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DT 28150

Daily Telegraph No 28150

A full review by crypticsue

This puzzle was published on 25th June 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** – Enjoyment ***


A nice Saturday puzzle which didn’t cause me many problems, and my view was shared by many of the commenters on the day.

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1a           Cautious about Italian making donation (7)
CHARITY –   CHARY (cautious) goes ‘about’ IT (Italian)

9a           Damaged cassette leads to legal action (4,4)
TEST CASE –  An anagram (damaged) of CASSETTE.

10a         Dress at home (7)
HABITAT –  HABIT (dress) IN (at)

11a         Heather’s put by tip for something to eat (8)
DUMPLING –   LING (heather) goes after (put by) DUMP (tip)

12a         Broken carafes European’s dropped in commotion … (6)
FRACAS –   Drop the E (European) from CARAFES and an anagram (broken) of the remaining letters will give you a commotion.  

13a         … 12 that shouldn’t cost anybody anything (4-3-3)
FREE-FOR-ALL –   Another word for a commotion such as  the solution to 12a could, without the hyphens, mean not costing anything.

15a         Medic returns a harmonious conclusion? (4)
CODA –   A reversal (returns) of DOC (medic) followed by A (from the clue)

16a         It shows the cost of getting taken for a ride (9)
TAXIMETER –   A cryptic definition.

21a         What Santa repeatedly says reverted to shout of derision (4)
HOOT –   Santa says HO repeatedly and this should be followed by a reversed (reverted) TO (from the clue).

22a         Scruffy bit of publicity, taking shifty breather outside (10)
THREADBARE –    An anagram (shifty) of BREATHER goes outside AD (an abbreviated (bit) advertisement {publicity] 

24a         Renegade let out shaking noise (6)
RATTLE –  RAT (renegade) plus an anagram (out) of LET.

25a         Progressed,   getting offered money? (8)
ADVANCED –   Double definition time.

27a         Speech could be flat (7)
ADDRESS –   A speech or somewhere you live  which our setter is suggesting might be a flat.

28a         Hindrance of course (8)
HANDICAP –   A hindrance at a golf course or a race course.

29a         Caught New York student heading west — he had knocked off illegally (7)
LYNCHED  –  A reversal (heading west in an Across clue) of C (caught) NY (New York) L (learner, student) followed by HED (he’d, he had)


2d           Principal part of building where nuts should fit in? (8)
HEADROOM – HEAD (principal) ROOM (part of building)

3d           Artist wearing plaster that protects from cats and dogs (8)
RAINCOAT –   RA (Royal Academician, artist) IN (wearing) COAT (plaster)

4d           Established supporting vehicles one should leave immobile (10)
TRANSFIXED –    FIXED (established) supporting or going after TRAINS (vehicles) without the I (one should leave)

5d           Gold must come next to be dandy (4)
BEAU –   AU (chemical symbol for gold) comes next to (or goes after) BE (from the clue)

6d           Kind of economic policy in the red, turning green? (4-2)
STOP-GO  –   STOP (as indicated by a red traffic light) and GO (as instructed by a green traffic light)

7d           Militant cardinal mixed up, losing direction (7)
RADICAL –   An anagram (mixed up) of CARDINAL once you have lost N (the compass point, direction, North).

8d           Playgoer ignoring unknown performing show of bloomers to be put on here (7)
PERGOLA –   An anagram (performing) of PLAYGOER ignoring the Y (mathematical unknown).

11d         Place of fantasy — fear grips chap getting left inside (9)
DREAMLAND  –   DREAD (fear) ‘grips’ MAN (chap), the latter getting L (left) inside.

14d         Pop festival in June (7,3)
FATHERS DAY –    This particular festival for pops (fathers) falls in June in the UK but not necessarily in the same month  in other countries.

17d         Disorganised choirmaster missing most of mass in oratory (8)
RHETORIC –   The fourth clue where you are required to make an anagram of a word once you have removed a letter from it –   this time a ‘disorganised’ CHOIRMASTER missing the MAS (most of mass)

18d         Mix company drinks before City rises (8)
COALESCE –   CO (company) ALES (drinks) go before a reversal (rises) of EC (the area of London where the City of London is located).

19d         Diplomat gets cheers rising and falling — revolutionary (7)
ATTACHE –   A reversal (rising) of TA (thank you, cheers) plus another TA (cheers but this time ‘falling’ downwards in this Down clue, and finally CHE (Crosswordland’s favourite revolutionary Mr Guevara).

20d         Stop before opening (7)
PREVENT –  PRE (before) VENT (opening)

23d         A loose woman in the family (6)
AUNTIE –   Time for a chestnut –   A (from the clue) UNTIE (loose)

26d         Partially consumed a mild cheese (4)
EDAM –   Lurking partially in consumED A Mild.



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