullock round a pound (7)
STEALER –   STEER (bullock) goes round A L (£ sterling)

21a         Man with a mother? Yes and no (4)
ADAM –   A (from the clue) and DAM (animal mother) –   Most of the boys/gentleman called Adam obviously (yes) have a mother, but not (no) the one in the Old Testament.

22a         Be obsequious to women hugged by admirer (4)
FAWN –  W (women) ‘hugged’ by FAN (admirer) 

23a         Decorative material — gold — found in well-known London restaurant (5)
IVORY –   OR (the heraldic term for gold) ‘found’ in the IVY (a well-known London restaurant)

26a         Tenor and daughter split (5)
DRIFT –   D(daughter) and RIFT (split)

27a         Outlaw dared pose in disguise (9)
DESPERADO –   An anagram (in disguise) of DARED POSE.  Has anyone spotted a desperado anywhere other than in a Crossword in recent times??

28a         Hoteliers lost straying cat (13)
TORTOISESHELL –   An anagram (straying) of HOTELIERS LOST


1d           Try Danish novel about public transport vehicles, or this book (8,6)
TRISTRAM SHANDY –   An anagram (novel) of TRY DANISH goes about TRAMS (public transport vehicles)

2d           Suggest merely losing the top (5)
SIMPLY –   Lose the top of SIMPLY (merely)

3d           Lacking starter, hotel dinner is cooked meat (10)
TENDERLOIN –   Remove the starter of hotel, and then an anagram (cooked) of HOTEL DINNER produces a cut of meat.

4d           Naval vessel needing fortune to fix inside (7)
FRIGATE –   FATE (fortune) with RIG (fix) inside.

5d           Light music genre of the 1970s adopted by showy dresser (3,4)
FOG LAMP –   GLAM (music genre of the 1970s) ‘adopted’ by a FOP (showy dresser).

6d           Frank Spencer’s wife loses head for artist (4)
ETTY –    BETTY Spencer loses her ‘head’

7d           Online rap played without equal (9)
NONPAREIL –   An anagram (played) of ONLINE RAP

8d           Sweet kid after unwanted company (10,4)
GOOSEBERRY FOOL –   FOOL (kid) goes after GOOSEBERRY (unwanted company)

14d         Being good-looking appears to secure actor’s part (10)
COMELINESS –   COMES (appears) ‘secures’ LINES (actor’s part)

16d         Scriptwriter moving actress in (9)
SCENARIST –   An anagram (moving) of ACTRESS IN

19d         Nuisance gives needle repeatedly when talking (2-3-2)
SO-AND-SO –   A homophone (when talking) of SEW AND SEW (needle repeatedly)

20d         Vice exploits parts of the body (7)
SINUSES –  SIN (vice) USES (exploits)

24d         Lecture delivered by mayor at election (5)
ORATE –  Found in (delivered by) mayOR AT Election.

25d         Prison  riot (4)
STIR –   An informal term for a prison or a riot. 



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